Sock Hats Are The New Trend For Kids

It is traditional for men to wear sock hats, but the girls chose a stylish headgear from the collection of accessories instead. The topical model complements the youth image and creates various everyday images. Sock hats are at their peak of popularity, they are a bright detail of the modern image. It is recommended to decide first what items of clothing the product will be completed with, and then choose the colour and style of the model.


Hip-hop culture first popularized Sock hats, which advocates wearing headgear with minimal embellishment. In appearance, the accessory resembles a tube with a rounded end. The women’s version almost repeats the cut of a beanie hat, only with an elongated bottom. The length of the product varies as desired by the fashionista, and the shape depends on the material of manufacture. It is recommended to wear models made of soft fabrics (e.g. cotton), easily accepting the outline of the head.

Teenagers and creative young people prefer long hats, but such models are inappropriate on adult men. Girls look beautiful in knits with pompoms or rhinestones, although after the 30-year mark it is better to choose other hats so as not to look comical.


If classic hats fit tightly to the head, the elongated model features a free hanging back part. The dignity of headwear, which allows you to create bold images, complements the casual style of youth, is appreciated by young ladies.

There are the following models of sock hats:

  • Double-sided – a combination of versatility and practicality. The front and back sides are made from different in texture and colour material. If desired, turn the model, making two images. More often one side is decorated with patterns or lace inserts, when the other remains monochrome.
  • The two-colour pieces have a front side and a back side. The first is made of two colours, which can be both contrasting and in the same palette. More often the headpiece is knitted from a yarn of the same colour, but with a lapel of a different tone.
  • Models with lapels. Hats have varying width or number of lapels, each option is now in fashion. Such a hat is warmer in winter, it protects the ears from the cold.
  • Hats-socks with pompoms – the choice of flirty female students. Pompoms are made of both textile and fur. Caps with a fashionable element used to be considered the prerogative of children, but now the accessory is in vogue with girls and brutal guys.

Stylish sock hats are laid out in folds at the back of the head or worn with lapels, each time appearing in a distinct appearance. Fashion models with bright fabrics or elaborate decorations attract attention and provide fashionistas with a sense of their personal style.

A sock hat

A popular hat among young people was the elongated sock hat. Designers recommend wearing the accessory with casual clothing sets, creating casual or fusion style images.

The product will appeal to young people under the age of 30, although there are options for the older generation in neutral tones. Young ladies choose a brightly coloured headdress as an accent, complementing it with large ornaments.

It’s a mistake to wear a sock hat with business suits or coats, although stylists leave room for experimentation. The model expresses the rebellious spirit of the owner, although it looks great with flirty dresses or outfits in a sporty style.

Stocking cap

For those who like unconventional solutions designers suggest trying on a stocking hat. The model differs from the sock by its elongated shape, reaching to the shoulders. It is contraindicated for people who have a long face, since it will only accentuate their disadvantage.

The product is considered a reflection of youth culture, chosen by athletes and creative people. When a sock-hat is combined with a sock-hat, the longer version causes difficulties. It is desirable to think through the image to the smallest detail, to combine details by colour or texture of the material.

Stylists recommend hats to slip on the forehead or to fit over the nape of the neck. When it comes to fashionably wearing hats, guys tend to go for longer models with embossed knits.

Bonnet cap

Hats with an elongated triangular shape are called hubcaps. The models echo the Pinocchio cap, often equipped with a huge pompom at the end.

These hats are popular among people with creative minds, people in creative professions, and they emphasize the cheerful disposition of their owners. Two-colour hats decorated with stylish Scandinavian motifs or openwork knitted plaits will help to bring a bright mood to the winter days.

Who Its For And How To Choose

When buying a sock hat, it is recommended to match the tone with gloves and a scarf to make a fashionable combination. The material of the product should be dense and elastic enough to be transformable, otherwise you will not be able to make folds or beautifully twist inside. Elongated caps will complement the image of a tall girl or a guy, if he is short it is better to choose a standard model.

The subtleties of choice:

  • Hats, stockings – the prerogative of teens and young people, older people should preferably dwell on shortened hats.
  • The owners of the oval face will suit any options.
  • If you have a wide chin, choose models with lapels or push the product to the line of the eyebrows.
  • Fashionable women with a round face are advised to try on a voluminous product with a large pompom. Headdresses made of thin yarn will emphasize the cheeks and forehead of a beauty.
  • Girls with an elongated face is recommended medium-knit models to slip on the forehead, you should give up the elongated version.

A sock hat looks great on short haircuts and curly hair. Young ladies with a bob or braids are better to choose another headdress. Guys with long bangs and a shortened cap-nose will have an attractive appearance.

Pick a mid-length sock from the abundance of options. The model is characterized by versatility, presented in different colours and variations. Choose accessories that fit the head, elongated, made of thick “granny” yarn, with thin or voluminous lapels.

Fashionable headdresses connected with a band. Start knitting the fabric by the volume of the head, gradually removing the loops in the stocking style.

A beautiful stocking cap can be made by yourself by cutting and stitching the bottom of an old coarse-knit sweater. It is enough to twist the resulting product twice to get a stylish thing – a hit of the season.

Shapes Of Hats

A sock hat is characterized by an elongated silhouette, resembling a trumpet. Manufacturers offer models of different lengths and cuts.

Provide a hat-sock, stocking, or cap of medium length with minimum embellishments for traditionalists. When wearing them, models are squeezed down, leaving a small room. Medium length hats are chosen by athletes who want to emphasize youth style.

Winter option – insulated doubles. Hats-socks are cut from two cloths, which allows you to experiment with the length.

Purchase hats with a wide lapel. It is more reasonable to change the length of the model by tucking the hat. Designers have no clear canon here, the number of lapels depends only on the mood.

Fashionable are voluminous oversize hats made of thick yarn. A hat like this will emphasize facial features, especially if it is knitted yourself from bright yarns.

Fans of experiments will love the elongated stocking caps, hanging below the shoulders. Young people gravitate to stylish beanies with pompoms and models with ears.

Varieties Of Fabric

Hats and socks are made from a variety of materials; choose one that fits your season and facial structure. Knitted products are worn in the early spring or autumn, while in the winter it is best to wear a fashionable hat of multi-layered fabric. When producing knitwear, cotton, linen and woolen yarns, which explains the softness and warmth of the product.

The choice of fabric for sewing:

  • Hats made of jersey softly envelop the head, stretch and form folds. Stylists advise to choose models of gray colour, combine them under sweatshirts, dresses or cardigans. The product will be an accent of urban or sporty style.
  • Fleece models with a printed pattern are a priority for active young people. Such hats protect from bad weather, keep warm and resistant to wear.

Headgear is easy to sew yourself, using the pattern. Before working, check the material for elasticity, otherwise instead of a fashion accessory you will get an ordinary hat.


Fashionable women prefer to wear hats with inscriptions or interesting decorations in the form of animal faces. Models in stripes and contrasting colours look beautiful.

Decorative elements:

  • Decorating with buttons. Teenagers panel the product with glass or plastic buttons, thereby creating an exclusive item.
  • Thread or satin ribbon embroidery.
  • Decorate with large beads, pebbles or sequins. Embroidery with small beads will appeal to young fashionistas, girls choose patterns with large rhinestones.
  • Applique is an original way to transform a product.

Headdresses are decorated with many chains or a large brooch. It is desirable to avoid excesses in order to create a composition in a single style.


Add a basic closet hat in black, steel, or white. Choose acid coloring if you want to emphasize the youth image. A dark-coloured hat will enhance the blonde’s porcelain skin, while light pink, red, and gray shades will match the brunette’s complexion.

Young ladies gravitate to the bright palette of orange or emerald, make up images with blue or purple products. Teenagers will like caps in pink and steel or yellow and black stripes.


Knitted cap hats look beautiful on young girls and mature women. Headwear can be worn with a coat or jacket, sticking to a single colour solution. Designers continue to experiment with the material and colour of the product, but even voluminous elongated hats show the style of the owner.

Suggestions for headgear material:

  • Dense cashmere hats will keep you warm in winter, suitable for allergic people. The models complement the classic closet, are beautiful and laconic. The hat is worn with strict pants, pencil skirt, trench coat or coat.
  • Hats made of angora or mohair will adorn the fashionista in winter time. Fluffy products will keep you warm in bad weather and create a weightless image.
  • Headwear oversize made of thick yarn looks exquisite. It is recommended to knit the product yourself according to the schemes of patterns: “rhombuses”, “braids” or “rice”. Volumetric models remain at the peak of popularity, also they are warm in cold winter.
  • Hats-caps made of natural or artificial fur emphasize refined taste of the wearer. Choose fur lengthened models girls with high status, combine the accessory with expensive outerwear.
  • In spring it is advised to try on a model made of bamboo yarn, which has hypoallergenic properties.

Even a beginner can knit a sock hat, you just need to use the “English elastic band” scheme. The result will be a cloth with the same pattern on both sides, the only thing left is to join the parts by crochet.

Sock Hats: How To Wear Them

The colour of the hat is usually repeated in a scarf, purse, or boots. Although the original lengthened model looks beautiful as a single accent, complementing the calm colour scheme of the rest of the clothes.

The subtleties of competent wearing:

  • Rear part is shifted to the side of the crown, to form a squared-off area.
  • Models of medium length are worn peaked, gathered in a crease at the head. In this case, it is desirable to twist long hats.
  • Flirtatiousness gives the young lady a medium length product, shifted to the side of the head, where it freely hangs or gathered in gatherings.
  • Girls with a high forehead wear the upper part of the model up to the eyebrows. This option would not suit beauties with a round face.
  • Recommended to wear elongated hats with a nice line of bangs.
  • At the back of the head hat is placed in a fold, which is tucked under the bottom.
  • The product is put on in the usual way, then pulling a long section, throwing it on the back or on the side.

A sock hat will perfectly complement a casual or country style outfit. In rare exceptions it will become an original element of romantic or classic style. The model is worn with denim or leather jackets, sheepskin coats and down jackets. It is preferable to choose sports style shoes with a stable sole.


Models of elongated hats look stylish on girls, if you learn how to pair them with casual wear. If men’s options are devoid of decorations, girls’ hats with plenty of decorations and embroidery is welcome.

Shortened accessories in neon colours are preferred by young girls, teenagers will prefer models with fur pompoms.

A set of sock hats with a fishnet dress, oversize coat and soldier’s boots looks stylish.

Stylish Images

Simple cut hats are combined with many things in the closet. We recommend pairing the hat with a casual look, choose it for a shopping trip or wear it to a romantic meeting.

Making up fashionable images:

  • The bright pink hat will play in tandem with a sweater with hearts, skinnies and boots. A down jacket and a flirty scarf will complement it.
  • The girl looks spectacular in a leather jacket, skinny jeans, boots with long ankles, sweatshirt and an elongated hat.
  • For an evening event, a hat with a pompom is combined with a brown dress, a short jacket, boots and a studded clutch.
  • You can go for a walk in skinny pants, a light striped sweater, a blue coat and a black knitted toe cap. A brown handbag and a beige scarf will complete the look.

Stylists advise combining all items of the closet. And, of course, they must be chosen tastefully.

A sock hat is a versatile closet item that has gained popularity among fashionable young people. It is advisable to focus on the material and colour, picking up a few flirty hats for any occasion.

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