The Best Way To Wear Blue Sandals

Blue sandals are fashionable, delicate summer shoes that allow you to create a stylish image for a date, an everyday walk and a festive exit. Today we will learn how to match clothes with this kind of shoes and we will be able to create a lot of original images.

To begin with, consider what models of sandals were able to win success, according to fashion experts:

  1. Blue and gray sandals.
  2. Delicate shoes decorated with bows and rhinestones.
  3. Blue sandals with a heel.
  4. Shoes made of lacquered material.
  5. Stylish shiny models.
  6. Blue platform sandals.
  7. Shoes with a floral print.
  8. Suede sandals.

Look Good At Prom With This Stylish Look

These delicate and elegant shoes will go well with a dress that will make you the queen of the evening.

  • A light yellow mid-length outfit is perfect with blue high-heeled sandals. Take a beige handbag or a white clutch under the look.
  • The blue floor-length dress will harmonize well with blue suede sandals. It is important that the dress has the same jewelry as the shoes. For example, only rhinestones or only small stones. The handbag in this case should be of neutral colour without unnecessary accessories.
  • Blue cropped dress with sequins is the best pair for such shoes. Heeled sandals will help to emphasize the beauty of your feet and create a perfect evening look. To dilute the blue colours, you can wear a blue thin belt or a chic brooch on the dress. Handbag under such an image can be white, blue or gray.
  • A silver glittery dress is the right choice for the prom. Wear under it lacquered sandals with high heels. Under such a chic dress you should not wear too much jewelry and adornments. Shoes and handbag should also be in a restrained style.
  • Suitable under the blue sandals can also be a light pink knee-length dress. The skirt of the outfit should be flared with large pleats. This will help you create an original image and stand out among the other girls. Try to choose a handbag with gold or silver glitter.

Wedding Look With Blue Sandals

If you’re having the event in white and cool, the bride can add these colours to her look. It has become fashionable to wear open-toed shoes at summer weddings. Therefore, cool sandals will fit perfectly into your image. With a white dress, they will gently accentuate the holiday atmosphere and attract guests’ attention. For a perfect harmonious image, you need to add a wide cool belt to the dress. As an option, a hairpin or tiara can shimmer in a cool shade and harmonize with the sandals.

When choosing shoes for your wedding, pay attention to their appearance. The sandals should be decorated with gorgeous stones or sequins. It was possible that the bride’s shoes did not have a high heel, making it easier for her to dance. You should not choose suede models for a wedding. Only lacquered sandals with an abundance of jewelry will do.

A short wedding dress with a flared skirt will look great under such shoes. Now these models are gaining popularity among young brides. Thanks to the chic shoes and short skirt, you will appear to have beautiful and slender legs.

Casual Looks With Blue Sandals

With these fashionable shoes you can create original images for every summer day. You can remain original and stylish.

  • To blue sandals go perfectly with light-coloured jeans. They can be white, cream or gray shades. On top put on a dark blue T-shirt on one shoulder. It can be decorated with stylish letters with gold plating. The handbag should be of medium size.
  • Wear a beige flared skirt of short length and a blue blouse with short sleeves. Lacquered platform sandals would be perfect for the look. If you take with you a white leather handbag, you will get a perfect office look for summer.
  • Bright yellow tunic decorated with rhinestones goes well with gray leggings. Under the image you can wear sandals without a heel in the Greek style. They will be suitable for long evening walks.
  • A white denim jumpsuit with a thin blue belt is perfect for sandals. The shoes can be decorated with stones or fabric inserts. Sandals with a floral print will look good.
  • Shortened cream breeches and a stylish white T-shirt with rhinestones are suitable for daily walks. Shoes should be monochrome without unnecessary decorations. But the bag, on the contrary, can be bright and interesting. Suitable accessory with a metal handle-chain.

A Few Finishing Touches

To get the perfect image, you need to pay attention to makeup and accessories that will match the blue sandals.

  1. Glasses. For a summer look you should take only white and light yellow frames of large size. Sunglasses with brown and black frames will look bad.
  2. Handbag. Choose an accessory in white, light blue, cream and gray. Handbags of red, black and purple shades do not harmonize well with sandals.
  3. Makeup. It should be as gentle and romantic as possible. Avoid dark colours and bright lipsticks. Use yellow or blue eye shadow and light pink lip gloss.
  4. Headdress. For a summer look, you can take a straw hat with wide brim, decorated with a blue bow.

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