Stylish Down Jacket 2022

Cold weather requires the purchase of warm outerwear. Some women prefer fine coats, fur coats or stylish coats. But a down jacket is more practical in any weather – a comfortable and warm outerwear item. In addition, many well-known designers create separate collections of down jackets for women. What are fashion trends for down jackets for women expected this year? You will learn from this article.

Quilted down jacket with fur

Asymmetrical cut-down jacket with fur sleeves

Bell down jacket

Trendy Models Down Jackets In 2022

Earlier down jackets were considered only sportswear. But over time, they began to be worn by women of all ages at work, for walks, and on romantic dates in winter and the off-season. Today, designers create various styles that will satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest and most demanding girls. On sale are fashionable down jackets in 2022, among them the most popular:

  1. Sports down jacket models – these jackets are very comfortable and practical, incredibly warm. They are ideal for sports training and ski resorts. These jackets are often made from bright fabrics and have a hood and deep pockets. The length of down jackets varies, but they are mostly short. Trendy colours this year for styles of these jackets are orange, burgundy, green, emerald, mustard, and purple.
  2. The down jacket with the effect “metallic” became a special highlight and a major trend in almost all fashion collections. The length of down jackets varies from short to long. Metallic is combined with different colours, which allows using the jacket in many looks.
  3. Three-quarter sleeve. Designers suggest combining such jackets with long suede gloves to look elegant and graceful. Of course, such a look will be completely impractical for a cold and too frosty winter. Therefore, it should be chosen by girls who live in warmer climates.
  4. Down jackets with flared bottoms, similar to dresses. The bell-shaped design allows you to create a perfect hourglass figure. Flared hem gives the image of a gentle and feminine note. And special darts, a belt on the waist and additional decorations express feminine grace and sophistication to an even greater extent. The colours of these down jackets are very diverse and can be bright, shouting, and restrained delicate.
  5. Jackets with fur. Down jackets with fur inserts and trimmings allow you to create a more “rich” and dignified outfit. It is worth using natural fur: mink, arctic fox, sheepskin, rabbit, fox. It is also possible to buy jackets with eco fur, which is actively becoming popular.
  6. Down jackets are several sizes bigger. Oversize clothing, when properly selected, always gives charm and charisma to its owner. Large-size down jacket allows women to feel most comfortable. Such a jacket is recommended to combine only with refined outfits: evening dresses, boots. For girls of large, thick, designers offer long down jackets to the ankles, petite girls – shortened versions. Asymmetry and grotesque in such models are welcome.
  7. Short-down jackets are comfortable and stylish, suitable for active girls who are used to constantly moving. They are worn in warm winter or the off-season. Such models have a stand-up collar or hood. Quilted styles of jackets, similar to leather jackets, are trending.
  8. Down jacket-blend, for many fashionable women, has become a favourite outerwear. These models visually resemble a strict jacket or woollen coat. They perform in strict colours: white, black, brown, and gray.

Down jacket with large fur pockets

Knee-length down jacket with a cut that expands to the bottom

Highlights Of Modern Winter Down Jackets

Collection of stylish down jackets, fashionable in 2022, includes a variety of models: classic, youth, and unusual styles. There is a wide range of down jackets in domestic and foreign production. Many women prefer down jackets from Italian brands.

Short down jacket with abstract print

Red voluminous down jacket

Down jacket

These down jacket colours are trending in 2022:

  • Non-standard, rich and juicy: pink, green, yellow, purple, red, gray;
  • camouflage and khaki colours;
  • bright shiny models: gold, silver, bronze;
  • For sewing spectacular down jackets, fashion designers choose matte fabrics;
  • Two or more contrasting colours can be combined in one model.

Beautiful, exciting and provocative prints on jackets are preferred. Designers have abandoned gloom and dullness, turning to fun and joie de vivre. Therefore, many collections of down jackets are represented by models with floral, feral, and geometric prints. Brilliant, eye-catching and easy-to-look watercolour drawings, plaid on clothes.

Popular down jackets are distinguished by the presence of a belt, it effectively emphasizes the waist. Multilayer collars or voluminous collars made of fur became fashionable. Another highlight of the season: on the soft fabric of the down jacket complex decorative ornaments or drawings are created with the help of rhinestones.

Outerwear with large patch pockets decorated with fur is among the down jackets that are on trend. It is comfortable and beautiful.

Metallized leather down jacket

Down jacket oversize with fur collar

Short down jacket on the smell with a belt

How To Wear a Down Jacket

Down jacket accessories are chosen depending on their cut, length and colour, as well as the figure of the owner of this clothing. Although this clothing is associated with street fashion, it is worn for all occasions. Straight-down jackets, the length of which does not reach the knee, and versions of sports sports-typeor boots without heels or a small platform.

Mustard coat

Down jacket with hood

Blue down jacket with fox collar

The fitted, feminine models with a belt, a fur collar or fur trim are worn with high-heeled boots or wedge heels with ankle boots. Short down jackets are combined with uggs, ankle boots, heeled boots or boots.

Of clothing to down jackets fit both pants and skirts. They form a perfect tandem. If you bought a loose model down jacket, it is better to fit it with pants, to fit fitted versions – dresses and skirts.

Girls with slender legs can wear short down jackets with tight pants or leggings, complementing them with boots with a tight cuff. Knee-length coats are advised to wear with a short skirt, warm tights, or narrow pants.

Quilted down coat

Loose cut-down jacket

Down jacket with a three-quarter sleeve

Knitted beanie hats, suit down jackets. A youth option is such a hat with bubo. For more solid women, there are on sale hats made with large knitting with coloured ornaments. Another option is hats with earflaps. During the cold weather, they are an ideal hat to wear with a down jacket.

Down jacket with stand-up collar

How To Care For Down Jacket

This type of outerwear can be washed at home in a washing machine in “hand wash” mode. Before this procedure, it is worth removing noticeable stains on the collar, sleeves, and near the pockets using a brush and soap. A double rinse after washing is recommended. Dry the product by hanging it gently on hangers in a warm place, away from batteries and sunlight. Periodically shake the down during drying, so the down does not crumple and fluff up well. The down can also be dry-cleaned.

Down jacket with star pattern

It should be carefully stored in the closet in an unfolded form for the summer. It is best to hang it on a hanger. Fasten all the buttons and zippers on the product so it does not stretch down the jacket – a garment you will wear more than one season. It will keep you warm in the cold and stay fashionable.

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