The Best Sports Leggings For Fitness And Outdoor Activities

Choosing the right athletic leggings will ensure an effective workout, full performance of exercises, and prevention of injuries. A characteristic feature of the products is the absence of convex trim. This is because all the decor is gathered so that it does not hinder the movement, does not cling to anything. Comfortable clothes are made of breathable fabrics that successfully dissipate moisture.

How To Choose The Perfect Sport Leggings?

As you study the models and the rules of choice, you should keep in mind that the main criterion is size. Excessively loose pants will create unattractive folds, slip, and interfere with sprawling actions. Overly tight leggings will interfere with normal blood circulation, and there is a high risk that they will burst at the seam during an active workout.

Fitness leggings with an inflated fit are more comfortable; besides, they do not expose the body during intensive bending and squatting. A wide belt, which is a must have on such pants, will support your abs. If your figure is still far from ideal, it will hide those undesirable folds and bumps.

The elastic band models, which are held in place on the body, are a very unfortunate variant of sports equipment: when you move the band rolls down, it gets stuck into the body, preventing you from exercising in a horizontal position. It is better to prefer ergonomic elastic bands with a high waist – they fit tightly, but do not squeeze at the waist.

For gym, short models up to the ankle are convenient. For jogging in the park, classic long styles are usually used. In the latter case you should pay attention to whether there is a crossbar on the end of the pant leg – it fixes the bottom of the pants on the foot, but can be replaced by an elastic cuff, preventing scuffing.

Choosing among a variety of materials, you must take into account the following characteristics:

  • resistance to sharp mechanical impacts, wear and tear;
  • elasticity and firmness;
  • hygroscopicity and breathability;
  • lightness and softness.

This category of models is made of knitwear, which combines natural and artificial fibers.

An Overview Of The Key Fabrics

100% cotton knitwear cannot have enough elasticity, so blended fabrics, particularly those containing elastane, are more appropriate here. Gray cotton athletic leggings have become a trend, but their properties do not allow them to quickly rid themselves of moisture, intense movement causes wet dark spots to appear on their surface. Cotton products are better suited to activities that are accompanied by a static load, characterized by unhurriedness – Pilates, yoga.

Synthetic materials stay dry because they quickly eliminate sweat and allow air to pass completely through. Even during long workouts, the body will not overheat. Popular types:

  • The diving knit contains viscose, polyester and lycra, it does not wrinkle at all, it is smooth to the touch;
  • lightweight taffeta can be recognized by its silky surface, it can be based on nylon or polyester. In the first case, a wear-resistant and elastic fabric is formed, from which decorative inserts are made (as it does not drain away moisture);
  • polyamide duspo fabric goes for sewing insulated variations designed for training in cool weather. The knit fabric can be supplemented with an outer covering imitating pearlescent sheen, textured jacquard, velvet;
  • Dasel is also based on polyamide, it does not stretch after long wear, does not form lint, does not fade in the sun and does not fade as a result of frequent washings. Dazel is perfectly stretchable, durable and not afraid of mechanical impact, has optimal hygroscopicity and breathability.

Popular women’s sports leggings with transparent inserts are created using a special mesh – a polyester fabric with even holes. This fabric does not stretch, it is quite dense, it is often used in training clothes to make a lining, decorative inserts. The ventilating properties of the mesh contribute to quick drying of sweat and enhanced cooling.

Special Features On Certain Models

Leggings can also perform additional functions, in this aspect we should pay special attention compression ranges and products that accelerate weight loss.

Compression tights:

  • reduce the load on the blood vessels, serve as a prevention of systemic diseases, if there are already problems, the products help to stop the pathological progression;
  • prevent muscle pain following unaccustomed physical exertion;
  • reduce the risk of blood clots.

This category of leggings is divided into products for prevention and treatment. Experienced athletes advise using such ranges during jogging, cycling, and jump rope training. The products should be worn only for target practice, they are not intended for everyday use.

Choose the right fitness leggings to get the maximum slimming effect: special models have been developed to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. Some lines are designed to provoke increased sweating, others are supplemented with inserts that massage the muscles and “break” the deposits of cellulite. Weight loss pants are always made with neoprene – it accelerates heat transfer and the inner surface is covered with a layer of natural cotton, providing comfort during use.

Tightening elastic leggings effectively conceal cellulite, “ears” and folds on the abdomen, masking small flaws of the figure. They usually have a high waistline. Elastic dense fabric does not press on the body, products are cut so that the seams do not chafe.

These are sports models with push-up effect – they support the buttocks, helping them to achieve the proverbial Brazilian shape. They are shaped to fit tightly, pulling back the folds on the sides and tightening the gluteal muscles. Non-fitness tights are complemented with silicone inserts that visually correct the figure.

Tourism and active lifestyles are fashionable social phenomena, attracting a larger audience every year. Sportswear manufacturers now offer interesting models and original designs that contribute to creating an aesthetic image, moving away from utilitarian equipment.

Products designed for intensive workouts and walks perfectly fit the silhouette, they are deprived of details that can catch, quickly come off, and create discomfort when exercising. Bright colored variations are in high demand, even in monochrome. They charge positively and promote a productive workout. A neutral-colored sports top, T-shirt or T-shirt is a successful accompaniment in this case.

Relevant are gray and beige synthetic lines, complemented by catchy neon inserts. Adding these additions along the side seams, like lapels, gives them a shapely appearance, mimicking colored shorts.

At the peak of fashion, black leggings with mottled gray trim. Monochrome models are chosen by calm natures which do not want to draw attention to their figure. Khaki color continues the richly portrayed military theme on the catwalks. It is especially appropriate in the youth sports outfit.

For full-figured girls, it is better to refuse leggings with a large print and give preference to a version of a dense black fabric that has no glitter.

If you want to train in truly original clothes, it is worth looking at the collections of famous brands. In particular, Nike offers pants with a pattern imitating knitted texture, and Dali emphasizes clear graphic ornaments. Camouflage can also be interestingly played up, for example, if the stained fabric is done in red, blue or pink.

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