The Best Open Shoulders Shirts And Blouses

In the age of emancipation, men’s closet elements entered women’s fashion. Shirts were one of them. But they did not exist in their original form for a long time. Designers began to give the shirts a more feminine outline – longitudinal darts, deep necklines, and shortened lengths transformed them. By the end of the twentieth century, most business images of beautiful ladies could not do without a shirt.

Fashion trends led to the fact that the shirt entered not only the business style, but also in the evening women’s image. For this purpose, ruffles and flounces were added, as well as the element of open shoulders, symmetrical necklines, and thin chiffon fabrics were introduced. Currently, shirts with open shoulders have become elements of both casual suits and part of the “going out” closet.

Types Of Shirts With A Low Shoulder Line

There is no general classification of this shirt style because some are closer to the traditional style of men’s shirts, and some can be called blouses. Mostly, they differ in the type of openness of the shoulder girdle.

  1. Shirt with collar and rounded shoulder cutouts. Such a model can be attributed to the business style. Especially if used shades of blue or gray and a striped print.
  2. One-shoulder shirt or blouse. A wide ribbon of fabric, gathered with a ruffle, is most often used along the edge of the cut.
  3. Shirt with an adjustable neckline. Thanks to the elastic band made into the neckline, the model’s top can be lowered to the level below the shoulders.
  4. Blouse with a low neckline with straps. The top edge is secured with braces, leaving the shoulders open without overstretching them.

There are a lot of variations of models, and some of them can be easily made with your own hands, even if you have no experience in sewing. Read on to find out how to do it.

The Best Shirt Options For Different Looks

Business Style

Traditionally cotton is used for shirts. Therefore, if you need a shirt with open shoulders as an element of business style, you should use such fabrics as poplin, jacquard, Oxford cotton or denim. The most relevant here will be monochrome models or prints in stripes. The cage is excluded. The colour can be chosen depending on the image, but it is better to avoid bright and shouty shades and to prefer the traditional white, gray, pink or powdery shades.

Summer walk

In the warm season models of blouses with open shoulders are best made of chiffon or fine linen. Floral print or bright colours will give a fresh image and cheer up both the hostess of the outfit and others.

For the party

Shirts or blouses with a low neckline with straps or on one shoulder, made from flowing silk or satin, will create an effect of alluring sexuality. Deep rich colours complement the evening look, but prints should be avoided.

How To Choose The Perfect Shirt

Open collarbone area combined with bare shoulders and neck is relevant for thin girls. The best way these models of shirts will sit on these types of female figures:

  • hourglass;
  • pear;
  • or a rectangle.

In this case, models with open shoulders advantageously highlight the upper part of the body.

Girls with curvy shapes should pay attention to shirts with one bare shoulder or shirts with cutouts at the shoulders. The right type and texture of the fabric, in combination with the colour and appropriate print (a thin stripe, for example), will set the necessary accents and hide some of the figure’s imperfections.

How To Wear A Shirt With Open Shoulders

There is an unwritten rule for the image of a true lady: expose either the legs or the neckline and shoulders. Therefore, a shirt or blouse with open shoulders should be chosen midi, maxi skirt, or pants. Mini-skirts are taboo. You can use shorts, but only in summer and medium length.

In the office

For the office a tight-fitting model in a muted tone or in a thin stripe with notches on the shoulders (if the dress code allows) would be ideal. You can also take a pencil skirt to the mid-shin or a pared skirt. Long straight pants or ankle-length pants would be appropriate.

On vacation.

Romanticism chiffon shirts will give flared light skirts or pants made of thin linen. Remember that denim is well combined with white chiffon, so denim shorts are good in company with a light blouse with open shoulders.

On a date

A satin shirt with an understated top line is best matched with a long fitted skirt in noble colours. Here you can also use a combination of chiffon and denim, but instead of shorts, you should use tight-fitting skinny jeans.

Master Class: How To Make A Shirt With Open Shoulders By Yourself In 15 Minutes

To make a stylish open-shoulder shirt out of a men’s shirt, you will need the following:

  • husband’s or boyfriend’s shirt;
  • elastic braid;
  • pins (regular and English);
  • sewing machine and thread to match;
  • scissors;
  • ruler or measuring tape.

Step one. Cut the top of the shirt with the collar on a line slightly below the collarbones (the line should be straight). Turn it out.

Step two. Bend the top first by 1-2 cm and again by 5-6 cm. Pin, iron and stitch along the entire length. Leave a small area unstitched.

Step three. We take an elastic band. We measure the necessary length at the level of our shoulders. Cut it off and use a pin to push it through the hole left in it. Sew the ends of the elastic band. Stitch the leftover hole.

A stylish shirt with open shoulders is ready. Match it with tight pants or shorts, and don’t forget to roll up the sleeves to the elbows before going out.

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