Summer Sandals: The Latest Trends

All fashion 2022 is shrouded in a haze of inconsistency and mystery. This is as well as ambiguity and a huge range of options for girls who prefer different styles of dress. However, what unites all the decisions is the absence of banality and boredom.


Floral print on sandals

Classics have been successfully superseded by various models of futuristic design: unusual colours, prints, metallics, as well as geometric forms of heels and decorative elements. Colorful sandals 2022 are an undeniable trend.


Black sandals on a wedge heel

And all this on the wave of convenience, comfort and “wearability” in everyday life, which previously was difficult to expect from the leading designers of Paris and New York. In 2022, the sandals turned out to be remarkably harmonious and laconic.


Square-heeled sandals

Main Innovations

Among the many trends, innovations in the field of prints, among which floral designs dominate, stand out:

  • spring flowerbeds;
  • scarlet flowers;
  • field plants;
  • pink buds.

The most vivid colours were crimson, yellow, orange, emerald, and purple-blackberry tones.

The Platform Is The Most Noticeable Trend

Fashionable sandals 2022 on a large platform (tractor or flat) – trend #1, which won the hearts of many designers. The shoes are suitable for everyday outfits.

Among the materials for sandals 2022 designers chose lightweight and durable cork, which looks gentle and neat on a woman’s foot.

Thin straps that can cover the ankle are also in trend.


Pink sandals with thin straps

Stylish Variant Of The Platform: Wedges

In 2022, the wedge heel will also be popular and even ahead of the traditional heel. Wedge shapes can be geometric or decorated, for example. Fluting can be added to the base, and its color doesn’t necessarily have to match the tone of the sandal’s basic materials; you can choose contrast or bright options.

The wedge with geometric elements and lines is the sure hit of 2022. Among the materials, the wedge with patent leather, the shimmer of which is reinforced by special coatings, looks especially striking.


Leather wedge sandals


Patent leather wedge heel sandals

Fashionable Heel Shapes

Designer heels, presented by designers in 2022, attracted not only fashion connoisseurs, but also people close to the high podiums. Heels with unusual and even shocking shapes are in style. Thus, a massive heel with a height of 15-16 cm will be a real godsend for petite fashionistas. However, other forms of heels for sandals 2022 will remain in trend:

  • Stiletto heel – a classic choice, the undoubted leader of most summer collections of the coming year. A pair of such summer shoes will never go out of fashion, will emphasize elegance and femininity. Spike heel will fit well in the evening, and casual image, complement the shoes on this heel you can almost any outfit;
  • A stable rectangular, square or trapezoidal heel will also remain in fashion in the summer of 2022. The most fashionable models will be sandals with a heel, the colour of which contrasts with the basic materials.

Since comfort remains in fashion in 2022, a lot of collections of designers from different groups are devoted entirely to flat-top sandals. However, the popular high-lace-up sandal models of 2015-2016 are now off-trend.


Stable heel sandals

A completely flat or slightly thickened sole and a sporty style are the main trends of season 2022. The main emphasis isn’t so much on the form, as on the colours of these products. Pastel colors, rich tones, suede florals and boho-style beads are in fashion.


Stiletto sandals

Fashion sandals 2022 will combine black and white, contrasting socks, and extravagance. Another hot trend is comfortable birkenstocks flip-flops decorated with different buckles, metal inserts and other elements.


Unusually shaped heeled sandals

Stylish Variations Of The Maximum Closure

Sandals with a completely closed toe are the first trend in this category, which can be made in a very sharp shape. Such models look graceful and elegant, complement a variety of images, adding a touch of femininity even in the most austere pantsuit. In everyday life the shoes will also look stylish, and with dresses – just gorgeous, especially those made of chiffon and other flowing materials.


Metallized leather sandals

The heel in these models may be quite low or, conversely, perceptible. But the most important requirement is thin and comfortable. Some designers suggest choosing models with leather bows and ribbons.

And the maximum closure is represented by summer sandals in the form of flip-flops and standard solutions. Their closeness begins from the toe to the top of the ankle. Sandals can be both monochrome and with different prints.

Fancy Flip-Flops

In 2022, designers offered girls the opportunity to wear stylish and even sexy flip-flops:

  • In the form of sabots with a maximum closed top combined with a platform or a heel, a wedge heel;
  • Open-toed flip-flops with a stable and low heel;
  • Sports-style shoes, as well as products decorated with rhinestones for various parties and discos.

Such unusual options will appeal to those who are going on vacation at the sea. It’s so convenient to take your shoes with you, and then throw them off at the beach in a second!


Black leather flip flops


Metallic flip-flops

Lacing And Straps

Particular attention should be paid to the lacing and straps, which have become fashionable. They can be up to the ankle or even to the knee. Combine with a low heel or a high heel. Only it is necessary to choose such shoes very carefully. In combination with high lacing, as well as the ankle bone option, slightly crooked, full calves or low growth will seem unattractive.


White lace-up sandals


Sandals with a long strap

Textures, Materials And Patterns

Both leather and suede can be used, but real velvet was the favorite material of 2022. It represents aristocracy, elegance, style and nobility. Not in vain it was so beloved by the titled. The texture of velvet in the summer season can be very different.


Metallic yellow sandals

Among the popular colours were wine burgundy, as well as electrician, emerald, and sophisticated chocolate. Color-blocking is also in fashion, which offers a combination of not only colours, but also textures. Crimson, navy blue, gray and black tones perfectly complement the main range! And also such shoes are wonderfully combined with tights and socks, which is appropriate for cooler weather. Sandals and tights should only be contrasted by their colors.


Suede sandals with socks

It was not without other unusual, upcoming trends, as well as fashion trends persisting from past years:

  • snake-print sandals remain at the peak of popularity, allowing you to create a truly elegant look, as well as a chic evening look. The versatility of the animalistic print surprises and fascinates;
  • In fashion transparency – through the efforts of designers managed to return stylish and beautiful transparent sandals, which will not look vulgar. They can be completely transparent or with a coloured heel, as well as complemented by velvet or suede inserts;
  • The nude style is a charming combination of delicate pastel shades, beige, matte or glossy leather, as well as wide straps and thin lacing. You can create both a bright and monochrome look;
  • Lacing as a decorative and functional element has migrated smoothly from autumn-winter fashion to summer fashion. Sandals, complemented by various laces, are very popular in the 2022 season;
  • Shiny colours are a real hit in fashion, and the most popular colours are still silver and gold, as well as lacquered coatings.

As for other materials and colours, this season fashion designers have tried to diversify women’s choices as much as possible. Banality and boredom have no place in this season, and summer will be really bright and hot!


Point toe sandals

Neutrality or brightness – the choice is up to the fashionistas, because now it’s trendy to be happy and create a mood with quality and fashionable clothes. For this purpose, the designers offered the maximum conditions, including a huge number of models in bold shades, prints, and combining them with unusual decorative materials.

Black, beige, gray, and white sandals will certainly be the ideal choice for the practical and business woman of 2022, as they can also be used in the next season. If, of course, do not choose too loud and unusual models.

Among the most popular decorative elements in sandals for summer 2022 are ribbons and rhinestones. Some fashion houses offer a stylish way to look at everyday life and stepping out by complementing their shoes with bright feathers.

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