Straight Cut Dresses: Fashionable Styles With Long Sleeves

The straight cut dress came into fashion at the beginning of the 20th century, and for more than a century it has been firmly on the fashion pedestal. Not a single date or any other celebration can happen without this outfit. Women are attracted by its versatility: this dress can be worn on the occasion of a holiday, adding accessories to the image, as well as in everyday life – in the office, meeting with friends, going for a walk and so on.

Straight white dress with 3/4 sleeve

It took a long time before the straight-cut dress became familiar to us. First, with the advent of the 20th century, the length of the skirt, so that it became shorter and shorter. In the 1930s, Coco Chanel showed her signature black dress. It was a monochrome straight cut dress, simple and laconic. Immediately it did not have the desired effect on the public, and only over time, the signature black dress became the standard of flawless style.

However with the advent of the Dior era, with its close-fitting cuts and wide skirts, the simple-cut dress had to fade into the shadows. But not for long: in the early 80’s ladies were already flaunting in simple spacious sundresses. Dress to the floor, mini, monochrome and colored, laconic and with decorative elements – today in the closet of every fashionable woman there is one or another model of a simple dress.

A classic black strapless dress – for a date or a social event

The Main Advantages Of Straight Dress

The dress itself is the most feminine thing in a woman’s closet. It is capable of turning Cinderella into a beautiful Princess. Straight cut dress is a manifestation of elegant, sophisticated style. Its main features are:

  • Such dresses are suitable for both slender and inclined to fullness women, because they do not accentuate the waist;
  • Straight dresses are perfect for young ladies of any height – both tall and not so tall;
  • is a versatile outfit for any event;
  • straight cut dress refers to the style of minimalism;
  • Due to its brevity such dresses are quite realistic to complement the elements of decor;
  • Some styles of straight dresses advantageously emphasize the curves of the figure and fit the silhouette;
  • The majority of luxurious wedding and evening dresses are straight-cut dresses;
  • It is capable of embodying a large number of images.

Bright red straight dress with beige pumps

Straight Dress Styles

Straight cut dresses in medium length. An excellent option for work in the office. Can be combined with jackets and light jackets. The dress will create the image of a businesswoman, but at the same time able to dress elegantly.

Short straight cut dresses. Such a dress is ideal for a date, a light walk or a gathering in a cafe with friends. Beautiful model with a sleeve – it is the embodiment of femininity! And if it is also with pockets, the image of coquettish, feminine person you are guaranteed.

Straight short beige dress is in fashion

Long straight cut dresses. A wonderful option for a wedding or evening dress. Girls of short stature and with the peculiarities of the figure just adore this style – you can stand on high heels and just cover the legs, if you do not want to show them. The obvious advantage of this model is the possibility to wear it as a casual wear, of course, if you choose the right accessories and complement the dress with another thing.

Dresses with short styles of knitwear. Knitwear will always be in fashion, and a dress made of it will be good for work, meeting with friends, weekends and other situations.

Straight cut dresses with sleeves. This is a winter version – such a model is better to wear during the cold season. Especially popular is the “three-quarter” sleeve – it gives the dress sophistication and elegance.

Casual striped dress with sleeves

Straight sleeveless dress. This style, on the contrary, is more relevant in summer. Strapless dress will create a charming light image, and the model with an open bodice will not leave you unnoticed even in the summer heat.

Straight lace dress in long or short styles. Lace is now at the peak of popularity in the fashion world. They sew absolutely everything from it, but dresses from this material look especially exquisite. Only you should remember that such a model is best suited for some kind of celebration or going out.

Black lace dress for a stylish evening look

How To Wear Straight Dress

Imagine that the dress is a musical instrument. How it sounds and how high a note it takes depends on the musician, i.e. on you. There are styles that do not require any additions – they are beautiful in their original form, such as the small black dress of Mademoiselle Chanel. However, for the most part, the dress is a diamond that requires cutting: inserts, draperies, prints, accessories and so on. Here are some tips on how to wear a straight cut dress:

  • The main colors of the laconic dress – without details and inserts – are brown, black and beige. You can complement such a model with a scarf of contrasting colors and dark glasses.
  • The rounded neckline of the dress, draped with pleats, visually increases the chest.
  • For a strict style you need to add a laconic jacket to a straight dress.
  • A short straight dress is best worn in combination with tight tights and high boots.

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