The Best Hats For Women This Fall And Winter

It’s a pleasure to be on trend even in the cold season. We present to your attention the current trends in the fashion world. In the center of attention are the most symbolic winter accessories – hats. Autumn-winter collection 2022-2023 enchants with a variety of models and materials. Among the various hats and caps, every fashionable woman can find a variety of headwear that highlights her appearance without draining her bank account.

Choosing a hat for fall and winter.

First it is worth saying a few words about the peculiarities of choosing headgear. Not every model is suitable for every girl. And, of course, not every fashionable hat is suitable for every head wearer. When choosing a model, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of the contour of the face and hairstyle. Long haired people suit almost all types and models of hats.

A gray hat with a small brim.

For those who like to experiment designers offer a lot of original styles and types of fashionable women’s hats. The distinctive feature of the line 2022-2023 is the interlacing of the historical context into the general plot of the collection. Asian hues and Viking-style accents are trending. Before focusing on hat craftsmanship, it’s worth running through the major headwear trends and trends for 2022-2023.

Classic In A Modern Frame

For connoisseurs of tradition, the fashion guru has prepared classic models of French berets. The main advantage of this accessory is its versatility. You can wear it with almost any outfit: from a leather jacket to a Mexican poncho. You can play with the flirty beret at the room’s entrance and on the pretty head. It will look very cute on skinny girls in T-shirts with V-shaped necklines and thin straps by Gucci, adding sophistication to the chic image in the velvet version by Luisa Beccaria.

Berets by Luisa Beccaria.

Berets are included in the Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collections of many designers. Many models in this fashionable hat flashed at the shows of Fay, Gucci, Paul & Joe. Many designers added pepper to their collections. To decorate berets they used studs, buttons and oversize pompons. Popular nowadays colours, in which models of berets are made, take their origin from black, red, blue and white palette. Soft velvet and felt were most often used to manufacture fashionable headwear.

Fay and Gucci berets.

Lovely Wide Brim Hats

In contrast to last season, hats have ceded the palm to berets. But many designers still include their favorite trend – hats with brim – in their headwear collections. Despite being a leading trend in the world of fashion, hats are not about anywhere anytime soon.

A beige hat is a practical choice for fall.

Fashionistas choose this type of accessory from a wide variety of hats with practicality and prudence in mind. After all, hats with margins protect from the sun and light rain. They protect the owners of chic hairstyles from gusts of wind, because they hold their shape better than any other headgear.

Autumn look with a gray wide-brimmed hat.

As for the hat collection 2022-2023, designers from all over the world joined the trend of combining different materials to make models and styles of hats. Fashion pieces were often decorated with embellishments and auxiliary materials by couturiers. The maestro Michel used tulle in his autumn-winter collection 2022-2023. John Galliano’s presented to the public hats with narrow brim in his collection, some of which are decorated with the addition of satin bows. These types of hats are reminiscent of the good old English style. The wonderful entourage is also incredibly relevant for those who love to add hats to their closet. Designer Vivienne Westwood executed her collection in the style of her favorite character from “Alice in Wonderland.” If you also love epatage or intellectual fairy tales, you can incorporate a mad hatter’s hat into your closet.

Hat by Maison Michel.

Hat Vivienne Westwood.

The classic wide-brimmed felt hat is a favorite accessory of any fashionista. I’m sure you spend a lot of time choosing an outfit and a suitable costume each time you wear this hat. Great news for you! Wide-brimmed hats are gaining popularity again in the Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 season, this time in casual styles.

The hat is suitable not only for business style, but also for casual.

Knitted Happiness

Owners of needles and woolen threads will not be bored in the coming year. You can knit yourself not only a stylish cap with a pompom, but also a hat with a variety of original patterns. Now there are a large number of instructions on the Internet, allowing you to knit a hat or even a hat of the highest quality. This hat meets the basic canons and trends of high fashion. We suggest you pay attention to the hand-crocheted models from Agnes B. They fit snugly on the head and belong to the accessories of high comfort.

Knit black hat for going out.

If you’re serious about crafting, give proper attention to decorating your piece. Rivets, pompoms, gilded flowers and feathers perfectly complete your knitted winter accessory. Irrepressible creative fantasy, bordering on utmost modesty, is now in fashion. Those knitted hats by Gucci ladies display a refined elegance that comes from the elegance of a large print, and the models of the modest librarian, a model from the Italian master of contrasts, give the images coziness and warmth.

Fête! Fête! Fête!

Major fashion houses are not in love with felt. Lanvin uses this material to create exquisite wide-brimmed hats. Attention to detail! The couturier reserves the right to decorate the models with hanging tassels. In the upcoming season, designers included this trend in the hat models:

  • In Lanvin’s show you can see hats with tassels and coloured fringes on the brim.
  • In addition to hats, felt is also used to manufacture jockeys. This type of headwear will be popular in the coming season. Felt jockeys with single tassels will be an alternative to classic hats.
  • At the show by Anna Sui, hats and even hunting hats were decorated with felt braid in black and gold. Jockeys with a visor from Daks are made this season in an original design with a combination of plastic and felt.

Tassels, fringes and similar mischievous accessories previously we could see on bags, shoes and clothes. Now they open up new horizons in the embodiment of fashion accessories.

Hat with tassel Lanvin.

Original hats from the Lanvin runway.

Also, hats from Lanvin.

Hat with a visor Daks.

Eco Friendly Hat Trend

Active and healthy lifestyles do not go out of fashion yet. Riding a bike or snowboarding, moving a massive wide-brimmed hat on your head, is not too convenient. For lovers of active recreation designers offer a fashionable alternative. The show of Moncler Gamme Rouge ended with a demonstration of spectacular hats in the form of a helmet. The designer used floral prints and tweed plaid as a decoration of hats. Emilio Pucci fashion house showed elegant leather jockeys.

Hats from Moncler Gamme Rouge.

Quirky and freaky hats look exquisite only on the prettiest young ladies. This season, not just jockeys, helmets and caps will be fashionable, but models in Viking style (like Anna Sui) supplemented with knitted inclusions, or a favorite from Lanvin – a jockey, decorated with a rope with fringes on the end.

A Little Fur, Tulle And…Pins!

The combination of incompatible materials will be relevant in the coming fall-winter season. Designers offer a lot of hats made entirely of tulle or in combination with other materials. At the show, models paraded around in tulle headgear. These quirky and intricate hats were tied into the hair of models like Amish hats.

Almost all major fashion houses have included fur hats and caps in their Fall-Winter 2022-2023 collections. The current trend is super fur hats and hunting hats, as well as hats with earflaps, which remain in trend since last year. Fur connoisseurs should pay attention to models from Ralph Lauren, Moncler Gamme Rouge and Tommy Hilfiger.

Ralph Lauren fur hats and hats.

Pompoms are a big hit at all the big fashion houses. Designers enjoy using large beads, shimmering rivets, buttons, and even pins to decorate hats!

Marc Jacobs inlaid his hats and caps with brightly colored jewelry. Glamorous elegance was demonstrated by models from Moncler, whose hats dazzled the eyes with the abundance of jewelry.

Marc Jacobs Berets.

In order to create your own authentic image, it is worth keeping up with fashion trends and being in line with season 2022-2023. Engaging your imagination and carefully listening to your own preferences, you will surely find a unique hat, that fully meets your needs in colour and style, whether it is a wide-brimmed hat or a small knitted cap. Have a fun time fashion shopping!

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