The Bandana On The Head Is An Everyday Accessory That Is Both Stylish And Functional

Summer image is sometimes difficult to imagine without a bandana – a stylish headgear. It is mainly associated with vacation looks. The fashion accessory looks equally effective in the closets of men and women.

Bandana Features

As a rule, bandanas are smaller than kerchiefs. A small square kerchief saves the day on hot summer days. Bright element of the closet easily fits into the images of different styles. After all, you can wear a bandana not only on the head. Tying the scarf around your neck, hips, or even your arms or legs is a stylish solution.

Bandanna on the head perfectly protects from the sun, winds or dust, so it is indispensable on vacations out of town or on trips.

What Is A Bandana

The traditional version of a bandana is a rectangular or square shawl decorated with bright prints or symbols. Originally, cowboys tied shawls around the neck and used them as accessories to protect them from the dust raised by herds of animals on the rides.

The use of modern headbands has long expanded. The simple accessory is used for a variety of purposes:

  • A bandana with a visor protects the face from the sun, rain;
  • Insulated bandanna keeps you warm during the cold season;
  • Fashionable women wear a bandana on their heads as a stylish headband or initially weave a kerchief in their hair.

Motorcyclists often use the scarf as an undercoat, to protect the head from overheating.

What Headbands Are Available

Designers present the product as an original multifunctional accessory. However, most often, the headscarf is used as a head covering. Although they tie and wear the accessory differently, it is possible to identify some types of bandanas that are most in demand.


The handkerchief is folded diagonally to make a protective mask against dust or wind. The accessory is wrapped around the neck, and the long ends are tied. The corner of the scarf is placed in the front. To cover the nose and mouth, the wide side of the scarf is lifted to the level of the nose bridge.

To design a bandana mask suit shawls sewn from soft natural materials (linen, cotton), which are easy to care for.

Most of all, masks are appropriate for hiking trips, motorcycle rides, and bicycles. The accessories fit perfectly into the tourist closet. Light cotton bandanas are perfectly combined with shorts, sneakers, and T-shirts. Handkerchiefs are organically combined with glasses and caps.


You can wear a bandana with anything. After all, the original scarf fits harmoniously into various everyday images. Depending on the variant of design, bandanna will perfectly decorate the looks of different trends – from sporty, biker to flirty feminine retro:

  • A handkerchief, folded diagonally and tied over the hair, will initially complement the biker closet (boots, leather jacket, jeans or leather pants). Accessories of muted shades with bright contrasting prints will be suitable.
  • To create a stylish, feminine image, the scarf is folded in a strip and tied on the head, placing the knot in front. Bandanas are chosen in bright colors with smart patterns or ornaments.

For an accessory to look organically, it is essential to choose a color that matches the palette of your closet.

Bandana Scarf

The original way to wear a bandana is to tie it around your neck as a neck scarf. This is an excellent solution for creating street-style looks. It is convenient to tie small items (standard bandana size on the head – 60×60 cm) sewn from soft, easily draped materials. Bandanas made of silk, cambric and chiffon are the best. Such materials will allow the skin to “breathe” and look spectacular.

To create an elegant accessory is not difficult – the shawl is folded diagonally and rolled in a small strip. Such an elegant decoration is stylishly combined with summer sundresses.

Or you can wrap the headscarf around your neck and tie a beautiful knot. Bandanas in pastel colors are stylishly combined with jeans and T-shirts.

Bandana hat

Some modification of the traditional bandana is a product resembling a hat with two loose ends on the back. It is most convenient to use models sewn from elastic materials. The headscarf can be tied on top of loose hair or pick-up curls inside the bandana.

Such models look great on men and women. Especially often such bandanas are worn by representatives of rock culture. Black scarves, leather hats are well combined with ripped jeans, leather jackets, denim jackets.

However, the original hats stylishly complement the images in the style of boho and casual. It is enough to choose the right set of clothes. A stylish solution is a colorful white and blue bandana, white shirt, linen pants or light jeans.

For snowboarding

A fashionable sports bandana, sewn from elastic materials, confidently took place in the closet of active, energetic people. To create products, use bright, breathable fabrics that provide reliable protection of the face and neck from winds and frosts. Some manufacturers offer products specially insulated with fleece.

The mask is especially popular in the closets of snowboarders and active fans of winter sports. Thanks to the elastic fibers, the mask stays perfectly on the face and does not slip during movement.

Such an accessory will also help out on chilly evenings, especially with sportswear.


More practical is a bandana model in the form of a clamp. Such a product easily fits into everyday looks of any style. A square or rectangle of elastic fabric is folded and stitched on one side. The model is easy to put on and can be beautifully arranged around the neck in beautiful folds.

Most often, the products are worn during the warm season. To create accessories, use different fabrics (knitted fabrics, fleece elastic materials). Looks great set of knitted things (collar and hat). As a decor, sometimes use buttons and brooches. It is most convenient to wear a yoke with outerwear (oversize coats, down jackets) that do not have hoods.


The models bear some resemblance to snowboarding bandanas. A distinctive feature is the presence of a small hood. The ski model is also sewn from elastic materials that do not hinder breathing and perfectly cope with protecting the face from frost and winds.

It is most comfortable to wear ski bandanas under helmets. Thanks to the fleece lining, the neck is well insulated. The accessory is convenient to wear under the jacket. To create a stylish image choose the products in the tone of sports equipment. A creative option is a mask with a picture of a skull, which looks quite eccentric.


Depending on the season and purpose, choose the appropriate accessories. Products are sewn from a variety of materials.

On warm summer days, you can tie a bandana made of cotton or linen on your head. Use scarves made of fine patterned silk, cambric or cotton as a colorful neck accessory. For active walks, suit bandanas made of fine knitwear.

Demi-seasonal models are made of warm materials (fleece, knitted fabric, thick jersey). Since the accessory is most often used simultaneously as a scarf or a hat, it is more practical to choose bandanas made of elastic materials.

Manufacturers offer special products sewn from fleece and polyester/polypropylene for active sports.

Color And Print

When choosing a bandana, the color palette of the accessory plays a significant role. Designers recommend being guided by style. A fashionable denim look will perfectly complement the accessories of muted shades, sewn from cotton materials in a check (small or large), with thematic prints.

An excellent solution for lovers of ethno style – products decorated with bright national patterns, ornaments. Fashionable option palette – rich shades of scarlet, blue, purple, green, brown. Bijouterie with national motifs will help to support the rich color palette.

Rocker bandanas are sewn from black, navy blue, and red materials. The fabrics can be decorated with prints of pirates and rocker symbols (skulls, musical instruments).

How To Tie A Bandana On Your Head: Different Options

Stylists offer a variety of options for tying the accessory. Some ways are considered traditional, but new solutions are also emerging.

The classic way

Both men and women can use this option. The sequence of actions is not complicated:

  1. The handkerchief is folded diagonally.
  2. The center of the base of the scarf is placed on his forehead.
  3. The ends of the bandana are wrapped behind the head and arranged in a tight knot at the back of the head. The tail of the scarf is placed under the knot.

Such a solution fits perfectly in different styles. Cotton or linen clothes are suitable for a rocker closet or beach look. Things sewn from expensive silk and knitted materials can complement the festive images.

Retro Style

A flirty look is not difficult to give an image with a bandana tied in retro style. For this purpose, a small patterned scarf is folded diagonally. The center of the wide side is placed on the back of the head, and the ends are brought to the forehead and tied with a neat knot. The corner of the scarf is placed under the knot.

This kind of bandana design pays special attention to the hairstyle. As a rule, the hair is hidden under the scarf, and the scalp is combed or twisted and decorated in a retro style.

The Pirate Option

The way of tying the accessory is often used by professionals (waiters, bartenders). This is a great way to tie a bandana for a man.

To tie the accessory, the handkerchief is folded diagonally. And then again in half (thus “masking” the sharp corner of the scarf). The tying process remains traditional: the center of the wide side is put to the forehead, and the ends are placed behind the head. The ends are tied in two knots to keep the scarf firmly tied.

Fancy Turban

The trend is for scarves tied in an oriental manner. The easiest way to make a turban is with a thin accessory. For this purpose, the scarf is wrapped around the head like a towel. The ends of the bandana are twisted into plaits and hidden under the shawl.

When choosing colorful scarves, it is preferable to choose monochrome clothing of a close color scheme.

In the form of a tube

A bandana model in the form of a tube is called a buff. Products made of knitted or crocheted fabrics have no seams. Depending on the width and height of the accessory, you can wear it as a scarf-hoof or scarf with a hood. Elegant things with prints are used as headbands or tied on the hair gathered in a ponytail.

In the form of a bandage

This design method will allow you to emphasize a beautiful haircut or hairstyle stylishly. The bandana is folded several times diagonally to form a bandage strip. The center of the accessory is placed on the back of the head. The ends are brought to the forehead and crossed. Then the ends are again directed to the back of the head and tied with a knot. Chiffon scarves are the best for a similar design of accessory the thin silk.

Small cotton accessories can simply be designed as a narrow bandage, placing the knot on the forehead or at the nape of the neck.

These are great options for using a bandana to create an elegant summer look. Monochrome-colored scarves (white, blue, red, and yellow) and patterned products look spectacular.

Other options for tying a bandana

The original use of a bandana is to decorate your hair. The easiest way to decorate a voluminous bundle of hair. This bandana is folded several times until you get a strip width of 4-6 cm. The accessory is wrapped several times around the bundle (not tight), and the ends are tied with a knot.

It is not difficult to emphasize the romanticism of the image. For this purpose, the kerchief is rolled up into a strip tied around the head. And the ends of the bandana are decorated in the form of a bow or a small flower.

How To Wear

There are practically no restrictions on the choice of options. Bandanas, tied to scarves, kerchiefs or fashionable turbans, remain topical and popular.

There are many ways to design knots, which can be placed on the forehead or on the back of the head. The ends of the scarf are hidden or spread out in the form of petals or bows. A beautifully tied knot can be the main decoration of a headband, sometimes it is hidden inside.

A bandanna is a perfect solution to add a unique look. The artfully tied scarf can add romantic, dynamic or rocker cultural features to a look. A bright accessory, tied like a neck scarf, will elegantly enliven an office closet (the suit is chosen in monochrome and neutral colors).

Stylish Looks With A Bandana

Create delicate summer images that perfectly suit bright cotton or linen bandanas without color restrictions. In fashion, juicy orange, blue, and green scarves with floral prints. The presence of several accessories will simplify the creation of images:

  • A bandana with a dark green plant print beautifully accentuates the lush green of the top with narrow straps;
  • A blue silk accessory, tied as a neck scarf, combines a snow-white office shirt and a black pencil skirt.

It’s easy to make an attractive casual style. It’s enough to tie a light brown bandana with a terracotta print on the head. Complement the image narrowed olive-colored linen pants and silk blouse of terracotta shade. Brown flip-flops and clutch will fit perfectly into the closet.

Fashionable sets in the country style (jeans with denim shirts, wide sundresses to the floor) combined with sandals and ballet flats are perfectly complemented by bandanas. You can wear the accessory both around the neck and as a wide bandage on the head. Many fashionable women use a bandana to decorate a bag, backpack (the accessory is tied to the handle).

Helpful Tips

To wear the accessory with pleasure and not feel discomfort, stylists recommend adhering to certain rules:

  • It is desirable to tie a bandana in front of a mirror;
  • It is better to choose the shade of the accessory in the tone of the top of the clothes – for an ensemble of white pants and a blue T-shirt is, chosen a blue or blue handkerchief with a blueprint;
  • You can match a multicolored accessory to a monochrome garment.

For summer looks, choosing accessories in light or pastel shades is recommended. Complement the demi-seasonal or winter closet is better with things of muted colors.

The exception is the sporty style, in which bright patterned things fit perfectly.

Bandanas can be classified as a universal accessory. Children and adults of any complexion can wear them. The product that can play the role of headwear or original jewelry perfectly fits into every fashionista’s closet.

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