The Best Gel Eyeliners

Beautiful arrows – an opportunity to make the image even more attractive and emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. Achieving the desired result is possible with the help of gel eyeliner. It is worth considering what it is and studying the main features of such a means for makeup.

What Is It?

Gel eyeliner is a special cosmetic product, the purpose of which is to create spectacular makeup on the eyelids. The key feature of the eyeliner is its gel texture, thanks to which the product is easier to put on the skin and stays on all day long.

Manufacturers of cosmetic products offer a wide range of gel eyeliners of a thick and liquid consistency, available in tubes or jars of small objects. To choose the right product, you need to study the products’ features and consider the most popular options.

Pros and cons

Gel eyeliner is a popular cosmetic product suitable for professional and home use. The pluses include:

  • fast drying;
  • stable coverage;
  • a bright shade of arrows even with one coat;
  • ease of use;
  • possibility of shading the line immediately after application.

The disadvantages include the limited shelf life of the gel, which is only six months. After the expiry date, the consistency thickens, and the product becomes unsuitable for further use.

How To Choose

Buying gel eyeliner is a process that should be approached responsibly. Makeup artists recommend giving preference to small jars, which do not exceed 5 ml, as it will be challenging to use a big tube in six months. Additional recommendations for choosing eyeliner:

  • Before buying, you should perform a palm test to detect allergic reactions and determine the quality of the consistency;
  • visual inspection of the gel texture should confirm that the product does not have lumps;
  • Before you buy a cosmetic, it is worth looking at the expiration date;
  • It is better to choose products that come with a brush.

Additionally, when choosing eyeliner is recommended to study the instructions for the product and take care to buy a means to remove the gel from the eyes.

How To Apply

Gel eyeliner is a unique product that requires preparation before use. It is recommended to apply the composition in a well-lit room so as not to overdo the saturation of the line. Additional tips:

  1. If you want to add shadow to the look, it is better to apply it at once.
  2. To apply the gel, you should use a thin and slightly oblique brush, applying the texture with scrolling movements.
  3. After the application, removing the rest of the eyeliner from the brush is necessary.
  4. It is necessary to begin to apply eyeliner on the eyes from an internal corner of the eye. Then with light strokes, it is essential to draw a line in the direction of the outer edge.

When creating an evening look, you can slightly wrap the arrow at the outer corner of the eye, pointing the tip upwards. When the process is finished, you need to close the lid of the gel jar tightly and wash the brush thoroughly with soap and water.

Top 5 Eyeliners

Manufacturers offer girls a wide range of gel eyeliners, so it’s not surprising that it’s difficult to decide on a challenging product. In the rating, we have collected the best eyeliners from well-proven brands.

Bobbi Brown eyeliner

The award-winning original is a liquid liner. Among the eyeliner, features are resistance to external influences and a rich shade. Pros:

  • 14 colors;
  • waterproof;
  • possibility of application on sensitive eyes.

The disadvantages are the high price and the need to buy a brush, as it is not provided in the kit.

Mac Pro Longwear Fluidline

A gel product from one of the best brands has the advantage of lasting shade retention. The eyeliner is highly pigmented and easy to apply to the skin, so it is suitable for professional and home use. Other pluses:

  • Stamina up to 16 hours;
  • creamy consistency;
  • water tightness.

Ophthalmologists test the product, and certificates confirm the quality of the product.

Maybelline New York eyeliner

The manufacturer developed a unique gel formula resistant to wear and tear. The product holds up to 15 hours, retaining the shade and dense texture. Among the advantages of eyeliner are:

  • brush included;
  • easy application;
  • strong pigmentation.

Among the disadvantages is – the high price.

Marc Jacobs Beauty eyeliner

A gel for those who are not afraid to experiment. The peculiarity of the product is its smooth and velvety texture which is easily applied on the skin of the eyelids and forms a thick film resistant to external influences. The eyeliner includes up to 26 shades and lasts almost daily without fading or smudging. Advantages of the product:

  • water tightness;
  • absence of harmful chemicals;
  • pigmented shades.

There were no particular disadvantages for female customers.

The Topface eyeliner

A waterproof product with a unique gel formula that can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and add mystery to them. Among the advantages of eyeliner are:

  • intense shade pigmentation;
  • easy application;
  • Brush included.

The product is inexpensive, for which the fair sex values it.

Gel eyeliner is a sought-after cosmetic product that will help you achieve the perfect look.

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