Striped Dress 2022: Casual And Holiday Options

A particular place among all clothing styles is women’s dresses in stripes. They are so popular that every fashionable woman strives to buy new clothes for her closet with the latest trends. This is especially relevant in summer because the stripe is associated with the sea and rest.

Stylish dress with stripes is a real hit of 2022, it is able to refresh the image. Geometric prints greatly affect the visual perception of the proportions of the figure, so with their help you can correct some flaws. It is very important to choose the right style to look slimmer.

This review presents fashionable dress styles, the best models for large women, summer images and tips on what to wear for this closet item. The presented styles are perfect for celebrations and other festive events.

Topical Styles For 2022

In 2022, designers have offered women many fashionable, original clothing styles. To choose a style of dress with stripes, look at the basic models that will be relevant for several seasons: spring-summer and autumn-winter. The cut is decisive when choosing a fashionable dress that is perfect for the girl in each case.

The dress can accentuate the body’s beauty and flaunt all imperfections. Among the many dresses with different cuts, every woman will find what she likes the most and become a favourite piece of clothing for leisure and a holiday.

Empire Silhouette

The dress of the empire silhouette is a real benchmark of beautiful and feminine clothes, which emphasizes a lovely chest. An actual outfit with a high waist comes in different lengths – short, midi or maxi. Such a dress is suitable for slender girls and large women who are not ashamed of their puffy forms.


The jacket is the best style for the office. It is worn to work and for shopping, as well as for a walk and a date. That is, it has universal qualities. If you choose the right material and colour scheme, this dress will be a great outfit for the evening, it can be worn for a holiday on March 8, and it will be suitable for a corporate party. The laconic cut of the dress allows designers to experiment with colours. In 2022 they combine stripes and lace, geometric motifs and floral patterns. The semi-fitted silhouette looks feminine and elegant at the same time. It is a classic cut that will never lose relevance.

Dress Coat

Be careful when buying this model because a striped dress with a zipper sometimes looks homely, and it is inappropriate to wear it everywhere. At the same time, this style is very comfortable as a casual and casual dress in a casual style. For the office, buying a boxed dress as the most comfortable style of clothing for work and a walk wearing a beautiful and feminine dress with a zipper is better.

Cut Off At The Waistline

Dresses, cut off at the waistline in combination with the “oblique stripes” print, look very original. Fashion designers suggest wearing beautiful striped dresses with flared skirts in small or large stripes. A straight skirt accentuates the waist and emphasizes the beautiful hips, especially this style is recommended for tall girls with a harmonious build. Diagonal stripes emphasize the beauty of a slender figure.

Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is the most comfortable of all styles. On the catwalks, it was found more often than other models. Designer designs are characterized by a simple cut and, at the same time, catchy and attractive prints of dresses. Especially popular are the coloured stripes – a mix of different shades, for example, blue, yellow, coral and the colour of May greens. This is the perfect colouring for warm spring and summer. A striped shirt dress is a casual model which has a great variety of styles:

  • short or long sleeves;
  • with a clasp to the bottom of the product;
  • cut-off at the waist;
  • belt and pockets;
  • with or without a collar.

Usually, these models are made from materials with vertical stripes. It is possible to meet a dress with a polo button and horizontal stripes.

Little Black Dress

The little black dress comes not only in monochrome but also in stripes; there are many variants. It combines monochrome black material with striped inserts of another colour. These styles model the figure, visually making it slimmer. Such a dress looks very stylish on a woman of any age, suitable for different situations. The optimal length – is at the knee level, as miniskirts are not in particular favour with designers; they prefer midi models that cover the knees. Choose A-silhouette or a fitted cut with beautiful reliefs – it’s a great option for evening attire.

Striped Knit Dress

Knitted clothes are invariably popular, so in the collections of designers, there are always a lot of knitted dresses in stripes. These models are present in any brand, so in all online clothing stores, it is easy to find a beautiful dress with a tight silhouette made of soft knitted fabric. In fashion, thin horizontal stripes of different colours sometimes combine contrasting shades or close in colour tones.

T-Shirt Dress

This review would not be complete without talking about the fashionable turtleneck dress. The classic version is a long striped knit t-shirt. Standard colouring – blue-white or black and white stripes of different widths, but more interesting looks dress with a red stripe on a white background, this version looks very elegant. The turtleneck dress with open shoulders allows you to demonstrate a beautiful figure. It can be decorated with functional patch pockets, contrast piping and other interesting elements that add variety to the monotonous image. For example, beautiful flounces or ruffles of translucent chiffon on the sleeves or along the hem.

What To Wear With A Striped Dress

Often on the Internet, you can hear that combining stripes with other patterns is not recommended, for example, with polka dots or with floral and vegetal ornaments. These stereotypes can be left in the past. Now fashion designers mix not only different textures. They are not afraid to mix contrasting shades and seemingly clashing prints in one model. In designer collections, you can often find clothes in which striped and other patterns are harmoniously combined.

This print is very self-sufficient, so the stylists recommend combining fashionable dresses in stripes with solid-coloured clothes, shoes and bags so as not to look too variegated. For example, you can wear a striped dress in a set with a denim jacket – it looks very stylish and modern. In this image, you can go on a date and just walk around town. A long-sleeved undershirt looks beautiful with a fashionable vest made of denim material. To decorate the motley dress, you can choose a shawl of neutral chiffon colour.

Matching shoes and accessories to striped dresses is a very exciting activity. You can choose elegant sandals and a small clutch with sequins to create a romantic image. Supplementing your outfit with pumps and a classic square-shaped bag, you get a look in business style for the office, where there is a strict dress code. It is interesting to look at stripes with other prints. For example, a dress with black and white stripes can be decorated with a scarf with floral or paisley motifs. In general, this print provides many opportunities for combination. To create a sporty look, wear a striped dress with sneakers. A comfortable backpack of monochrome colour is an excellent addition to the youth image.

Choosing An Outfit For Your Body Type

A striped dress with a flared skirt looks harmoniously on fragile young girls with a thin waists. If the waist is not clearly expressed (figure of a rectangle type), from this style is better to refuse in favour of a dress shirt or choose a model of knitted material in small multi-coloured stripes. A shirt dress is suitable for women with any type of shape. The only thing to remember is that short and wide styles do not suit women of short stature, as they make the body look squat.

What To Wear Summer Models With

Lightweight striped dresses of cambric and linen look great with low-waisted and high-heeled sandals. Platform shoes are suitable for open floor-length summer models. In the cruise collections of famous fashion designers, you can see images in the “sea breeze” style. A girl’s closet must be a similar dress to feel uninhibited and be the most elegant at the seaside resort. This look will complement the straw hat with a ribbon to match the outfit. Choose monochrome jewelry for colourful dresses.

Striped Dresses For Large Women

Every new season designers show collections of clothes in which the striped print occupies an important place. Despite the fickleness of fashion, the usual classics, including stripes, remain in the trend. Recently, it has been particularly relevant, and therefore fashion designers have created a lot of models of beautiful dresses for large women. New items strike the imagination with a variety of styles and colours. Non-standard solutions appeal to many sumptuous girls who want to replenish their closets with a new dresses.

The modern striped dress for large women is a classic that does not get bored. Usually stylists recommend choosing models with vertical and at the same time not very large stripes. Now it is necessary to abandon these stereotypical judgments and look at the familiar clothing with a new look. Previously, it was believed that things in the horizontal stripe visually add volume, and therefore these clothes should not be worn by puffy girls. However, at the latest fashion shows the famous fashion designers have proved the opposite, they have created original styles of dresses with a complex cut, which will suit girls with different proportions of the figure.

At the same time, a dress with vertical stripes slims down, but only if the stripes are not very wide and in a calm range. The pattern on the clothes distracts attention from the problem areas of the body, so choose for yourself an original dress to hide imperfections and emphasize the advantages of a beautiful figure. Find a beautiful model with a length slightly below the knee in a blue stripe on a white background. A shirt dress that can be accentuated with a belt looks gorgeous.

Another ideal option for large women is a dress-frontal made of different-coloured fabrics. To visually correct the figure and not accidentally add volume to any part of the body, pay attention to the clothing that is not too large and has bright patterns. A calm range, a combination of geometric patterns with a monochrome material, is best; pay attention to diagonal stripes. V-neck makes a much slimmer figure. Overly fat ladies should not buy dresses cut off at the waistline not to accentuate the bulging belly.

When choosing a dress, you should first determine your colour type and the appropriate range of shades so that the outfit looks harmonious. Clothes made of natural materials are preferred: viscose, linen, cotton or woollen knitwear with the addition of polyester. Stripes of medium width and quiet colours are appropriate in any situation and suitable for women with different types of figures.

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