The Benefits Of Facial Massage And Why You Should Get One

Our skin begins to lose elasticity and firmness by the age of thirty. This is a well-known fact. Therefore, to maintain young, healthy, and firm skin into our old age, it is necessary to take care of it. Especially our face needs this. A very effective cosmetic procedure to prevent skin aging, and has beneficial effects on the health of the body as a whole, is a massage.

Any muscles in the body, including facial muscles, lose their elasticity without some physical activity. Because of this, wrinkles appear on the face. The skin begins to sag, and the oval facial changes. But with the help of procedures such as massage can increase muscle tone and improve blood circulation. In addition, massage manipulations cleanse the skin, freeing it from dead cells. The result is the healthier, firmer, and fresher facial skin. Experts also say that as a result of facial massage, the overall condition of the person improves. Relaxation and tranquility occur, and pressure decreases. Therefore, massage is an essential procedure in the fight against aging and skin deterioration.

Types of massage:

Classic Facial Massage

This massage is helpful for people with dry, fading skin and helps to restore the muscle tone of the face.

It is done with massage oil or moisturizing cream. The method of rubbing and stroking of varying degrees of intensity. The blood flow in the tissues increases, the skin is filled with oxygen, the outflow of excess fluid is improved, and the swelling is relieved.

Facial Plucking Massage

Most often, this massage is used for therapeutic purposes. It is indicated for problematic and oily skin. This massage is carried out by pinching, kneading movements, and vibrations. Thanks to this massage, all metabolic processes in the skin are restored, blood flow is normalized, and spots and scars become less noticeable.

Facial Plastic Massage

It is primarily indicated for people with excess facial adipose tissue and relieves swelling. It is suitable for toning wrinkled and flabby skin. The main techniques of this massage are vibration, pressing, fixation, and stroking. The alternation of these techniques leads to stunning results: enlarged pores on the face are narrowed, pigment spots become less visible, the face contour is tightened, expression lines are smoothed, swelling goes down, and the complexion becomes more radiant and healthy.

Facial Lymph Drainage Massage

This type of massage is indicated for people with dark circles, puffiness under the eyes, and flabby facial skin with strongly pronounced nasolabial folds. Its name speaks for itself. This massage is performed in the direction of lymph flow and by specially trained professionals. It activates all metabolic processes in the lymphatic system, blood circulation becomes more active, and as a result, facial muscles become stronger, swellings go away, dark circles disappear, and the face lifts.

And of course, in addition to massage, it is necessary to nourish the face from the outside. Various masks help a lot in this.

All types of massage should preferably be carried out in courses. The number of treatments is agreed upon by each person individually. In addition, massage is contraindicated for some skin conditions. It is advisable to consult with a competent specialist before signing up for a session.

At the same time, massage is a great way to delay aging and always look great.

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