Summer Color Type: Basic Closet With Examples

The colour type summer, as a cold direction of appearance, is the most common type of appearance in our country.

Summer Color Type

How Do You Find Out If You Belong To The Summer Type

To accurately determine your belonging to the summer colour type, you must wash off your makeup from your face and then put a smoky blue cloth on it. You can also use sheets of coloured paper instead of cloth. Now, pay attention to the nasolabial folds, the number of facial vessels and capillaries, and look at the so-called “fatigue zone” – the horizontal lines on the cheeks and under the eyes. If you immediately see how your face has changed, become fresher, and wrinkles are no longer visible, then you can safely say that you belong to the summer colour type.

Summer Color Type

The colour of this skin type in women tends to have a delicate, light pink or light olive hue. For example, a pale porcelain-coloured face is prone to sunburn. At the same time, light olive-coloured skin harmonizes well with ultraviolet light and gets a beautiful tan. Thin skin with a pinkish tint and a barely noticeable vessel network is also a summer colour type. Such skin always shines with a light blush on the face, and any redness is immediately apparent. Freckles on such a face (if any) acquire more of an ashy shade than a golden one.

Hair Color Palette And Haircuts

When choosing the right haircut and colour, you must start with light straw and dark blond shades, avoiding red in every possible way. Also, hair can get brown tones, not warm brown or sparkling red, but more subtle, close to dark and gray-brown tones.

As hair burns under the sun, it begins to redden slightly, but many people mistakenly believe this is a manifestation of the warm direction of the appearance. Therefore, the actual colour of hair should be studied not from the ends but directly from the roots.

Summer Color Type

Many “summer women” had light ash hair colour in their youth, but as they age, their hair becomes darker. Most owners of summer shades are not satisfied with their natural colours. In their opinion, it brings boredom and dullness. In such a situation, the desire to refresh your image for the summer colour type should not go beyond cold halftones. It is essential that the natural contrast of the appearance, low or medium, is not violated. In addition to complete hair colouring, summer women look great with colouring or lightening only some strands.

There is also no need to experiment with extremely dark colours, making the high contrast between dark hair and light skin obvious.

For girls with a summer appearance, long and medium haircuts are the most suitable. Summer is more to the liking of gentle waves, soft curls and flowing curls. At the same time, short and sporty haircuts most often do not suit.

Summer Color Type And Makeup Choices

Summer Color Type

Bright or prominent eyes do not characterize the summer type. It is as if they are covered in a haze, and the milky whites are shrouded in mist. At the same time, the iris does not stand out much from the whites. Eyes can have different colours, from green and blue, to gray and brown. However, the eye palette is a cool gray rather than brown warmth regardless of colour. When choosing an eye shadow shade, the iris colour plays an important role and can be a great guide. Soft, blurry and cool shades of shadows are best. Universal shades of smoky gray, smoky blue, gray-green and rose-gray are also suitable for the summer type of appearance.

Makeup for the colour type of summer

A dark, pinkish colour distinguishes the lips of the summer colour type. Summer appearance type has a strongly negative attitude towards bright and flashy cosmetics, and lipstick is no exception.

A soft pink palette with an iridescent hue may be a good choice. The use of lip gloss is also encouraged.

However, a summer woman with a more contrasting appearance in her colour type (bright light-coloured face and dark hair) can afford to use brighter lipstick.

Makeup for the colour type of summer

Tone base

Summer foundation is always an olive colour. But why is it always olive and not any other colour? The properties of colour play an important role here. Green has an unusual ability to neutralize red. You can check this out with a simple experiment. Put a line of red paint on the paper and then green paint on top. You will notice that the combination of these two colours turns gray. The summer colour type has one important feature. Such skin is very thin, and it clearly shows capillaries, some to a greater extent, some to a lesser extent. It is also not uncommon to find a skin type that generally has a reddish tint. In this case, you need to use an olive foundation. Do not worry that the face will take on a greenish colour. On the contrary, the face will get a bright and natural colour.

Remember to avoid deep pink, warm and golden colours, and self-tanners, which make “summer” look painfully yellow-orange.

When applying foundation to your face, don’t forget that it should not become a white sheep against the colour of the rest of the skin on your body. This unwanted effect can be especially noticeable on the neck and face when the face is “masked,” and the neck retains its basic natural colour. In this case, the face acquires the image of a mask, which looks quite ridiculous.

How To Choose A Summer Closet

Summer, replacing the spring season with its riot of colours, acquires more subtle and calm colours, giving preference to a more delicate beauty.

Nature is like a watercolour painting. Its shades are soft and close as if covered by a haze. Summer is a balanced harmony between activity and relaxation. Summer is characterized by sunshine, refinement, delicacy, tenderness, nobility, fragility, sensuality, elegance and purity.

Closet for the colour type of summer

The mood of summer is:

  • the roundness of shapes;
  • the curvature of lines;
  • small accessories;
  • romance in the style of clothing;
  • the feminine;
  • cold and light tones;
  • delicate and thin fabrics;
  • low and medium contrast;
  • monochrome colour combination;

The most suitable summer closet should consist of thin, soft, flowing and delicate fabrics, such as chiffon, velvet, lace, moire, jersey, veil and others. You can also use fine wool, flannel, poplin, linen, cashmere, tweed or knitwear. The patterns on the fabric you choose should emphasize the elegance and femininity of your summer looks. Your closet should not have a clear geometry, angles, cells or stripes. The use of soft, enveloping forms and whimsical patterns with different floral motifs will be very appropriate.

Closet for the colour type of summer

The closet most suited to the mood for the summer colour type should look romantic. However, this situation is paradoxical because not all summer women accept this style. The relentless rhythm of modern urban life, trying to find a compromise with romance, is to blame. The best option, in this case, would be to choose a relaxed, soft and close-fitting silhouette. A closet consisting of tiny patterns, feminine dresses, lace inserts and drapery – this is truly modern and feminine at the same time. The ultramodern and provocative models should be forgotten.

Owners of the summer type of appearance will look advantageous with milky white, gray-blue, smoky brown, moon yellow, wine-red, lingonberry, lilac and mint-green shades.
The main thing to remember is one rule for the summer colour type – no orange, black, or warm colours in the image entering the closet. Instead of black, you can take dark gray, dark blue, and a shade of bitter chocolate.

A discreet closet for the summer colour type

Summer Color Type And Selection Of Accessories

Choosing summer accessories for your closet is worth opting for silver items, which will emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the summer image. In this case, it is better to choose items in platinum, silver, white, and yellow gold. Also, decorate your closet with white and pink pearls. A cold character should also prevail in choosing precious and semi-precious stones.

The basic list of stones that can give your image real sophistication includes sky lapis lazuli, aquamarine, green emerald, green, blue or white turquoise, milk opal and others. Costume jewelry should be made of plastic or pastel-coloured glass.

Jewelry for the colour type of summer

Another item your closet can’t do without is an elegant chiffon scarf. It will perfectly fit into your summer look and emphasize its lightness. You need to ensure that the scarf reflects your femininity and sophistication of character and that its colour does not go beyond the summer palette.

Your closet is probably overflowing with different bags and shoes, but do they fit your summer look? The best choices are leather or suede bags and shoes. Choose an accessory of smooth leather, fine, soft or silky matte.

Jewelry for the colour type of summer

Varnished leather is suitable in the form of inserts. A lady’s bag may not match the colour of the rest of the clothes in your summer closet. Also, a great choice would be a lady’s handbag in a navy colour with a smoky blue hue. Brown would look unsightly. Shoes should be chosen in gray, gray-blue, navy, pink and all the pastel summer colours. Black shoes will also look good.

Accessories for the Summer Color Type

Glasses, in the first place, should emphasize delicate facial features. The colour of the glasses frames should also be within the cool summer palette of shades. Cold pink and soft purple will be just the perfect choice. An intense purple frame of the winter palette will suit fairly dark hair. For lighter and ashy hair, you should not choose bright or severe frames but limit yourself to semi-transparent in pastel colours or silver. Also, do not use black and “leopard” frames, which strongly stand out on the face and hide their individuality. Quite effectively emphasize all the advantages of the summer colour type that can be achieved with smoky glasses.

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