The Best Swimwear Trends For 2023

The summer season has not yet arrived, but designers have already presented in their collections fashionable swimwear 2023. And we must say that they have managed to conquer the sophisticated public. So what will be relevant?

Stylish scarlet swimsuit

Unusual Prints

This is an undeniable trend this season, which is especially appealing to lovers of bright colors. The choice of swimwear is huge: floral motifs, a unique combination of geometric shapes and all kinds of abstractions, color stripes with ethnic patterns, animalistic and marine variations. Everything without which a bright summer is impossible.

Swimsuit with print

Famous couturiers Acacia and Hot-As-Hell showed novelties of black bikinis with bright, saturated colors, and Luli Fama put on a combination of bright shades intertwined with each other – striking ethnic motifs. Caffe Swimwear presented a combination of soft blue and white.

Separate attention should be paid to swimwear 2023 with a photo print effect.

Swimsuit with print

Straps And Lacing

In addition, the trend among swimsuits in 2023 – closed models with original straps and lacing, spectacularly inserted on the sides of the swim trunks and the front of the bodice. This will add to the image of any fashionista a touch of mystery, as well as playfulness.

Lace-up swimsuit

Lace-up swimsuit

Retro Style

The shows have already presented unusual swimwear, combining the colors of last year and vintage classics. For example, black and white models with wide straps, irregular neckline and decorative inset on the chest. It would seem that it is long forgotten. But the designers found a way out – they combined retro style with modern decorations.

Retro Style Swimsuit

Remember the coming summer, or rather the bathing season, with flyaway shorts for boys. This is a combination of classic black and white polka dots with different diameter circles and different material execution of bottoms and tops. Of course, the designers did not forget to add a striking accent in the form of a wide decorative belt of white color with a rough buckle.

Retro Style Swimsuit

Sporty Style With Fringe

Swimsuits like these are not only beautiful, but they are also advantageous in emphasizing the female form while remaining moderately comfortable and closed.

Swimsuit with fringes

Couturiers have decorated their new collections with original fringes, bright ruffles and ruffles, as well as long sleeves. Another stylish solution is bikinis made of materials that imitate real leather.

These are the collections presented by trendsetters Mia Marcelle, Luli Farma, Maaji, Hammock and many others. You should probably buy something like this for summer.

Swimsuit with fringes

Swimsuits With A Half Skirt

This version of swimwear was already at the peak of popularity just a few years ago. And now a stylish bikini with a half-skirt is back on trend. Of course, in a completely different version – the skirt is more like a large wavy ruffle. Complementing such an unusual design solution is a strapless bodice.

Swimsuit with a half-skirt

Swimsuit with a half-skirt

Another unusual vision of fashion couturiers for summer is a combination of maxi-skirt and the original top with a wide ruffle at the bottom.

As for the colors, these are also unusual – bright shades, abstracts, geometric patterns. Designers offer original vests from shoulder to waist with unusual trim and backing as a complement to swimwear.

Here, by the way, we should talk more about colors and shades, because summer itself is a riot of colors, which, of course, are reflected on the world’s catwalks.

Animal Prints

Bright colors, animals and natural motifs are always relevant. The 2023 season was no exception. Swimsuit models that have a classic top in beige and at the same time feature a tiger pattern, or even stripes intersecting, merit special attention.

Swimsuit with animal print

Very intriguing are fashionable swimwear with retro elements, represented by high-waisted shorts, as well as a voluminous classic bodice with cups. The color combination of mosaic and bright orange pattern in this case is striking – flecks of blue, purple, and black. All this is harmoniously emphasized by the stylized purple inserts on the edges of the cape.

A gorgeous option for summer – feminine and unique!

The Splendor Of An Emerald

Many designers have taken it even further and demonstrated at fashion shows their rather bold novelties – swimsuits in bright green and emerald colors. Lightweight materials, original textures and bold shades are just right for the beach.

Swimsuit with emerald colored inserts

Emerald colored swimsuit

For instance, you should try the fashionistas’ bright green swimsuit with airy top, long sleeves, and deep sensual neckline. Bottom – curved in the shape of a sea wave miniature swimwear.

Another trend is the split swimsuit, combining an emerald-colored bottom and a white bodice with a shoulder bevel. A design like this is already recognized as being very captivating and romantic.

Beach fashion novelties and swimwear, including a stylish top with cups on the straps and bottom, decorated with gold jewelry. The natural color of green leaves perfectly complements the splendor of gold! Similar models are very similar to the classic version of swimwear, but in a modern interpretation.

Swimsuits 2023 with incredible shimmering colors don’t deserve to be left out. With its almost invisible ties on the neck and lightweight material, it feels like a second skin! In a stylish emerald color, of course. A sexy slit at the hips will add charm, romance, and sassiness to any fashionista.


Yellow and orange have always been relevant. Summer 2023 swimsuits were no exception. Designers simply amaze the public with a variety of such shades in their collections: the combination of bright orange and cold, contrasting colors, all kinds of shimmering, sharp contrasts and much more.

Yellow swimsuit

Orange swimsuit

The main trends are solid and separate swimwear, with or without sleeves, voluminous bodices, or ultra-thin swimwear. Here it all depends on personal preferences. The main thing is orange and its variations.

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