Stylish Shorts 2022

Shorts – a practical and comfortable type of clothing, which should be in the closet of any girl. These days, the choice is huge! Designers presented their collections of fashionable shorts for any, even the most demanding taste.


Stylish denim shorts


Denim shorts with bright waistband

Business Style

Women’s business style shorts have long been unsurprising, as proven again and again by global trends. Classic cut and strict lines are the must-haves of 2022. Here, as trimmings, we use only the same strict and laconic trim. Many couturiers created fashionable short shorts with cuffs of different widths.

Trapeze models, popular last summer, do not lose their positions. This elegant cut favorably emphasizes the fragility and femininity of the silhouette.


Business shorts


Business shorts

If we talk about belts, there is no less huge choice – a variety of widths and colours, but especially popular are still leather straps. Fashionable shorts often have a high waist and double straps.


Business shorts

In general, such trends refer to the retro-style, which is ideal for petite girls with a beautiful figure and long legs.

Pay attention to the pockets on the shorts:

  • overhead;
  • slots;
  • coming from the waistband itself or double variants;
  • located in the front, at the back, and on the sides.

Couturiers are actively utilizing the asymmetry principle in the summer 2022 season: business style shorts with asymmetrical insertions in the front. Current trends – soft, dynamic fabrics with a smell effect.


Shorts with patch pockets

Moreover, for each time of year you can choose something different: in the fall you can choose wool and tweed models of business shorts, in the summer thick linen. A very stylish look is created by lengthened (almost to the knee) women’s shorts, which could replace the typical skirt.

The colours are no less diverse. Peach, beige, coffee with milk and sandy shades are popular this season. But the most popular colour is still white.


Here the designers have shown the maximum of their imagination and creativity. A variety of fabrics are used to create romantic style or lounge shorts. Leading trends among the materials are chiffon, fine linen, leather, knitted fabrics, different in structure and density silk, as well as guipure.

It is impossible to stay indifferent to a unique cut. These are stylish models of shorts, created using laser technology. They advantageously emphasize the figure and the stylish curves of the female body. Basically, such shorts are made of bright stretch fabric with the least amount of decor. Neon colours are the main trend of the year, which is a vintage trend, but in a modern version. No less popular are various prints, images of reptiles, animals, geometric patterns, stripes, polka dots and animation.


Skirt shorts

In addition, designers showed new items for the summer, such as shorts-skirts in a romantic style – original summer models with a slanted cut, all kinds of beads, flounces and ruffles. A note of playfulness and lightness is sure to be appreciated by most fashionable women. Almost all such women’s shorts have a top ruffle or strap.

Not to be left out, of course, and fans of glamour. For them, fashion couturiers have created cropped, fitted shorts made of the finest leather with a rubber belt. The main trends of the year are models that combine leather and lace or leather and fur in the same colour scheme.


Leather shorts

In 2022, guipure or lace shorts in light pastel colours are incredibly sexy and yet romantic. It uses layering, for example, a silk lining in the same color as the main lace or guipure.


Black shorts


Denim style is relevant at all times. It is preferred by many young fashionistas. Immediately it should be said that the season of 2022 is, above all, denim shorts that are short and ultrashort in length.


Denim Shorts

Very popular is the so-called “variant for giving”, that is, the effect of cropped denim. We are offered models of bleached and ripped denim in a variety of colours and shades: black, light blue, dark blue, crimson, lavender, orange, lingonberry, turquoise and cyclamen. The undisputed fashion trends are still the same white colours and their variations.


Denim Shorts

The decor of denim shorts is multifaceted: fringe, and various strings of holes, metal fittings, buttons, rivets, inscriptions and more.

Women’s shorts are perfectly combined with short shirts, tops and shirts for men, as demonstrated in their collections by many designers.


Denim Shorts

Also included is the already familiar military style. But in the summer season of 2022, it will be more “soft” and “non-aggressive” than last year.


High waist denim shorts

Sporty Style

These fashionable shorts have already been dubbed the main rivals to jeans. Sports summer models are characterized by a variety of lengths and bright performance. Lengthened, up to mid-thigh or short – all are relevant. At the peak of the popularity of this year will be women’s shorts from cotton, cloak, jersey and stretch, as well as ultra-short models of neon colours.


Sports shorts

Fashionable decor trends are original lacing, rivets, all sorts of buttons, zippers and patch pockets. But there are variants without decorations at all – “pajama shorts” (as they are often called).


Sports shorts


Sports shorts

Back to the 90s

It’s a real trip back in time! After all, back on the world’s catwalks are fashionable in the 90’s boyish, ripped and a little baggy shorts in colours such as black, red, green, blue, etc. In addition, they can have a wide variety of prints and embellishments – stylish, unique, and simply beautiful.

Again relevant and already forgotten bermuda – a universal, practical option with a classic appearance: black, beige, gray, but with the presence of additional decorations.





There were also women’s 2022, bikinis, culottes and capris – models that resemble shortened free-cut pants.

Large Plaid Shirts

Women’s checkered shorts should be highlighted separately – they are the undisputed leader of the new season. They can be combined with a single-colour top, complemented by various suspenders, belts or light windbreakers with a narrowed waist. On-trend models with checks of different colours on black, white or, for example, red background. The length also has no limits: to the knee or above – whatever you like.


Checkered shorts


Checkered shorts


Checkered shorts

As you can see, there really is a lot to choose from. Now you know all the major trends. Be sure to add shorts for summer to your closet – you won’t regret it.

Especially since you don’t have to buy them. Take old jeans, cut them to your liking and decorate them with ribbons, butterflies, metal rivets, bows or laces – the imagination is limitless! So much for the trending fashion shorts.


High waist denim shorts

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