The Beanie Hat Is A Hit Of Recent Years

Today a hat is not just a thing that warms your head in cold weather. It has become almost as significant an accessory as shoes and bags, which can be fashionable or on the contrary – do not match. Not for the first season, stylists recommend the beanie hat, an elongated hat that ends in the back of the head.

Headwear Features

The beanie hat, like many other things, came about from everyday life. Simple hats without ties and decorations, which fit tightly on the head, but not tight around the crown, were worn at different times by workers, welders, farmers. When they wore these hats in the winter, they could work outside comfortably. In the 1990s, a similar cap became a part of the uniform of some Western colleges, and guys and girls who closely followed the fashion began wearing it.

Women’s beanie hats have a number of features for which they are loved all over the world. These hats:

  • have a simple design;
  • are universal;
  • You can wrap it up in different ways;
  • fit into any style look;
  • match almost all clothes;
  • adorn any image.

As a matter of fact, this fashionable hat goes well with classic and sports clothes, and fits into casual images. A beanie hat that does not fit tightly around the head can be tucked or worn without tucking, pinned on the back or side with an original large pin. It is difficult to think of a more versatile hat that looks equally stylish with a classic coat, sporty down jacket and stylish leather jacket.

Choosing The Right Material

Beanie hats are made from a variety of natural and man-made fabrics. The most popular hats remain:

  • made of wool;
  • of mohair;
  • of cashmere;
  • of knitwear;
  • acrylic.

A wool knit beanie hat is perfect for the cold winter, but it is wise not to make a mistake with the choice of wool for a winter hat. If you are not ready to overpay, then buy or knit a hat out of sheep’s wool. It is warm, holds its shape well, does not get deformed when wet and has high durability. A beanie out of angora or mohair will keep you warmer. Mohair hats are very light, they do not irritate the scalp. They are worn by those who do not want the headwear to leave traces on the forehead.

Mohair hats are more appropriate for middle-aged women, while for girls a beanie made of fine knitwear or acrylic is ideal. Women’s acrylic hat is appropriate for retain heat autumn and spring weather. This synthetic material breathes, wears well, but does not retain heat as wool. Beanie of high quality knitwear is appropriate for all weathers, because knitwear is cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter. Another significant advantage of knitted hats is that even with frequent wear they do not deform and do not lose colour.

Models And Colours

The palette of colours of beanie hats is varied. Those who are not ready to draw attention to themselves, should wear a black hat – it is universal, comfortable and always in fashion. Wear it any time of year, but for winter it is better to wear a white hat – during rainy seasons it will get dirty. Modest fashionistas will like hats in gray, beige, blue colours. There is a huge selection of yellow, blue, orange, red beanies, which are so original that sometimes they look ridiculous. A suitable solution would be a double-sided beanie hat. It may have one side made of knitted fabric of a calm colour, and the other – a bright one. Double beanie hat with lapels looks original.

Every fashionable woman will find a beanie hat that suits her perfectly. This hat can be voluminous or close to the head, and it can be long and short, baggy or slightly narrowed. What distinguishes such hats is the length of the tail, which can be from 28 to 35 cm. The end of the hat should freely cover the back of the head, hanging slightly, but not being as long as a cap.

A simple beanie hat is a universal option, which is combined with outerwear of different styles. But also popular today are hats with all sorts of decorative elements. A beanie hat with a pompom has been a winter hit for several seasons in a row. The pompom can be made of fur or wool. For romantic nature lovers, a warm beanie in pastel colours with a bow.

A popular model is the beanie hat rather has ears. It is short and does not end like a sock, but rather has two sharp corners resembling cat ears. The beanie hat rather has ears can be decorated rather has two fluffy pompoms or other elements.

How And With What To Wear?

There are no strict rules on how to wear a beanie hat – it all depends on your preferences. So, a classic elongated beanie hat can cover the forehead, be twisted and moved to the back of the head. If you want to visually lengthen the face, it is better to wrap such hats and raise them up. A too long ponytail can be fixed with a brooch or pulled up a bit on the back of the head.

Beanie hats are seasonal. You can have a thin, comfortable hat made of jersey or acrylic in your closet for autumn and spring. It can be worn with a tracksuit and a blown vest, jeans, shoes without a heel and a down jacket, bright tights, a skirt below the knee and a wide coat. A beanie hat with ears perfectly complements the last image. And if you pick up a scarf in the same tone of the beanie, it will look good with a classic fitted coat and boots with a stable heel.

For winter you will need a large knit beanie hat made of mohair or sheep’s wool. Knitted hats are worn with fur coats, fur coats and sheepskin coats. Versatile beanie hats decorated with rhinestones, faux pearls and natural fur will look great with austere winter coats and high boots. With a long down jacket, you can wear a hat-beanie of large knitting. The original solution for young girls for a dull winter will be a bright beanie with ears – you can wear it with any outerwear. In any season, you can wear a beanie hat with ribbing – it is versatile and fits into any image.

Beanie has long ceased to be an element of youth closet. The original hat was previously worn only with jeans and sweatshirts, but today it can be worn with a pencil skirt and classic pants. There can be several beanie hats in the closet of a modern girl, because this hat can become a highlight of any fashionable image. It is better to buy a warm woolen hat in winter, and a bright knitted beanie in spring and autumn.

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