Stylish Skirt With A Floral Print: The Best Looks

A skirt with a floral print is the embodiment of femininity and romance, which means it will never be out of fashion. And a clear confirmation of this are the latest designer collections. You can find everything there: short models and floor-length, with original decorations and without, strict and playful styles – sun, pencil skirts of bright or muted tones, etc.

Long Floral Skirt

This style of skirt looks very elegant and stylish. You can choose, for example, a black model with bright colours and complement it with a tight-fitting blouse, top or turtleneck of the same black colour.

If the floor skirt has floral patterns on a light background, both a similar color and black top will do. Monochrome things will not compromise Originality, whose color repeats a color in the print (blue, light, green, etc.). Of course, it is unnecessary to have very little – a light floor skirt with pink flowers is better complemented by a pink top.

A more democratic image is a denim jacket, vest or a monochrome T-shirt as a top. It is necessary to consider the parameters of the figure, so as not to look baggy. For example, a top that starts from the waist will visually elongate your legs.

On a side note: for full girls, a skirt to the floor with a floral print is not always suitable. In this case, you need a close-fitting top, and “puffins” should not choose such clothes.

Colorful Midi Skirt

Any fashionista’s closet should have a midi skirt, and not only with a floral print. You can wear it both in summer and in the cooler seasons. This model perfectly hides the figure’s disadvantages and emphasizes its advantages.

As a side note, any midi skirt is best suited for high-heeled shoes.

As for the midi-skirt with a floral print, it will be appropriate everywhere: for a walk, and on the occasion, and in the office (the main thing – not too bright prints). The last option (a strict midi skirt) can be combined with a beige, black or white top, so even its bright colours will be a little more muted.

It is imperative to remember also that when choosing a top to the midi skirt you should consider the proportions of your own figure. Again, for full girls there is a risk of visually shortening the legs with an illiterate combination.

This waistline should be accentuated and positioned at a normal level or slightly higher. Midi skirts look beautiful, with long models and a blue shirt tucked in or knotted at the waist. As a summer alternative to a midi skirt, pick up a fashionable crop top or a stylish tank top.

Pencil Skirt

It would seem that such pencil models are a classic, suitable only for business images. And so it is. The pencil skirt usually has a rather “restrained” print, and in combination with a shirt or white blouse, it is ideal for the same office style.

But the floral print allows a little more! Therefore, even a strict blue pencil skirt to the floor with a competent choice of the top will be a suitable solution for a walk or a trip to a party. The shoes should have a high heel: pumps, sandals, open ankle boots, etc.

Fluffy Skirt

Currently, the fluffy skirt is at the peak of its popularity, especially in the summer. The fluffy skirt with a floral print can have any length: from mini to maxi. The rules of combination here are the same as in the case of the other options. The top is monochrome and made of light fabric.

Mini Skirt

What girl, especially with a cute and slender figure, will refuse to wear a mini-skirt in small or large flowers? In summer it can be combined with a white top or a T-shirt to match the pattern on the skirt. For work, it is better to choose a shirt (also suitable for denim), partly tucked into a skirt with a floral print – this will give a note of frivolity and sophistication to the image. And in the cooler months, a short fluffy skirt with a bright knitted sweater will be appropriate. The latter, by the way, can have a certain decor. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will get not a stylish image, but a “washed out spot”.


A skirt with a floral print of any style (maxi, floor or mini) perfectly combines with such tops as:

  • denim shirt;
  • denim jacket;
  • Denim vest, etc.

In general, denim and floral prints are a classic combination that was especially popular with the so-called hippies.

Floral Set

For those who prefer something more stylish a set with a floral print will do. It is a blouse and a maxi or midi skirt, made in the same colour scheme. Additionally, with a full coincidence of prints it is possible to have a different background on which the patterns are located – blue blouse, dark blue skirt (main background), etc.

The black maxi skirt with a floral print is also very stylish, complemented by a shortened straight cut top to the waist.

Accessories And Jewelry

As mentioned earlier, the floral print on the skirt is quite bright on its own. Accessories and jewelry in saturated shades and colours will be superfluous here.

A monochrome handbag of a small size is just the opposite. It can be denim, black, white, brown, beige or dark purple (depends on the colour of the outfit). As jewelry, you should choose gold or silver items: earrings and a ring, a bracelet or necklace. Vintage or too massive jewelry to the floral maxi, midi or mini skirt is unsuitable.

You now know how and with what to wear a skirt with a floral print.

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