Straw Hats Are A Summer Must Haves

As such, a straw hat has been known since prehistoric times – because straw has always been used for household needs. And originally, such hats were used exclusively by peasants, hiding behind their wide fields from the scorching sun. The prehistoric inhabitants of the Greek and Italian cities still wore straw hats. And the prehistoric Jews wore a straw hat as part of their daily costume. In Western countries, until the 16th century, straw hats were donned only by peasants in the fields. Then it gradually penetrated into the middle and upper classes and became a wonderful accessory and a necessary summertime article of clothing. And nowadays, such summer hats are donned by men and women. And all the world’s fashion houses include images with hats in their summer and cruise collections. A straw hat symbolizes summer holidays, sea walks and sunbathing on the beach.

Nothing is so associated with summer and the beach as a straw hat.

Straw Hats History And Types Of Straws

The most famous and high-quality straw hats come from Florence. It is in that region that the grass grows, from which it then turns out a delightful quality of straw – golden, soft and durable. Botanist Domenico Michelacci artificially bred it in the 18th century. This explorer experimentally obtained wheat with long, straight stalks of an amazingly beautiful golden hue. The straw from such wheat was used to make the highest quality hats. Subsequently, Italian products were wholesaled all over the world, especially in the West and very much in America. Then hat shops were also opened in the United States, many of which still make hats and straw products today.

A white straw hat is perfect for the beach.

There was already an artificial straw hat around the middle of the 20th century that was not afraid of rain and could be washed. But a natural straw hat is still much more beautiful and preferable. And for the most expensive straw hats a special material is used – Parisisal, distinguished by its high quality, durability and elasticity.

Panamanian straw is used to make comfortable and unkinkable beach hats. Such straw is produced from the fibers of a special palm tree called toquilla. Even though it is called Panamanian straw, it is produced in Ecuador.

Rice straw is used to make women’s hats in China and Korea. And they can be both regular weave and openwork and any shape – in the form of hats, caps, baseball caps and even bonnets.

Hats of straw are good not only for beach holidays, but also as an element of the summer look.

How To Make Strawhats

Straw hats are hats made from straw, which is an artificial or, more often, natural material.

A straw hat with black edges.

In the manufacturing process, the original material – straw is properly processed – it is softened by steam and soaked for several days in water. Then, when the material acquires the necessary malleability and elasticity, it is given the desired shape using special blanks. During this intensive treatment the straw acquires the necessary softness and a pleasant silky surface. Now it can be worn. If a straw hat is ordered, then all the processes are done manually and the product is adjusted directly to the given parameters.

Types Of Straw Hats

Straw hats differ in the type of fields that come in:

  • even;
  • wavy. Beach hats are made with such fields;
  • bent both downward and upward;
  • with or without a border.

To create a romantic image, a hat with wide gracefully curved margins of sufficiently soft construction is ideal. Will look wonderful such a hat, decorated with ribbons or a silk scarf to the tone of the clothes or shoes. You can add to this style suitable accessories – long earrings, loose fluttering clothes of light colours or any other variant of free and summer clothes.

A straw hat with flowers.

For a business suit, wear a straw hat of a strict style. Fields should be small, not provocative, and not attracting attention. In this case, it is better to use classic and dark colors, such as black, white, sandy, or cream. It depends on what colour clothes a woman is wearing. Such a hat will go perfectly with free linen pants or a suit with a jacket with short sleeves, formal summer dress with a tie or a shirt cut in safari style for men.

A hat with small margins.

For the girl on vacation, a straw hat in cowboy style with a bent upward brim is ideal. It creates a loose, bold style and is perfect with simple light summer jeans, preferably flared or wide, cowboy boots, and will adorn summer beach dresses and rustic clothes.

Cowboy style straw hat.

A retro straw hat can be worn with clothes in the same style and look stylish. Using cork platform shoes and bright outfits is desirable when creating the image. The contrasting ribbon passed between the fibers of a retro hat is an eye-catching detail. For this purpose, it is ideal to use a straw hat with a rounded top. Women’s summer hats such as these can come in the brightest, most saturated colors such as purple, lettuce, and pink.

Retro style straw hat.

Straw Hat Models

  • The famous cowboy hat. It has a medium-sized brim that is bent upward and the top of the hat is flattened in the middle.
  • Florentine. Made of the same name straw. The classic style. It makes chic beach hats in the style of Hollywood.
  • Panama. It was created specifically for the functional purpose of protecting against the heat. The same name is now worn by the cloth summer hats, which are put on children in the summer for the same purpose. Classic straw panama has small margins and a fairly low crown. It is made of a very soft type of straw, so that if necessary, the hat can be easily rolled up and stored in a pocket.
  • Canotier. A straw hat with a round, stiffly shaped mullion and hard perfectly round straight margins of a small size.
  • Sombrero. This Latin American type of hat has very wide brim. In addition, they are soft and can bend them as the owner comes to mind. Women’s sombreros also exist and are very suitable for their owners.

There are many other types of straw hats. They are in use in almost all countries where the sun shines hot, so there are as many varieties of straw hats as there are places on the planet.

Black straw hat with a wide brim.

Women’s summer straw hats are a universal headwear. During the day it can sunbathe on the beach, protecting your face from the scorching rays, and in the evening, wearing appropriate attire, go to a cafe or a restaurant to sit at a table on the outdoor terrace. It is great if the hat is white. The white colour makes the use of a straw hat universal. For different pastimes it is enough to decorate it with different accessories – to add a bright brooch or scarf, to attach flowers, going on a date, etc.

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