Stylish Blouses With Sleeves For Autumn And Winter

Product Features

The colours and styles of blouses are changing rapidly, but the desire to be feminine and beautiful remains unchanged. Until the mid-1950s, shirts had a regular and simple cut.

Popular were the classic options: black and white blouse with short sleeves. Since the 60s, many styles have stood out against their predecessor’s material, colours and more liberated cut.

Many modern shirts are famous inventions of designers of the last century. The silk blouse with bow collar is the creation of the legendary Coco Chanel, and the bowtie was introduced to society by Cacharel in the 70s.

Fashion blouses differ from each other by the cut of the bodice and sleeve. The latter may be set and one-piece, voluminous and narrow, flared or straight, in the form of a lantern, wings. Sleeves form styles in each model set the general tone of the product. The bodice is fitted and wide, shortened and elongated.

Models are complemented by decorative elements such as ruffles, pleats, lace inserts, black sequins, beads, and embroidery. Shapes the product colouring and a variety of prints. A blouse with polka dots, checks, and longitudinal strips gives contrast and brightness to the image.

What Fabrics Are Used

The variety of fabrics allows women to buy the most advantageous and spectacular models. A lady’s shirt of the same cut can shine new with each material. The most common fabrics are presented below.

Silk and satin

Able to transform the simplest cut. A suitable choice for evening wear. Silk and satin look good on blouses with long sleeves.


Cotton blouses – elegance and simplicity in one bottle. Women’s short sleeve blouses will be a universal option for all occasions. They can be worn under jeans, a strict suit or a lightweight unpretentious outfit.

Guipure and chiffon

A classic material for creating a graceful and feminine look. Modern fashion suggests the absence of lining – the underwear should slightly peep through. Chiffon blouse with short sleeves can be monochrome or with a small print.


Women’s linen shirts are very comfortable for everyday wear. The fabric is actively used for sewing products in the “boho” style. Especially indispensable for women’s blouses with short sleeves made of linen in hot weather.


The flowing texture of the material can take any shape. Very good look knitwear smooth cut without clear lines. For example, a blouse with puffed sleeves.


Barely transparent and thin material is good air absorbent, comfortable to wear, and well ironed. It is often used to make short-sleeved summer blouses.

Fashionable Blouse Options

Blouses can be considered a basic element to diversify your closet. Designers offer a variety of models for all tastes. The leading element in the product is the sleeves, not the least of which is the colour and fabric of the shirt.

To harmonize the selected blouse with many things, it is worth stopping at a simple cut and fastener. If you have in mind a bright and original image, it is necessary to choose a product with a creative decor or an original print.

A blouse with winged sleeves favourably emphasizes the beauty of the shoulders. This model creates a light, and casual look looks good with a romantic skirt, jeans and leather pants. The sleeves can also be framed with ruffles, giving more charm and glamour to the image.

The models with lantern sleeves are very original, which gives tenderness and playfulness. It is the sleeve that plays a key role in this model. A blouse with lantern sleeves is combined with straight-cut skirts, classic pants or skinny jeans. Very seductive and attractive products with an “angelic” neckline (exposed shoulders). Most often found in this version are blouses with wide sleeves.

A shirt in the oversized style (or a blazer) is popular for more than one season. Girls especially liked the shortened blouse with full-cut sleeves. Blazers, jeans-oversize, moccasins – here you have a stylish look.

Original look blouse with raglan sleeve, which has no shoulder seam. Models have a smooth cut with a rounded neckline. The neck can be framed with ribbons or lacing. This style allows correcting the figure, smoothing the shoulder line and making a less pronounced difference with the hips. Three-quarter length raglan looks the most successful.

The bat is a very comfortable and original sleeve style. Such a product cut corrects the figure from the waist to the shoulders. The blouse with bat sleeves is made from knitted fabric, which drapes well and creates the desired effect.

Designers like to emphasize the sleeves. Its uniqueness attracted artisans’ attention in the form of kleshlesh, with such products with easy-to-create outfits in a romantic, classic, ethnic and sports style.

Tip: A blouse with flared sleeves is not worn in a set with a jacket.

Things with voluminous, shaped or flared sleeves should be the center of the image and the only accent.

How To Wear A Blouse

The most pressing question when choosing an outfit is what to wear a blouse and how to combine it correctly. The variety of women’s shirts provides great opportunities for the fashionista to improvise. Still, the sleeve’s and bodice’s cut can dictate its conditions, so you must choose the bottom carefully.

A universal option, combined with almost any design of women’s shirts, is straight jeans and pants. Another optimal solution for a combination with a complex or multifaceted cut top will be a pencil skirt. It can also participate in creating a strict style. A blouse with lantern sleeves is harmoniously combined with loose linen or cotton pants. Models with stand-up collars are also suitable here.

To the puffed skirts, pants galifes should wear close-fitting shirts and blouses with a relaxed sleeve cut. Optimal solution: wings, barely covering the shoulder line, small lanterns. Taboo – a blouse with voluminous sleeves.

Since layering will be back in the coming season, you will need a vest to create such a look:

  • For a classic look, suit fashionable blouses with long sleeves and fur vests;
  • For an elegant and stylish image, a woman would need a chiffon blouse with three-quarter sleeves and a long vest of thick fabric;
  • For informal street style – denim vests and one-piece tops.

The vest will be a bright and profitable addition that will create a multifaceted image.

The lace blouse gets along well with many things. This can be pants, a skirt, or shorts – with each element. You get a different saturated outfit. However, lace does not like the neighbourhood with things in polka dots, checks, with elements of flowers. Only a monochrome bottom is appropriate here.

What’s New For Next Season

The most relevant trends for future seasons will be:

  • Blouses in pastel colours with the effect of transparency;
  • pink blouse;
  • of the product with a voluminous bow on the front;
  • layered and asymmetrical shirts with an open neckline;
  • a blouse with lantern sleeves;
  • items decorated with zippers or laces;
  • blouses with guipure sleeves;
  • men’s cut shirts.

Designer’s Tip! There should be three models of shirts in a fashionista’s closet: a white blouse, a batik and the one that matches the character and mood of the girl.

In the arsenal of each famous brand for women, there are non-trivial and interesting models of blouses and shirts. The products are in Dolce Gabanna, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Versace collections. Famous fashion houses’ designers set the fashion trend every year by changing the cut of the articles and completing them with new colours and decor elements. Budget versions of products can be found in Mango, Next, New Look, Tommy Hilfiger, and Zara. There are models of blouses in the collections with short sleeves and long sleeves.

The blouse is an indispensable element of the closet, allowing every woman to vary in different outfits. Fabric, sleeve cuts, and colours form a particular model. Decorating elements add a playful touch. The wealth of choice allows you to create the most daring and spectacular images – from classic to flamboyant.

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