Suede Dress: How To Wear And Care

One of the most unexpected trends of 2022 is suede. The material, which earned fame during the Renaissance, now conquers modern fashionistas. Demand for the fabric is due to its soft texture and high wearability. Suede dresses are at the top of the popularity list. According to modern designers, such a comfortable and versatile piece of clothing should be in the arsenal of every woman.

With a suede dress you can easily hide figure flaws and put accents on the advantages. The right cut will make the dress appropriate for the office and the evening promenade.

Current Styles For The 2023 Season

Sheath Dress

The spring-summer 2022 fashion collection pleases fashionistas with a wide range of styles. The leading position is taken by the suede dress – case. This feminine cut is appropriate:

  • in a casual style;
  • office style;
  • as a cocktail outfit.

When choosing a style, the color of the material is of paramount importance. A beige, light gray, or soft pink dress is appropriate for the office. You can wear it with a jacket or cardigan in a classic style. A combination of suede dress with lace will create an alternative evening attire. Dressy shoes and a clutch will complete the image.

Trapeze dress

The cut, flared to the bottom and skinny shoulders will add femininity to the image and hide some figure flaws. Dress- trapeze made of suede, due to its versatility, will be a real godsend for the modern lady. First of all, the cut is suitable for any figure and does not constrain movements. Secondly, the dress can be worn with a heel or without a heel, which allows you to easily change the style of your image.

Make the dress more spectacular and elegant by having the bottom edge of the garment. Suede is perfectly combined with other materials. The most common and successful option is a combination with leather inserts: on the sleeves, hem, neckline.

The true connoisseurs of versatility will not neglect the blue and gray suede dress. These colors will give the product elegance and a note of severity, which is particularly emphasized by stylists in 2022.

Shirt dress

Shirt dresses are the new discovery of the season 2021-2022. Supplemented with a thin leather strap, such closet items are appropriate to wear:

  • office;
  • for a walk;
  • for cultural events.

A distinctive feature of this cut is the ability to wear it with low-heeled shoes, complementing the image with a voluminous bag. The accessories perfectly complement products made of natural wood, emphasizing the softness of the material and the deceptive simplicity of the cut.

When choosing a color, you should pay attention to the harmonious combination. The red accessory will be a perfect compliment to the brown accessories, while the beige one will be enlivened with a colorful accessory such as a neck scarf.

Laconic Models

In the more modern season of 2022, designers have allowed a more modern look at the suede dress, portraying it as an element of sports style. Of course, the product is not suitable for all styles. Preference should be given to short models, with trim or inserts. It is better to wear such a dress with:

  • with a bomber jacket;
  • slip-ons or sneakers with thick soles;
  • Retro accessories (glasses with wide frames, handbag in tone).

The result will be a perfect match for a club party when you combine the outfit with a bright handbag and large bracelets.


The optimal option for further styling a suede dress is a sundress. Made with a variety of strap widths, this cut allows you to wear a dress with a top, blouse, T-shirt. Sets the style of the skirt in the form of: trapeze, tulip, empire. It looks particularly stunning on models with a bustier top, but due to the difficulty of maintaining the material, products with a tight fit should not be worn every day, but rather for special occasions.

The sundress will be appreciated by future mothers who want to add a trendy thing to their closet, but do not have the opportunity to wear something spectacular.

70’S Style

In 2022, retro looks and elements of the ’70s are trending again. Here an honorable place is given to ethnic motifs, accessories and headdresses. A striking example of stylization would be a suede dress with fringes. Fringes of any length, as well as the clear observance of proportions and straight lines, is welcome. Fringes add a sense of lightness and freedom to the silhouette. Complement the image with a variety of laces and appliques.

A classic rendition of the 70’s style would be a black, gray and brown suede dress with fringe. The flowing lines will look appropriate both in everyday attire and at a festive event. Retro style will emphasize the red dress with fringes, making a spectacular image with a purse and shoes of light shades of brown. Gray will make a stylish pair with shoes of contrasting colors.

Courageous natures will certainly dare to wear a retro dress with cowboy boots and a hat. However, it is imperative not to overdo the accessories so that the fringed product does not appear too provocative.

During the cold season a successful addition to the outfit will be boots made of leather or suede in tone, the height of which is directly proportional to the length of the dress. Sandals like gladiator sandals, again popular in 2021-2022, are a win-win option in warm weather.

Color Palette

Even though turquoise and menthol are at the peak of their popularity in 2022, brown is still the most commonly used color for suede products. But thin and soft suede, loved even by extravagant women, inclines to experiments with color.

In this day and age, purchasing a bright suede update is not enough courage and integrity for everyone. Red dress is ideal for the owner of an impeccable sense of style. Here the skills of successful color combination with outerwear and accessories are very useful.

To be able to wear gray is not available to every woman. Grey dresses in a sporty style, paired with thick-soled shoes, will dispel the false perception that gray is old fashioned. Redhead fashionistas will love the green suede dress in their closet, and brown will add exoticism to their swarthy modesty.

Using design images 2021-2022, you can erase the usual stereotypes. On the catwalks, the trendiest blue color is combined with peach and brown with mauve.

Choosing Your Shoes

Despite the versatility and comfort of suede clothes, you should pay special attention to the choice of shoes. An excellent option for cold weather would be high, close-fitting boots made of natural material. In 2022, stylists converged on the fact that you can wear chamois and in summer, supplementing the outfit with neat sandals without a heel. Shoes with stiletto heels are still relevant for evening wear. Your favorite boat shoes are a real find for a stylish finish to any image with a suede piece of clothing. In cool weather you should opt for closed shoes in the form of boots.

Youth fashion dictates its own rules. In particular, Timberlands boots are ideal for erasing the typical image of the city woman, as the basic mustard color will perfectly complement a gray or brown suede dress with a trapeze or shirt cut.

Taking Care Of A Suede Dress

Although suede is highly resilient, breathable and durable, the luxurious look cannot be maintained for long without special care. Ideally, you should send the piece to a dry cleaner for a professional cleaning. But there are proven ways to wash and resuscitate suede items yourself.


  • Fresh stains and soiling of small areas from liquids or protein products can be easily washed by soaking with a damp cloth;
  • worn-out areas can be restored to their former appearance by using a piece of rubberized cloth;
  • If the material is rough in places, you can soften it by moistening it with a vinegar solution;
  • If a grease stain is found on the product, there is no need to wash it. There is a chance to get rid of the stain with tooth powder applied to the surface, followed by removing it with a soft brush.

Clothes made of suede can be safely washed in an ordinary soap solution. But high water temperature should be avoided, otherwise the product can deform and shrink. Wash quickly, without soaking first, using a soft brush. You can’t twist the thing after it’s been washed, and you should soak the thing with a cloth or towel afterward. Drying is best done on a hanger on hangers in a well-ventilated place. When exposed to direct sunlight, a wet product will suffer irreparable damage, and because of the deformation it cannot be worn again.

If the difficulty of caring for natural suede scares you, you can opt for a dress made of fabric suede, which has no less presentable appearance.

Suede dress is the undisputed favorite of the new season. Its relevance at any time of the year makes staying in a closet a real highlight. Correctly chosen style and color will help you look spectacular everywhere and always!

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