Straight Jeans In An Urban Closet: Conciseness, Convenience, Practicality

Over the past century, straight-cut jeans have evolved from an ordinary work uniform into an indispensable part of millions of women’s closets.

There are no age restrictions on the use of images, and the clothes are versatile enough to be worn at work, at parties, in everyday life, in travel, and in everyday looks.

The Key Varieties Of Denim

Classic straight cut women’s jeans are a traditional version of denim bottoms, in which the width of the pant leg does not change along their entire length. Unlike slim fit and skinny variants, these pants fit the body only on the hips and buttocks.

Depending on the planting, the following options can be distinguished:

  • Jeans with an high waist. They are optimal for girls with appetizing roundness, although on the slender individuals, they also look very attractive. They made fully or partially tucked shirts, blousons, blazers, turtlenecks and t-shirts. Fashion jeans with an high waist and choose, if there is a need to visually alter the shape of the buttocks: to lift their silhouette, you should pay attention to the model of stretch fabrics, in which the location of the pockets are somewhat higher than in the usual skinny and kleshlesh;
  • Low-rise denim pants are considered a classic among young people, they can safely wear only slender women who do not have problem areas on the abdomen and waist. Such variations sit below the navel, with an inept choice they can visually shorten the legs. In addition to convenience, this style has a distinct advantage: girls with narrow hips can use them to make their figure more rounded.

Straight jeans with a high waist can be shortened by fashionable lapels, exposing the ankles, although the hem is not required. There are wide variations of the proverbial boyfriend, which fashionistas of all ages love for its convenience and unpretentiousness.

Fashionable long straight ripped jeans are often worn with overcoats and traditional fitted silhouettes in fall images. In this case, the pants should not cover the heel, the ideal length is up to the middle of the heel. Choosing a shorter variation for cooler weather, take into account that the socks should not look out of the shoes, unless they are sneakers.

A pair of classic straight jeans with a high rise will help you hide full legs and wide hips. They leave you with the freedom to move. For this model to sit perfectly on any figure, you need to adhere to a simple rule: denim pants must exactly fit the woman in size. That is, to match parameters like length, waist circumference, and hip circumference.

Outerwear includes not only coats: stylists recommend paying attention to leather leatherette, insulated jackets made of combined fabrics, jackets made of synthetic cotton, fur jackets of different lengths.

Here Are Some Win-Wins And Bold Combinations

Trendy shortened and ripped jeans will only be affordable for some: in addition to the obvious informal look, they demand attention to the details. Indeed, this cut and texture doesn’t tolerate a lot of accents – rhinestones, rivets, decorative coloured stitching make an image look cheap. The other things in the set should not have prints over the entire area (a local arrangement of cartoons is acceptable) and should also be relatively simple and monochrome.

If you’re wearing wide boyfriends or ripped jeans, don’t fixate on sneakers, this season stylists are allowing you to wear pumps, boots, or models with a heel and a platform as laconic accents. Priority is the simplicity and freedom of movement, so it is worth to buy the traditional sneakers.

With what you can wear both classic and ripped jeans:

  • with moccasins and a voluminous bright oversize sweater;
  • with a denim shirt, with a laconic white shirt and a leather vest;
  • with sandals or high-heeled shoes, a loose flowing top and a leather jacket;
  • with an elongated knitted cardigan in monochrome and a white tight-fitting T-shirt;
  • with classic shoes, a shirt of deep, rich colour and a long jacket;
  • with a size bigger than usual blazer or vest and laconic ballet flats.

Denim allows to use different fabrics in tandem – leather, silk and chiffon, denim one tone lighter or darker, jersey, knitted fabrics. According to this condition, pants can be applied in various styles, so the main criteria for deciding what to include in a set can be the cut, the length, and the color scheme.

Colour Combinations For Urban Looks

The white and similar light shades are appropriate for the warmer months: they are made of thin fabric, decorated with rips and have holes. The shortened cut allows you to create light, unobtrusive combinations with knitted, silk, linen blouses and t-shirts, thin cardigans to the middle of the thighs. Such colours will suit slender ladies, as they visually make legs wider, more massive.

Blue jeans, like all shades of blue, are a democratic option, appropriate for both summer and winter. They combine with almost any style, refresh the set, can serve as a bright accent surrounded by gray tones in clothing.

In addition to visually elongating legs, straight blue jeans also can help present a woman’s figure in a positive light: these fashionable pants can be worn to work, if the dress code allows some freedom, as the basis for walking combinations, and are great additions to the spectacular top. Blue jeans stretch doesn’t add complexity to the colour scheme of the rest of the look.

Grey straight jeans with small colour transitions will look boring in a total look: if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, match them with a blouse that refreshes your face tone (ivory, cool blue, soft lavender), a shortened light pink overcoat and boots with a stable heel. If you have a wide model, tuck in a man’s shirt, try on beige stiletto shoes and a spectacular black leather jacket.

Black jeans are a full-blown alternative to classic pants in cases where the dress code deviates from the exclusive use of suit fabrics. High-waisted, straight jeans made of stretch are worn with turtlenecks, tight sweaters of the same color, and low half-shoes with treads and lacing. More feminine combinations can be created with V-neck blouses and elegant pumps.

You can create based on straight jeans, both for women and for men, a classic look, appropriate for business environments, or a colourful, memorable image for informal meetings and entertainment. It is important to add bright notes and fashionable accessories.

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