Stylish Phalanx Rings: Gold, Silver And Costume Jewelry

Women’s hands can be decorated not only with an original manicure but also with unusual jewelry. They can be made of silver, gold or even the usual costume jewelry. The main thing here is something original and individual. You can try expressing yourself through original jewelry – finger phalanx rings.

Digging Deeper Into The Past

The popularity of this type of jewelry increased not so long ago, and phalanx rings are now called midi rings. Though it seems to be an innovation, such jewelry was popular during the Renaissance and Middle Ages and even in Ancient Egyptian times. In Egypt, a full-finger ring reflected the attitude of the nobility and could have been a hiding place for poison. During the Renaissance, gold rings on the second phalanx could only be worn by those of high rank and nobility. The Renaissance era differed in jewelry, graceful and simple, so phalanx rings were very popular in the circles of the nobility and are often fixed in the pictures of those times.

During the heyday of such cultures as rock and punk rock, rough, massive rings and rings in keeping with the musical direction became very popular. That’s when the world saw long rings, designed to look like claws, wild animals, reptiles or skulls, cast in silver or steel. In shape they resembled something like a modern ring with two phalanges.

Jean-Paul Gaultier introduced phalange rings into the world of fashion, presenting a collection where jewelry was worn on the uppermost phalanx of the finger and was made to imitate a fingernail plate. Later, the AlexanderMcQueen fashion house showed connected rings that looked similar to knuckles. I got a little more creative when I saw a collection where phalanx rings combined the contrast of massiveness and elegance. The creation of silver and gold was ignored, and preference was given to shiny metals. The popularity of such jewelry spread around the world with incredible speed.

Why Are Phalanx Rings So Attractive?

You can stand out and emphasize your style with jewelry – it has been known since ancient times. If in the past, rings of gold and silver could afford a very small proportion of girls, now it is more affordable. And bijouterie is available even for teenagers and is very diverse and high-quality. Phalange rings are available in various designs, accentuating any image. Models are designed in gold and silver metals and cheaper medical alloys, bronze or, conversely, in expensive platinum. Stones are also used in various precious, semi-precious, and regular glass inserts. So it is possible to choose a piece of jewelry for any budget.

The main model range can be divided into two groups: midi rings, made in the form of classic rings in smaller sizes, and all-finger rings, covering almost the entire finger and worn on two phalanges at once. This may be the upper and middle or the first and second phalanges.

A double ring is better to wear on the longest fingers, as it will look ridiculous on short fingers. However, if the fingers are long enough, such jewelry will look amazing on the little finger.

Those who have long fingers and graceful palms are the luckiest. They can afford any ring shape with any jewelry. It will not look too big and will not shorten the fingers. Those not in this select circle are best suited for elongated rings of asymmetric shape. You can still pay attention to the jewelry with a middle width, and to distract attention from the shape of the fingers, the ring can be decorated with stones or other unusual inserts.

Wearing an exquisite accessory ensures that your nails are tidy because the rings attract attention. And the more unusual the weave and the shape of the ring, the more attention it will attract. It is not necessary to be too elaborate; it is enough to make your nails look fresh and neat. Coat them with light-coloured nail polish without any extravagances.

Such original rings are made not only for women, but also for men. Most often men prefer noble metals – silver and gold, and shiny stones are rarely added to such models. The decoration must be combined with the rougher shape of the ring, so the design is more austere. Women’s rings please with the most unusual shapes, patterns and types of weaving.

Tips For Choosing Jewelry

Of course, such beautiful women’s jewelry wants to collect as much as possible and never part with them. However, there is a limit to everything, and not every outfit will look appropriate.

How to keep harmony in style?

  • Appreciate the benefits of a neat short manicure. Phalanx rings will look much more interesting with it than on long and still sharp nails. The combination of an inappropriate “predatory” manicure with such rings will resemble a magpie wearing everything in the world.
  • The colour palette of the nails also matters. A ring on two phalanges or one, combined with a bright shiny nail colour, will outshine the jewelry. The same applies to nails with intricate designs decorated with large rhinestones, moulding and other things. If you want to emphasize the beauty of your hands, it should be done either with a bright manicure or using beautiful jewelry.
  • If you have both silver and gold jewelry, don’t mix them. Separate, at least on different hands, will be much more stylish and interesting.
  • Do not overdo the number of rings. The maximum that can be allowed on the one hand is 7. And this means only small ordinary or phalanx rings. You can wear bracelets or a watch if you want to wear metal jewelry. Many large rings will create the image of a tasteless gypsy, not a sophisticated woman.

If there are no specific ideas on how to combine the rings, here are a few options.

Phalanx rings look charming and elegant in a solo design. A single ring will draw attention to itself, so it is good if silver or gold with an interesting weave or a small stone.

A ring on two phalanges, or a massive ring on the main phalanx and a thin ring on the upper phalanx, looks great. This combination is suitable even for a strict office dress code.

A combination of one large ring surrounded by thin rings on the phalanges looks beautiful and original. You can use a large and thin ring on one finger or a ring on two phalanges with one thin ring next to it. Do not wear three rings on one finger.

For more unusual personalities, you can increase the number of rings to two massive and three phalanx rings. You can play on the contrast and decorate the thumb with a massive ring and the little finger with a neat silver or gold rim. Take into account that not everyone is comfortable wearing jewelry on the thumb.

Unusual look phalanx rings in the same style, worn on three fingers in a row: ring finger, middle finger and index finger. Geometric motifs and zigzags look very fresh.

By decorating each finger with only rings on the phalanges, the recommendation to limit the number of rings to 7 pieces is well maintained. Therefore, you can use all your silver and gold jewelry supplies, adorning one phalanx of each finger with small rings.

Do not be afraid to combine jewelry with each other. The main thing is not to combine gold and silver on one handle and not to go overboard with the number of large rings. Also, go by your own feelings. Jewelry should not cause discomfort and interfere with household chores.

Some Original Fashion Shapes

To avoid being confused about your desires, you can think in advance about what shape you want a ring made of silver or gold, or maybe even from an ordinary medical alloy. A ring in the form of a spring looks very attractive. Some models additionally use crystals on one side of the ring.

Collections at fashion houses Erickson Beamon, EddieBorgo, and MaisonMartinMargiela consisted of chic gold jewelry poured into intricate shapes and trimmed with such incredible stones as white and black diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Few people will be able to afford such delights but to dream or find something similar in more affordable silver is quite possible.

Karl Lagerfeld also managed to surprise with an unusual ring design, his collection of incredible rings on each finger and even on the toenails, with incredibly beautiful designs of stones. All critics are confident that these designer motifs in the jewelry world will hold the public’s attention for a long time and will be very popular.

Unusual and original forms of phalanx rings are loved by many actresses and stage stars. Very often you can notice in the photos that their fingers are decorated with both very thin and quite large rings.

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