The Best Velvet Jacket Outfits

Women’s and men’s velvet jackets are among the most striking velvet items. This year, red, green, and blue products form the basis of the fashionable closet of men and women. A combination of its unconventionality, delicate style approach, and refined colour combination will surely make this piece of clothing a winner if it is combined with other pieces of clothing in the closet.

It’S The Daring And Refined Dictator Of Fashion

Back in fashion a couple of years ago, this material is characterized by sophistication and boldness. Regardless of what it will be worn with, it may not require additional trimming and embellishment. If a woman’s velvet jacket is chosen correctly, it is so luxurious in itself that any decorative details will look poorer against this background. A festive event, a romantic stroll, a club party or a party is a wonderful opportunity to show off in bright velvet clothing. There is a need to advantageously highlight your extraordinary qualities and originality? A stylish velvet jacket is just what you need! At the same time, washing these products should be done with the utmost delicacy.

The amount of velvet in a room, as well as the accessories, should not be too much, otherwise it will look overburdened. And if the balance is maintained, a versatile velvet jacket will fit perfectly into your casual wardrobe:

  • at work;
  • in the format of a romantic dinner;
  • in the home environment;
  • in the office interior;
  • at a corporate party;
  • for friendly gatherings.

Fashion developments this year have been based on the extravagance of the described item – both male and female, and in the latter case many options have been offered. The colours range from unexpected, up to avant-garde – mint, orange, red, lemon, blue and green. The classic is a black velvet jacket, as well as beige and gray.

Building A Harmonious Look

A well-chosen color scheme can distinguish a velvet jacket in a sea of clothes, while suggesting the owner’s impeccable taste and individuality without being too obvious. Our focus should be on the possibilities that the velvet jacket offers in the women’s version, interpreting the basic idea in a creative way. It is a wonderful combination of subtle adventurousness with unobtrusive theatricality, fashion and classic traditions. In cool weather it is recommended to wear it under a monochrome, white, black or beige blouse.

For every day wear, wear it with a pair of trousers. And more democratic additions will fit perfectly into a harmonious look – these are:

  • cotton shirt;
  • cotton or half-wool pants;
  • classic or trendy jeans.

A red velvet jacket looks amazing with a white shirt or light lemon-colored shirt and trendy jeans. A suitable option is a black fitted T-shirt. A look of this kind is ideal for an event in the sun – a party, open-air event or social gathering.

Bordeaux colour perfectly combines with light-coloured pants and adds sophistication, lightness and warmth to the image of its owner. Set off the saturated colour of the top with light or dark turtleneck. This can be replaced by a shirt and complemented with a tie or a silk scarf in the breast pocket.

The same top, but already navy, is perfect for casual wear. Wonderfully harmonizes with a white, navy, or light gray shirt, as well as straight black pants. This option is suitable in an office format. But for a date or a casual gathering, the most appropriate addition will be classic dark blue jeans.

A green top gives a wide range for jeans or pants – mint, dark gray or black. Combinations of beige, orange, white and yellow are also acceptable, T-shirts are welcome. But if the other items can be washed with no guilt, then the velvet jacket should not be treated categorically.

A Great Personality And Taste

Since the Middle Ages, velvet, especially red and green, blue and black, has been a symbol of success and wealth. Courtiers wore clothes made of this fabric. Embroidery of this material adorned thrones, robes, and toilets of empresses and kings. The richness of the fabric speaks for itself. A simple cut is enough to demonstrate the “royal” personality and “court” sophistication of the product.

It is ideal to wear a velvet jacket in blue, as well as other colours, with products of the opposite texture. But complexly textured fabrics will “weight” the look and give it an old-fashioned look. It is best to pair bright jackets with neutral bottoms, and the black top goes well with bright and juicy colors. Displaced from the fashion line “business” pants are best to replace with jeans of a classic dark colour. This variant can be worn in the working format with a monochrome shirt and matching tie. Just try it once — including the women’s variant of the jacket. You will immediately realize how effectively this original solution distinguishes you in the gray mass of dress codes.

The combination of a simple shirt with a blue velvet jacket and “serious” jeans turns out to be quite justified “street elegance” – slightly sloppy and thus even more sexy. This democratic style will be suitable for casual wear every day. Wearing a velvet jacket to the society is a fantastic choice: a red top made of “royal” fabric plus strict pants and a dazzling white shirt. You will automatically become the center of attention of others if you wear a men’s velvet tuxedo jacket.

No Washing! How To Take Care Of Velvet Jacket

It is also important to take good care of the “royal” fabric. The complex texture of velvet does not imply the advisability of washing it like other things. The most effective way is to wash it, resorting to the services of a professional dry cleaner.

But there are still times when it is necessary, if not to wash the product, at least to get rid of the annoying stain on the sleeve. Moisten a clean cloth with technical alcohol and wash the stain until it disappears. If the fabric is flaky in some place, treat it by scrubbing the area with a brush moistened with an aqueous solution of ammonia.

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