Sundresses For The Office: Stylish Solutions For Business Women

Office fashion lives by its own special rules, observing special canons. Someone may consider the business style boring and unassuming, putting up with this way of life. However, some are relentlessly looking for ways to diversify the business closet, giving it freshness and extravagance. Office sundresses are one option to improve your business style.

General Concepts Of Sundresses

A beautiful sun dress is an element of the summer closet. Many associate it with coquetry, frivolity and carefree. There are warm business sundresses. They are sustained in a strict office style. Designers developing collections for 2022, with special love, have taken to transform sundresses exactly in the concept of strict office fashion.

The dress code requires giving up many favourite items of clothing. Even colour combinations, jewelry, and typical feminine accents are sometimes the most real taboo. And the combination “white top-dark bottom” gets boring very quickly, not allowing at least a little variety in your everyday closet.

A great alternative to suits is a sundress for the office. This is a great option for every day, which can be played with the same principles as a business suit, a strict skirt or pants. However, it always looks much more feminine and refined, despite all the severity and restraint. This is a great example of how a dress as a base will always exude femininity, whatever the style and style may be.

It’s All About The Material

Studying the models of sundresses for the office, it is worth noting that the material from which the product is made depends very much. For example, chiffon and silk, even in delicate pastels or strict neutral colours, will still be inappropriate in a strict business atmosphere.

The ideal fabric is dense and expensive. In the workplace, you should not abuse bright colours and too festive ornaments on clothing. Otherwise, even the most expensive and high-status garment, made from the right material, will not look strict and appropriate in this particular situation.


In the new season, the most popular business sundresses for the office are warm and cozy products made of tweed. The style should be emphasized as businesslike. Do not forget about the length, style and colour of the outfit.
If the concept of the dress code allows some liberties, stylists recommend complementing the tweed sundress with a stylish but concise brooch. By the way, many styles can be called universal.

Modest and simple during the day, they can be transformed into a full-fledged base for an evening look. It is only necessary to choose the right accessories. It is worth changing the shoes, making festive make-up, decorate the chest with a bright brooch.

Wool Is The Perfect Base For Winter Looks

A popular option for 2022 in the format of office fashion is a sundress made of fine, high-quality wool. Main fashion trends:

  • The high waistline;
  • Asymmetrical cut;
  • Fantasies on the theme of folk motifs.

Such elements can be delicately introduced into even the most austere office look. The main thing is to remember colour harmony and the right length nd not to abuse auxiliary decorative elements.

Perforated Leather – The Leaders’ Choice

Only a confident, successful woman can dress in a leather sundress. Products from smooth perforated leather fascinate its respectability and sophistication. They are beautiful and practical at the same time. Do not forget that the leather is wonderfully combined with other fabrics and textures. Moreover, this expensive and noble material can give the right touch of solidity to other products in the look.

Perforated leather sundresses look organically with a translucent top, a simple knitted sleeve, and a feminine blouse. However, it is worth remembering that it is impossible to remain unnoticed in such an outfit. For those looking for an outfit for every day but do not want to be in full view all the time, you can pick a sundress, where the skin is not the main material but only a decorative element. For example, it will look tweed office sundress effectively with straps with leather pockets.

Variety Of Styles

Fashionable styles of sundresses will significantly diversify the everyday closet of the modern business lady. The main trend is an emphasis on the figure. Baggy products are no longer relevant. The main fashionable styles of the new season:

  • Sun dress-footer (for girls with an ideal figure);
  • Sundress tunic (for large women with a beautiful shoulder line and spectacular bust);
  • Dresses with thin straps (black is preferred);
  • Dresses with a tapered skirt.

Sundresses-flats are most suitable for women with an hourglass figure. Such a sundress in a check for the office can be safely combined with a warm sleeve and a simple neutral blouse. The preferred length is midi. Most often, such models are fastened with a zipper.

Particular attention should be paid to extravagant models reminiscent of a work apron. The key elements of the cut are large patch pockets and a rectangular neckline. Girls with a fragile build will appreciate the model. Due to the massive details, this outfit will make a sophisticated silhouette more textured and “solid.”

Details In The Image

The fashion trends of the coming year spoil office fashionistas with beautiful feminine details. To afford a spectacular accent in a business look, choose discreet shades and a restrained style, then the decor will look appropriate, and the image will not be overloaded.

The bodice and skirt of many models are decorated with lace inserts (often in tone with the main fabric). The decoration made of leather, especially perforated inserts or patches, looks spectacular. Draping itself is also actual. The main thing is not to overdo it. It is important to remember that this is an outfit for every day. Excessive dressing in a strict office atmosphere is quite inappropriate.

Elegant and in theme look leather thin straps and wide satin ribbons tied behind a small bow. For the most daring business ladies, designers have provided a special extravagance – a rubber or leather corset belt. Given that the bottom of a sundress can be completely different, a model of this type can be chosen for any woman, regardless of the type of appearance, height and features of the figure.

Finally, it should be noted that office fashion presupposes the observance of all the canons of style and the rules of drawing up a harmonious image. No matter how fashionable and austere the sundress is, the image as a whole must correspond to the environment. This is a neat hairstyle, restrained make-up, and a discreet but high-quality manicure.


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