Suede Gloves: Elegance And Comfort

How can you tell the age of a woman? It’s enough to look at her hands. Well-groomed hands have been one of the signs of beauty since ancient times. Their worthy framing is the task of every real woman. Quality women’s suede gloves can protect from cold and be a great addition to the image.

Suede gloves with animal print

Beige suede gloves

Suede Gloves History

Gloves have been known since antiquity. The Greeks and Romans could afford such extravagances in clothing. Women began to wear this accessory in the XIII century, and gloves became a closet item for every fashionista in the XVI century.

Suede gloves – this has been the leader of sales for several years in a row, as they look stylish and elegant.

Bordeaux suede gloves

Pros And Cons Of Suede Gloves

The suede is the bottom layer of animal skin, which is why it is so soft. It is a luxurious material that has advantages and disadvantages.

Black suede gloves

The pluses of the material include:

  • Large selection of colors;
  • Multifaceted style can be combined with any style;
  • Affordable price;
  • Pleasant to wear;
  • Presentable appearance.

Combination suede gloves

Of the minuses, we can highlight the following:

  • Durability if not cared for properly;
  • Requires dry cleaning;
  • It’s afraid of moisture.

Red suede gloves

How To Choose Suede Gloves?

So, the first thing to start with is an assessment of your closet (color, style) and your finances. So you can save time and not waste it on something that will not fit you. Then you need to decide on the size and only then go shopping. Fancy a pair of suede gloves, specify the size availability and proceed to a critical evaluation.

Fashionable Suede Gloves with Fur

Do not buy something without first wearing it. Too narrow or, conversely, too wide gloves will not bring any pleasure to wear. The gloves should fit like a glove, without folds and wrinkles. If the size is right, the gloves are easy to put on and will not cramp your movements.

Pay attention to the quality of the material and the lining. Leather should be fine fleeced, fine-grained, smooth. The hairs should not be clearly visible.

Pay attention to the quality of the seams. They should be even and without small cracks. The seam can be either external or internal. This does not affect the durability, but the outer seam is much easier to repair. The thread should be shiny and well-twisted. If there is no stitching at all, it is possible that the lining is held on the glue. Such gloves will deteriorate quickly. Gloves must have a lining. This is important! If the gloves without a lining get wet, they will soon decrease in size when drying.

Fashionable suede gloves with print

Evaluate the appearance of the product as a whole. Any pair should consist of a minimum of 16 parts. Any decorative elements reduce the life of the product. It is better to refuse gloves sewn from pieces of fabric.

If the product is poorly colored, you could come home one day with gray, blue, or brown hands.

Trendy pink suede gloves

What To Wear Suede Gloves With?

When creating a look, things must harmonize with each other. Suede gloves are designed for warmth on winter days. They are perfectly combined with an elegant image. The color of women’s gloves should be in tone with the coat, scarf, hat, shoes or women’s handbag.

Long suede gloves add extravagance to the image. Such a variant is appropriate with a coat with three-quarter sleeves or with an evening dress for a romantic meeting. The style of the dress should be combined with the model of gloves, and the coat should be without additional elements in the form of fur or leather.

Suede gloves will always be fashionable because they add elegance and chic to a woman’s image. The owner of such an accessory acquires a special status in the eyes of others, and no one can doubt her exquisite taste.

Thin suede gloves

Suede Gloves Care

Suede is not only a beautiful material but also very capricious. Such things need to be protected from dust, dirt and moisture. Immediately after purchasing the gloves, apply a special compound to the surface that protects against moisture.

Spring suede gloves

Let’s find out how to clean suede gloves. To care for suede gloves, it is best to buy special products. Most often, they are sold in the form of an aerosol. When you apply the product to the material, foam forms, which should be carefully distributed, and then gently brushed off with a brush.

Yellow suede gloves

How do you wash suede gloves, and can you do it? To answer this question, you need to pay attention to the label. If washing is prohibited, it is better not to risk the product and give it to the dry cleaner. There, cleaning suede gloves will be safer. If washing is allowed, the gloves should be put on your hands and washed in a warm soapy solution, then rinsed and blotted with a towel. It is best to dry them in the air on a special stand.

Always be beautiful and confident!

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