The Best Combinations For A Denim Cardigan

Cardigan is a practical women’s outerwear close in cut to a lengthened jacket or cloak. A loose cut with a V-neck characterizes it. Modern interpretations of this piece take the form of a sweater or jacket. Cardigan is suitable for both classic styles and for casual. It is made from different materials: both warm woollen and knitted. This season, the denim cardigan has won special honour on the catwalk of many famous designers.

What Are The Best Events To Wear A Denim Cardigan?

Most often it is worn over regular clothes as a windbreaker or raincoat. When buttoned up, it can serve as a dress. It looks stylish and effective when worn wide open.

Since denim is not a fabric option for business style, it is unsuitable for office work or formal meetings. Thanks to the practicality of denim cardigan, it is excellent to wear for walks, going to the movies or meeting with friends. And in hiking and travel, this closet element can be just indispensable. Comfort and convenience in it are ensured.

Denim Cardigans: Common Models

The variety of cut, decor and type of denim allows each girl to choose exactly the cardigan that will emphasize her ideal forms and hide flaws.

  1. Denim cardigan with a zipper – this model is close to the cut of a raincoat. It comes in both medium length and elongated. Most often has a long collar and hood. Wear it with elegant shoes, fitted dresses and skirts, and elegant accessories.
  2. Cardigan “classic” – straight cut, with narrow sleeves at least three-quarters length. Such a model does not have zippers, but they usually have buttons. As a rule, they are not fastened but allow the cardigan to be as a cape.
  3. The sleeveless model is like a vest but long. It is sure to diversify your daily looks. It is convenient in different situations.
  4. Shirt cardigan – such a product can be worn even if it is a few sizes bigger on you. With its help, you can easily achieve a casual style.
  5. A cardigan that transforms is an interesting model. It can be worn in different ways. For example, the collar can turn into a hood.

Ways To Style A Denim Cardigan

To diversify and decorate denim, apply to it different ways to decorate:

  • Embroidery, beads, rhinestones – fill the outfit with femininity and tenderness. The collars can be embellished, and embroidery on the sleeves looks beautiful;
  • Lace – a mix of delicate and coarse fabrics allows you to achieve an ambiguous and mysterious effect. Guipure or lace inserts look very beautiful in a set with a romantic image;
  • prints are a fashionable and youthful way to diversify your clothes. Although it is also suitable for older women. Everything from funny cartoon characters to delicate, delicate flowers can be depicted on the cardigan;
  • The patches are an interesting way to turn your cardigan into a trendy hipster outfit. You can sew or stick on the name or logo of your favourite band, brand logo or something more “girly”: a flower, a picture of animals, etc.;
  • Scuffs and holes – an interesting shabby impression will also help create a light hipster style. For a youthful casual look, this is just the thing.

What Styles To Wear And How To Combine Them

Denim cardigan as well as jeans can be combined with many things in your closet. Depending on the outfit, you can create a romantic, delicate or hooligan, daring look.

With a dress – such a look will become whole with the right elements. Under the dress mini, you should wear a long cardigan, and a long dress at the ankle will suit a shortened product in the form of a jacket. Feminine and stylish look pencil skirt in combination with a denim cardigan length up to mid-knee. And a short cardigan – with a long skirt to the floor or a mini-skirt half-solence.

Jeans are the perfect complement to a denim cardigan. If you combine them, make sure that one denim piece differs in shade or tone from the other. This will help to avoid monotony and dullness in the image.

Straight cut pants – black, green, blue, and brown create a perfect pair for a casual look. A shirt, a T-shirt or a simple top complete the casual look.

Shorts of any fabric and different lengths are perfectly combined with a denim cardigan. They are great for a summer walk, party or vacation. The availability of accessories will diversify and decorate the image.

Spectacular And Interesting Looks

If you are still in doubt about what way and with what outfit you should combine a denim cardigan and with what not, then look for the most trendy images:

  1. Fashionable youth style – tight black leggings made of different materials: velour, stretch, imitation leather, black T-shirt and spectacular sleeveless cardigan with scuffs and holes. For the finishing touch, take a backpack and wear large dark sunglasses.
  2. Business style – wide black pants + white shirt with or without sleeves. On top, throw on a long denim cardigan. Complement the outfit with light shoes: ballet shoes and sandals.
  3. Delicate and romantic – light openwork dress (knitted or guipure), elongated cardigan. The image is completed with a black hat with fields and black sandals with heels.
  4. Bold – with a simple gray top and ripped denim shorts, wear a fitted cropped cardigan with embroidery. High-heeled sandals and stylish sunglasses complete the fashionable look.

Large Cardigans

Fashion designers create new collections dedicated to clothing for full girls and women. In many presentations, there are also denim cardigans in large sizes. Thanks to its elongated cut (from the hip to the knee), the cardigan can stretch a full figure, visually reducing its size. The product can be chosen both with buttons and with a zipper.

Large forms will help to hide the cardigan unusual cut with an original solution to the clothing elements: closed collar, long sleeves. For a large figure suit cardigans from denim fabric of dark colour, without unnecessary details.

In the online store, you can choose beautiful denim cardigans of large sizes, which look elegant and attractive on large women. Such a thing is versatile and can bring individuality to your everyday images.

A denim cardigan is incredibly stylish and fashionable and should be present in every fashionable girl’s closet. Thanks to its wide application, the product can be worn with different clothing elements without fearing looking uninteresting and dull.

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