Stylish And Beautiful House dresses And Robes

Housedress – undoubtedly a necessary thing for any woman. It’s so nice to come home from work, change into a comfortable and nice outfit, and relax after a long day. In addition, there are many kinds of homemade dresses – and for cleaning, and for rest, and to meet your husband. Let’s consider how to choose a dress for home.

The majority of women have already forgotten what a dress at home is – the maximum that can be found in a closet – a bathrobe. After coming home, most girls change into shorts, sweatpants or some other pants and a T-shirt, and spend the rest of the evening and weekend in this uncomplicated, but very comfortable image.

But if “night out” clothes are an indicator of how you take care of those around you, then home clothes are an indicator of how you take care of yourself. Everybody knows that you should take care of yourself well, and even better – perfectly. Is not a valid reason to go to the store and buy a couple of stylish and comfortable dresses for home and outfits for the rest, indulging yourself? This is especially true for overweight women, who often for some unknown reason, stop taking care of themselves.

History Of The House Dress

By the way, our great-great-grandmothers could not imagine their lives without certain outfits for the home. Of course, they were not allowed to wear pants, so this fact somewhat limited women’s freedom in choosing outfits. Nevertheless, having clothes for wearing out and home dress is still relevant today. At the end of the day, it is natural and logical to take off your street clothes when you get home, removing all the stress and strains of the day and slipping into a soft, comfortable dress once you are inside.

Housedresses were always distinguished from “night out” dresses by simpler finishing, a looser cut and calm, often pastel colors, creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The holiday dress could also be shorter than the night out dress. The materials used were durable, soft fabrics that were especially gentle on the skin – flannel, silk, soft wool for cooler times.

Why You Need A House Dress

Someone will say, “Why do I even need this house dress? And what was there to wear in the 19th century? It’s a different time now, and staying home in sweatpants or loose shorts is much more comfortable. There is a robe – and that’s enough. Maybe, but don’t forget that the dress is still a sign of femininity, and if you wear pants at home, then the man next door may lose sexual interest in you over time once he begins to see you as his friend. Here are arguments in favor of wearing house dresses:

  • To keep a man’s interest. A dress is much sexier than the most fashionable pants or jeans. Even if you read a book on the couch in a soft dress, her husband is much more likely to snuggle up next to you and cuddle – he will be pleased to see a woman in front of him. And if it is a short dress – then the constant attention of your husband will be ensured.
  • To feel like a woman. A dress or a fashionable robe will help to remember that you are not only a responsible employee, an activist and a lady with a strong character, but also a woman who needs tenderness and comfort at home.
  • In a loose dress made of quality fabric the body will rest better. It is the dress can create that very relaxed atmosphere of tenderness and comfort, which many people lack nowadays. All the same, wearing pants implies some activity – they walk, run, jump, solve problems. And in a dress you can calm down and relax.
  • If you well do not imagine yourself at home in a dress, you can opt for a compromise option – a tunic and leggings. It is convenient, and at the same time will look like a playful, short dress. Such a tunic looks great on full-length ladies.


  • Holiday dresses. This includes in the first place the home dress with a low waistline. These types of dresses are very comfortable, the width of the skirt is entirely possible to do housework, and the fit and stylish straight silhouette make you a woman, not a dishwasher. The tunic is also suitable, especially for the fat ones.
  • Fancy tunics.
  • Silk fashionable kimono in bright colors or a catchy print will make you the queen of your little kingdom of the house. This style is more comfortable than a robe but just as functional and very sexy. For large people it is a great option.
  • Robes. Well, this thing can be found in the closets of any fierce opponent of dresses. What else can you get out of the bathroom with such comfort if not a bathrobe? At least one luxurious terry towel robe or a delicate silk robe can be found in the closet of every woman.

Silk robes and gowns are very beautiful, sexy, but as a full house dress, they are still unsuitable. They are more a special outfit to meet your loved one and taking care of themselves. Cleaning the apartment or cutting the image in them will not be very convenient.

A traditional robe or tunic is the perfect solution to get all your household chores done while no one you know or your husband sees you.

Requirements For Home Dress

Dress for home and leisure wear is somewhat different from what you wear outside. Let’s find out what the basic requirements for a home dress are:

  • A minimum of decor. This is a prerequisite. The dress must be practical. After all, you will wear it to vacuum the floor and cook borscht. So why do we need in this case fancy copies with ruffles and metal decorations with spikes? But you can opt for holiday outfits with textile embroidery or fun prints.
  • Natural fabric. Again, a mandatory requirement. Housedress will be a significant amount of time in contact with your skin, so you need to ensure that this contact was as pleasant as possible and did not cause itching, unwanted sensations, that it did not sting, etc. But a small amount of synthetics – 5-10%, no more – will still help to ensure that the dress does not stretch after washing and is more practical to wear. But summer models for the overweight can be fully natural.
  • A simple cut. There should not be any special intricacy. Fashionable dresses at home are created for comfort and convenience, and not to impress others with a thin waist or a highly original style of the outfit. But at the same time, you should not roll in baggy, incomprehensible models. Convenience may well be beautiful. The ideal option, including for the full – tunic.
  • The length is more versatile if it will reach to the knee or slightly above it. If below the knee, there is already some discomfort when cleaning and doing household chores. If higher, it is uncomfortable to bend over. For large women – below the knee unequivocally. Summer models can be shorter than winter ones.
  • Three-quarter sleeves – the best option for home dress. A robe with this length is also a stylish option. This length will allow you not to run your sleeve into the soup, and at the same time the dress will be warm. Well, and summer dresses for the holidays, of course, can be quite a type of sundress – without sleeves or with very short sleeves. A tunic for summer is also ideal.
  • In summer the ideal fabrics are satin, cotton, linen, silk. And in winter you can comfortably dress in fashionable comfortable dresses made of wool or warm knitwear. The robe should also be chosen with these requirements in mind.
  • The color should be chosen according to your taste. Women’s homemade dresses should not irritate too intense colors, and at the same time should not oppress with incomprehensible gloomy tones and stripes. For full dresses it is better to choose a small print. And summer dresses can be more cheerful and gentle colors.

How To Choose A House Dress

What points you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • The main thing is that nothing should constrain your movements. It will be sad if you buy a beautiful dress for your comfort, but it will cause discomfort by its mere presence on your body. Knitted, not too long dresses – the most comfortable option, as they stretch well. This is especially important for the fat women. A necessary condition – that the dress or gown was not tight – because they will have to perform a variety of daily movements – from pulling up to the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard to squatting to wipe the dust behind the radiator. And you still have to play with the baby and do a lot of other things. In a dress for home no tight elastic bands, a strong fit and pressing collar should not be.
  • It is preferable to choose knitted models of pastel colors for the home. It is these calm natural, but at the same time and fashionable, shades maximize relaxation, as they are very pleasant to the eye. They do not irritate.
  • Do not forget about choosing the right pattern. Fashionable home dresses for the fat should not be with horizontal stripes, but with a vertical – just right. In this regard, adhere to the same principles as in the choice of clothing “out”.
  • Pay attention to the length. If you have a short stature, it is a rash act to buy a dress or gown to your heels. Such a length will make you even shorter. In this case it is better to stop at a length to the knee. And vice versa – if you are tall, a super-mini at home will add you a few more unnecessary centimeters.
  • In home clothes, as in no other, a special role is played by practicality. Home dress or robe have the highest chance of being stained and spoiled – after all, they have to do the cleaning and cooking. Therefore it is important that the stains wash well, and the fabric is not very crumpled. Knitted models, not too long, are the best for home use.
  • For summer, the ideal option could be a home sundress with wide straps. And beautiful, and comfortable – and you can pop out to the store if necessary.
  • Do not forget about the special “sleep” clothes. In dresses, of course, do not sleep, but in nightgowns – yes. How to choose a nightgown – it’s clear. Here the main thing – convenience, purely natural, soft fabric and attractive appearance.

Pay attention to the shoes that you wear at home. When a stylish dress is paired with worn, worn slippers, the whole look is ruined. So buy a brand-some outfit for the house, buy at the same time some brand-some slippers or comfortable some fashionable shoes at home.

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