Summer Makeup

Summer is a wonderful season. The heat, the face is always shiny in the sun, and the skin tans so quickly that you want to change your foundation every two weeks. Summer makeup is not an easy thing. Not every image can withstand high temperatures, and it is even more challenging to wear bright evening makeup, and we want bright colors in the summertime. Knowing the rules and nuances of summer makeup is necessary, so your makeup won’t float at the most inopportune moment.

Criteria for summer makeup:

  • Lightness. Use light textures, and some products should be avoided altogether: powder, contouring palettes, and foundation if your skin condition allows.
  • Invisibility. If everyone thinks there is no makeup on your face, it can’t smudge traitorously. The best variant for summer is nude makeup because it slightly emphasizes natural beauty.
  • Matte. A criterion that is hard to achieve. Your friends for summer: colorless light powder, matte foundation, and matte wipes.

Peculiarities Of Summer Face Makeup

Try to wear a minimum of makeup. This applies not only to resting by the pool and on the beach. Many people are not used to going without makeup, so read what products to give up and how to do it:

  1. Skip the steps of applying your base and, if possible, your foundation. Your best friend for this season is concealer. If you cover imperfections on the face and circles under the eyes, the skin tone is already evened out. Sometimes applying the product to the whole face is just a familiar but pointless procedure.
  2. Choose a thick foundation. But apply it with your fingers, using a punching motion, instead of a brush – you will get a thin layer, which at the same time quite well masks the imperfections. Moisturizing cream with a toning effect can be a savior for those who hate heavy makeup, but if it has SPF, it’s a miracle. Many drugstore arches produce ultralight sunscreen fluid.
  3. Forget the powder. Or think of a colorless one. It will not oxidize and will not lay an extra thick layer, fix makeup, or add a matte finish. Better yet, choose a foundation with a matte finish.
  4. Avoid contouring, as it can make the image heavier. You may use a bronzer if you do not have enough suntan. It is worth decorating your pale face after a harsh winter and remembering the blush. The top summer shades are coral, peach, and bright orange. The draping technique is increasingly actively used: calm shades of blush sculpt the face, highlighting cheekbones, forehead, and under eyebrows.
  5. No highlighter for daytime makeup. It’s just a couple of hours in the heat, and your skin will have a natural, moist effect thanks to the released sebum. But for an evening look, sometimes you don’t need to spare the glitter.
  6. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is important not only for youthful skin but also for the health of your body. UVB rays can lead to the formation of cancerous cells. But the more likely consequences are wrinkles and age spots. These days, sun protection is everywhere-powder, foundation, lipstick. Or buy a tube of sunscreen specifically.

Features Of Eye Makeup

In summer, we want fresh, unconventional, and bright ideas. It is better to put the accent precisely on the eyes. At the peak of popularity, this summer will be bright colors: electric, acid yellow, bright pink, and all shades from blue to deep blue. Use them both as eye shadows and as colors for arrows and mascara.

For the daytime look, a classic option is a warm pastel palette of golden, bluish, peach, and bronze shades. You can not skimp on the shine for evening makeup: sequins, glitter, and crystals in the brightest hues. Smoky eyes are still ideal.

It is enough to fix the eyebrows with gel without giving them a clear shape and fill in the gaps.

Ground rules:

  1. Don’t forget to use a primer or a base for eye shadow because they will ensure the durability of shadows and eyeliner in hot weather. Otherwise, they will traitorously smudge after a couple of hours.
  2. Choose creamy, non-greasy textures. Dry ones dissolve in a mixture of sebum and sweat.
  3. Use eyeliner and mascara with water-resistant formula, and abandon eyeliner.

Lip Makeup Features

The second option to accentuate is the lips. Berry shades are in fashion: raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, and cherry. And not matte, but lush, glossy, and pearly shades. A primer in a stick or a pencil will help to achieve a permanent, even color. If you’re afraid of shouty tones, the classic glitter with subtle peach, pink, or even colorless shade will help to create a sensual and seductive image.

Do not forget to pay attention to daily care. It will help maintain the health and youthfulness of the skin. Any makeup will be perfect on moisturized skin. But in summer, it is better to go for a natural look.

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