Styles And Models Of The Popular Long Tunic

Long tunic – comfortable and feminine option for women of all ages and body types. Fashionable products are appropriate not only on hot summer days at the beach but also in other situations. A long tunic is really the most suitable for the summer closet.

A Bit Of History

Long tunic shirts came into the world of modern fashion from ancient times. Once upon a time ancient Greeks and Romans connected two cloths and fastened them on the shoulders with special buckles. Around the waist was a belt that held the construction together. Girls were supposed to wear long vestments, and men wore shortened models to the knees.

Even back then tunics made it possible to create a memorable image. They also served as a kind of symbol of a person’s social status. The rich chose expensive and refined models of tunics made of high-quality, thin and delicate fabrics. Poor people could afford only rough and tough material.

At one time, the garments were worn exclusively by elite people in the East. In Europe, such attire was reserved for clergymen of all ranks. And only a few centuries later, tunics were worn only by women. Originally, only very rich ladies could afford clothes like these for his closet. Since the middle of the 20th century, women’s long tunics have evolved from a category of elite clothing into a whole group of products for women.

Features And Benefits Of Tunics

Most items of a woman’s closet in a modern format combine style, comfort, and feminine sophistication. Summer tunics and insulated versions are the embodiment of these traits.

They look impeccably stylish and feminine, look great on their own and when combined with other clothing and accessories. Images with elongated models are especially spectacular.

Tunics come in an incredible variety of styles, so every woman can find the right one for her. The most popular variants are loose-fitting, so you can relax at home, have fun on the beach, or stroll through your favorite place in the city.

Many girls of low stature have learned to use the maxi tunic length with particular benefit. If you choose the right colors and prints (they should visually slim and elongate the silhouette), as well as wear high-heeled shoes, you can become much taller and slimmer.

Long Tunics Are Best For Who?

Tunic can be worn in a variety of situations. Long tunics made of satin, silk, and other expensive fabrics are worn with costly jewelry in the evening. This outfit is appropriate for a party, a romantic date, a meeting with friends in a posh restaurant.

Transparent models are ideal for the beach. A long maxi tunic with large cuts on the sides looks incredibly attractive. Lengthened version with shortened front is better for girls who want to emphasize their slender legs.

Critical features also predetermine the aesthetic potential and functional qualities of such products. First of all, it is worth noting that the cut of such a thing should be extremely simple and concise. Dresses and sundresses almost always follow the same trends.

Dresses with ruffles, for example, are extremely popular in the new season. Therefore, the beach tunic can be decorated with a large spectacular ruffle and distinguished by a straight silhouette.

Ladies with puffy forms should limit themselves to a free cut. Choose models of light tunics. An ideal solution would be a beach tunic of satin or chiffon with 3/4 sleeve. But ladies with spectacular figures can make an interesting and memorable image with a translucent tunic with a semi-sheer silhouette. They will look beautiful with high-heeled sandals.

The Most Popular Styles

In fact, any tunic is a long blouse, the bottom cut of which ends much lower than the hips. You can create a feminine image with the simplest lengthened model.

Don’t focus on the standard lengths of chiffon to the point of trouble, however. The clothes are striking in their variety. Feminine silhouette and comfortable wear will make the tunic a favorite item in the closet.

Let’s see what tunics can be:

  • Tunic with an elongated plume and shortened front. There are many configurations of this model. The only impossible variant is the model, short in the back and long in front. The tunic looks playful and provocative. It can be combined with long classic pants, wear jeans. On the beach model worn just over a swimsuit. Sometimes the look is complemented by short shorts;
  • Sports tunic. It is characterized by a straight silhouette, simple sleeve or no sleeve at all. Most often you can find a short version, more like a T-shirt. But there are also elongated versions up to the ankles. You can combine such clothes with other items of sports closet. It is impossible to do sports in a long tunic, fashionistas are attracted by the epatastic look of the model, but not by the functional filling of the garment.

The transparent tunic is another exquisite fantasy of designers. Usually models are made of completely transparent fabrics or lace, which are of particularly high quality. This clothing is suitable for bold and extravagant personalities. In a laconic version it is best worn with tight pants and tight tops.

Rhinestones, crystals, delicate embroidery, and other accessories are used as a complement to the evening’s elegant look. It is worn over laconic tight dresses or combinations consisting of a top and ultrashort shorts.

If You Like Comfort

There are also models of long tunics for the true connoisseurs of comfort. A very popular home tunic in a maxi length. This model is created for those women who do not forget about femininity, impeccable style and elegance even in a relaxed home atmosphere.

There are more practical options in jersey, cotton or linen. Their length is quite democratic – just above or just below the knee. It is convenient to perform housework in such clothes. Similar tunics for large women create a maximum sense of comfort, but chubby girls will also like it.

However, we should pay attention to maxi models, which are not only practical, but sexy, feminine and elegant. A simple black tunic that reaches the ankles with a spectacular neckline and belt accents looks like a holiday outfit. It is not necessary to choose shoes with heels – with such a look you can combine much more practical shoes.

These outfits resemble long women’s dresses to the floor but have a more slim silhouette. They are comfortable and very seductive at the same time. Such a tunic dress is suitable for a young girl who wants to look royal even at home.

An ankle-length tunic dress is a real find. Nevertheless, you should know a few secrets on how to choose an outfit correctly, such as choosing only high-quality models and paying attention to details in the image and how the thing is combined with other items. It really is an indispensable thing in any woman’s closet.

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