The Best Clothes To Wear With Pinstripe Jackets For Women

The striped jacket remained in oblivion for a while, now it is back in fashion. It is not just practical, but also a bright and catchy element of your image. The dress code will be diversified, bringing a newness and exclusivity to it. Many interesting combinations of this piece with other types of clothing will help you to experiment with different images.

What’S The New Look Of The Striped Print?

The main characteristic of a women’s jacket in stripes is the width of its stripes: the thinner and more elegant, the better. Combining thin and broad stripes in one product, both in black and white, and in different shades, is still popular. But it is necessary to avoid too poisonous colors. It is better to choose a pastel and pleasant colour scheme, or to classic shades. Consider that the multicoloured image is suitable for a few people.

Fashion does not dictate special requirements for the shape of the jacket. You can buy both a longer and a shorter version. Also in style is the classic length. All these models are relevant in the current season.

As for the material, common fabrics are cotton, knitwear, wool, dense mixed fabric. Knitwear is coming back into fashion. Handmade with amazing openwork techniques, they radiate true femininity and fragility. They are very comfortable to wear in cold weather, because the knitting perfectly retains heat. Knitted jackets in stripes suit a more free-spirited image. They are worn for walks, romantic meetings. The nice thing is that knitted jackets can be made by yourself. This will give you the opportunity to decide what kind of thing you want to see on yourself.

The main requirements for a jacket fabric are good density, elasticity, and comfort. So that the jacket does not quickly lose its shape and does not lose its presentable appearance, it must be carefully cared for. This is regardless of the material from which it is made. Using a special brush, it should be well and carefully cleaned of dirt.

How To Choose The Right Jacket In Stripes For Your Body Type

For such a thing, be sure to take into account the peculiarities of the body structure. For full and thin women the cut of the jacket should be different:

  1. Large women should not wear jackets with horizontal stripes. After all, they visually expand shapes and make them even larger.
  2. Also, if you have a large puffy forms, then choose a product with thin stripes. They can visually reduce a couple of kilograms and endow you with fragility and femininity. In this case, contrasting colours work well, such as white with black or blue.
  3. To achieve slimness, use one more trick: buy a fitted dress below the knee. It should be dark colour – blue or black, have light (gray, white, beige) vertical inserts on the sides. Put on top of it a refined jacket with thin stripes, and you will have an attractive slimness.
  4. Remember that the vertical stripe can also make you visually taller and slimmer.
  5. Slim women can wear jackets with horizontal or vertical stripes – wide or narrow. It all depends on your taste.

Combinations That Work And Look Good

To look stylish in a striped jacket, avoid overpowering colours. It’s enough to introduce 2-3 shades into your image. Stylish sets are a striped jacket with jeans or a denim skirt. Monochrome white or gray T-shirts, tops, blouses look great with them. For a more colorful image choose yellow, red or light blue top. Bright jewelry in this case will be appropriate. It is desirable that they were geometric shapes: circles or triangles. To a monochrome outfit, add an original clutch bag. Your image will be enhanced by it. Such an outfit can be worn to a party or a walk.

Do not combine two kinds of different stripes or stripes with a different print. It looks tasteless and cuts the eye. It makes you feel like you’re wearing the first thing you find in your closet.

The combination of a striped shirt or T-shirt with the same jacket looks interesting and tasteful. In order to achieve a more dramatic effect, you need to take into account the width of the stripes. For example, if you want to accentuate the jacket, wear a T-shirt with a narrower stripe. And if you have beautiful forms, pick up a blouse with wide stripes.

Youth Striped Jackets

Young people like bold and unexpected combinations. Therefore, 3 or more colour combinations can be added to such a female image with a jacket. Multicoloured gamut is also allowed, which, with the right selection of elements should look somewhat epatage. But it is worth avoiding tastelessness.

Especially popular among young people this season will be tweed striped jackets. They are appropriate for many occasions: both for formal meetings or studies, as well as for parties.

Striped jacket is incredibly comfortable and stylish, and it will make you incredibly fashionable. This part of your image will cause rapturous looks and approval of others. You are guaranteed to be appreciated as a person with excellent taste and sense of style.

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