Stylish Everyday Looks: Fashionable And Interesting Ideas For Girls

On cold autumn and winter days, you especially want to look attractive against the background of a colourless gray city. Fashion trends are rapidly evolving, and this fine line between fashionable image and silliness is worth watching so that going out in public does not look absurd. What tips have the world’s designers prepared for us, and what are the trendy looks for every day?

Combination Of Luxury And Minimalism

Combinations of calm and truly royal colours came into fashion: marsala combined with pastel colours, burgundy with yellow and white, and brown with red. Monochrome outerwear combined with bright skirts or dresses with prints will give a feminine image according to the latest fashion trends. The style now is comfort and practicality, so you should prefer natural materials such as cashmere, silk, wool, cotton and linen. The outerwear with large knitting will give your image warmth and coziness, silk and cotton femininity and lightness. Also, in fashion again came back royal velvet, which can be used for an evening out and a stylish autumn look for every day. Let’s not forget about the classics – leather. Leather elegant dresses, and skirts in brown shades, combined with only dark glasses and gathered hairstyle, will already set your image autumnal style.


Fashion Fall-Winter-Spring 2021-2022 is inextricably linked to the concept of “print on clothing. It can be a solid floral print on a tracksuit and a small picture on a dress. However, the preference is given to a thing which consists entirely of a bright and modern figure. Geometric prints returned straight from the 60s, especially contrast options that look stylish, such as a combination of classics – black and white. The main preference should be given to things with prints, where even on the dark clothing pattern looks unusual and even fresh – simple old-fashioned strips and polka dots are pushed into the background.

Hats, Caps, Vests And Accessories

For a cozy and at the same time stylish look, cape coats are in fashion, which are already your main decoration for autumn. Topical addition to the cap will be a hat, which can be both with wide sides, and quite miniature. Capes or capes can be worn in combination with a fashionable dress or jeans; neither of the options will suffer in the struggle for a stylish image.

Vests, loved by fashionable women, are gaining more and more momentum and, it seems, are not going to go out of fashion in autumn-winter 2021-2022. Their variety becomes increasingly extensive because, with a fashionable vest, you can create stylish images for every day, for a walk or an evening out and the daily office stay. Vests have become fashionable now not only from fur but also from completely different materials.

Add a few accessories to your look, and your fall look is complete. In fashion now are stylish miniature handbags, which do not fit anything unnecessary. You can add an airy scarf or a bulky bracelet, earrings, necklace or belt to the bag. Please do not give your preference to everything at once, it’s better to stop at two accessories, and then your image will not lose.

The Masculine In The Feminine

Classic combinations of colours and images are always in fashion. Still, it would seem that the usual office suit for girls – pants and jackets is completely unsuitable for the current season. And no, the masculine look in a businesswoman’s version is a great option for going to the office every day. Marlene Dietrich set the style “everything like a man,” and this variation looks truly delightful: a classic men’s cut pantsuit, fashionable boots, shirt and tie – everything like the strong half of mankind.

Winter Colours

In the winter, look for perfectly fit clothes in cold shades: snow white, silver, neon, light blue and beige. Cold style is also set in accessories, similar to ice: transparent plastic bracelets, necklaces, and similar materials in handbags. But the biggest “explosion” was the actualization of the pink colour in women’s images and men’s. Further, in winter fashion, remain relevant fall colours, such as yellow, muted green, brown and blue.

Prints are in no hurry to leave the autumn fashion, but on the contrary, only developing. At its peak in the winter trends, there are abstract prints and stylization of artists’ masterpieces, as well as children’s drawings. Decorative inscriptions are practically gone from winter’s fashion, but floral motifs remain.

Volumes and directions

In fashionable winter looks, you can increasingly find voluminous things, such as oversized sweaters with wide sleeves or coats with very coarse knitting. Yes, large volumes and smooth lines in the silhouette are in fashion. The relevance of broad shoulders and inverted triangle silhouettes is returning while combining feminine images with masculine ones remains in fashion.

The inspiration for the stylish images of winter 2021-2022 designers drew from the fashion of the 30’s, the Victorian era and retro style. That’s why in winter clothes there are fuzzy ornaments, ethnic motifs, patchwork, unusual collars and even lace with fringe.

What to expect in a warm spring season after such an unusual and demolishing fashionable winter and autumn? The spring trends are traced to the same comfort and practicality, but now the fashionable looks will be complemented by lightness. Spring sets feminine images with open shoulders and flowing lines in clothing, and pyjama fashion and stripes are breaking all records of popularity. Spring’s trendy colours will be bright tangerine, red, purple, metallic, khaki, terracotta and yellow.

To create fashionable images, choosing clothing with a variety of stripes, large prints, and ethnic motifs is necessary – they set the basic mood for spring 2022. Sequins and all sorts of neon fabrics are trending. Also, fringes, ruffles and flounces are used. Layered dresses and mesh are at the peak of popularity.

For going to work, the best option is to stay with the classic combination of black and white – it can be a blouse and skirt, shortened pants and stylish shoes with a thick heels. To complement the spring office image of girls will help a high belt and accessories of metallic shades.

Let’s summarize what the best stylish looks for every day and trends are in fashion right now:

  1. A classic, complete with accessories.
  2. Men’s Images.
  3. Ethnic motifs, bright prints.
  4. Unusualness in detail.
  5. Stripe and Geometry.
  6. Practicality and comfort.
  7. A variety of silhouettes.
  8. Natural materials combined with synthetic materials.
  9. Fashion of different eras.
  10. A combination of elegance and recklessness.

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