Sweet Manicure: 15 design ideas

Have you ever thought about painting sweets on your nails? If not, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll tell you about some fresh sweet manicure ideas and what materials you’ll need for it.

At first glance, it may seem that nail art and confectionery are absolutely incompatible. Designers clearly demonstrate that nothing is impossible, and girls pick up the fashion trend and experiment with manicure. Are you ready to try something completely unusual?

Beware, chances are that when you look at your manicure, the desire to eat some candy will not leave you. You have to have really strong willpower to resist it. Do you think you can handle it?

Design Ideas

When a simple, monochromatic manicure gets bored, it is replaced by a colorful and positive version. We will consider the most original ideas that you can repeat yourself without much cost and effort.

Candy, M&M’s

Almost all of us can’t imagine our life without candy. You can try to draw pictures of sweets with your own hands, or buy special stickers.

This type of manicure will be especially relevant on New Year’s Eve, because traditionally this holiday is not without sweet gifts. This type of manicure is characterized by the versatility of design and the variety of decorations.

Cake and ice cream

No less original design is rightly considered a picture on the nails of different types of pastries and refreshing ice cream. Think about which dessert gives you the most pleasure. So you’re more likely to decide on a pattern, because there are a huge number of variations of the decor.

If you prefer a minimalist design – look closely at the manicure, where the image is applied only to a few nails. Thus, the chance to overload the composition with an abundance of elements is significantly reduced. A great addition would be sequins and glitter.

Doughnuts, cupcakes

Both adults and children love sweets. So we are sure that this idea will resonate in the hearts of many of you. Tender shades of glaze flowing from donuts and soft cupcakes with fragrant filling will not leave anyone indifferent. So why not venture into nail art in such a mouthwatering style?


If suddenly you are now on a diet and don’t want to tempt yourself with a sweet manicure, a fruit design is the perfect alternative. This nail design gives a great opportunity to be creative. The manicure turns out very bright, it will definitely create a summer mood in the cold winter.

Marmalade, marmalade

If you have no desire to paint anything, we suggest applying some loose decor on your nails. This way you can imitate the structure of marshmallows.

This manicure is associated with tenderness and airiness. A suitable decoration for monochrome nails is glitter glitter and mélange. The effect of candied nails is created.


To replicate the texture of chocolate as much as possible, you’ll need darker shades of gel polish. If you like white chocolate, you can use a lighter color.

It’s a harder task to create the embossing of a chocolate bar or a drizzle of sweet frosting. But if you succeed, the nail design will look very original.

Add elements that you associate with chocolate, if you wish. For example, coffee beans or an imitation of a gold wrapper would be very nice.


The taste of salted caramel that melts in your mouth is incomparable. It’s as unique as the manicure you can create inspired by it.

The structure of real caramel is most accurately conveyed by a glossy finish. Gloss is considered a classic and will forever remain on trend. A nude caramel finish will be the finishing touch to any look.


We’ve shown you some sweet manicure ideas, and now it’s time to take a closer look at the materials that can be used to bring the idea to life and achieve a perfect effect.

Acrylic powder

In nail art, this powder is simply indispensable. The great advantage of the material is that it allows the nails to breathe under the coating.

With acrylic powder, you can even strengthen the plate and build up your nails, which will maintain a well-groomed appearance for a long time. The final result of a manicure with powder resembles velvet.


They perfectly complement the manicure, giving it grace and sophistication. Crystal rhinestones are considered the highest quality material. They are well held on the nail plate, attract attention with their glitter and shimmering light.

Try not to go overboard with the decor. An abundance of stasis in nail design can overload a manicure with a large number of details and ruin everything.


Although kamifibuki are quite uncomfortable to use, but they look very festive and fun. The name confetti itself hints at the fact that this decor would be appropriate for a sweet manicure.

Stickers, stickers

The selection of stickers is so huge that you’re sure to come up with many decor combinations to create an unbeatable manicure design.

Nail art is impossible without stickers. These small details can form a certain mood. By combining them with a successful color scheme, you will achieve a harmonious nail design.


This material has proven itself as an indispensable assistant in manicure design. The peculiarity of sequins is that their shimmering adds originality to simple nail art ideas. If you manage not to overdo the decor, shiny nails will always look elegant and expensive.


Another festive material for manicures is glitter. Its main difference from glitter is that the granules of this decor have a larger shape and a brighter sheen. Glitter particles beautifully reflect light, adding zest to the manicure.


This is the most extraordinary and daring manicure design from our selection. The uniqueness of molding is to apply a special 3D gel plasticine to the nails, and then give it a specific shape. Sweet elements can be made with a synthetic brush with the addition of other materials.


Combining nail art with desserts is a very unconventional, but at the same time, a bold move. Be sure, a sweet manicure is sure to delight your acquaintances, because this theme will always be relevant.

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