Slit Dress: Choose An Outfit For February 14

Elegant dress with a slit, emphasizing the length of the legs, femininity and sexuality – an element famous designers often use in their collections. We cannot call slits on dresses a full-fledged trend, but modern fashion designers often use this method. This is an additional opportunity to emphasize the female figure and its advantages. The upcoming collections of 2022 present various dress models, where one of the main elements is a cut. Such dresses are suitable for evening exits and a variety of events. On Valentine’s Day, for example, the girl’s image will be sexy and stylish, and she will stand out.

The Main Types Of Cuts On Women’S Dresses

There are several types of cuts on dresses. However, dresses themselves can be found in various styles, including both evening gowns and casual and office designs. In addition to all the varieties, there are the following basic types of cuts on women’s dresses.

Dress with a high slit

A high cut from the hip is characteristic of the classic option, which is normally found in long dresses. A seemingly insignificant element of the dress has an incredible impact. A long evening dress with a slit from the hip emphasizes the sexuality of the image and, of course, attracts the public’s attention. There is a so-called Jolie effect – it is a fashion for dresses with a very high slit, exposing the leg, it is in such outfits the actress has repeatedly appeared on the red carpet. A long dress with a slit on the leg is advisable to choose a monochrome one, so that the emphasis is on the most spectacular element – the slit.

Slits located on the sides

Two cuts on the sides of a long dress are not less popular, and designers actively use them. Long silk dresses look best in this variant and are made of lightweight flying materials. Dress with slits on the sides emphasizes not only the slimness and grace of the legs, but also the tenderness and femininity of the image as a whole.

Dresses with two cuts can be chosen in different shades, with bright and original prints and elements of decoration. Dresses that emphasize the lightness and airiness of an image can be casual and summer. These dresses can be worn with high heels or solid platforms, or with more casual sports shoes.

Dress with a slit in the back

Outfits where the slit is located in the back are not so common. Dresses with a straight silhouette, which can be worn to the office, while remaining elegant and discreet. Dresses with slit backs are ideal as office attire, but also for social events, dates, and meetings with friends. The main thing is the right choice of shoes and accessories, which can completely change the stylistic direction of the image.

Outfits with slits in the middle

With slits in the front, you can see it is a dress to the floor. In most cases it is an evening gown. The slit increases the intrigue of such a dress, emphasizing a certain mystery and coquetry. Dresses with a slit in the middle look stunning in dark colors, and high-heeled shoes must be worn under them.

Elegant Evening Dress With Slit

The most elegant of the variety of dresses are evening models. When choosing a suitable outfit, the main objective is to choose the style, colors and decorations that best emphasize the female figure, personality and preferred stylistic direction. You should choose evening dresses with high hip cuts to emphasize your femininity and sexuality. Long dresses with a high slit can not only make a spectacular image, but also ruin it. It is imperative to observe the line between sexuality and vulgarity.

Giving preference to dresses with a high slit, you should choose models of monochrome colors and to minimize the decorative trim. Thus, you can create an elegant image, not burdened with unnecessary details. A black long dress with tight sleeves along the entire length or with one open shoulder will be extremely effective.

Choosing a red evening dress with a slit is advisable to opt for light and flying fabrics. The high slit will emphasize the airiness of the image while giving it a sexier touch, as it will allow you to expose your leg while walking in the light folds of the dress.

Despite the fact that black evening dresses are in high demand, you should not overlook the white dress with one or two slits on the legs. In such an outfit a girl will look fresh and elegant, and even the highest cut will not be able to cross the line of vulgarity.

Casual Dress Models With Slits

Everyday dresses are not always boring, ordinary and uninteresting. Designers in this season offer us dresses for every day that are original, simple, and convenient. Many modern collections have casual dresses that look as if they were made for the red carpet. In these dresses you can safely go on a city walk with friends, on a romantic date, in nightclubs and even some informal events. A stylish dress with a slit can reincarnate and highlight the individual characteristics of its owner, including her mood and taste preferences. Considering the trends in 2022, we can note the following topical models of dresses with slits.

Velvet Dress

Velvet is back on the catwalks and has won the hearts of fashionistas. It is quite easy to explain: the material looks very noble, elegant, emphasizes the figure and allows you to create absolutely different stylistic trends, from austere classical to gothic chic. Dress made of velvet, with a high cut in combination with massive platform shoes and plenty of accessories is one of the topical images of the current season.

It is imperative to understand that velvet does not tolerate the proximity of other materials, applications and decorations. The material is self-sufficient and additional elements will only overload the image. Especially if the dress has a floor length and such an element as a cut to the middle of the thigh. Such an outfit will look bright and stylish.

Lace Slit Dress

Dress to the floor with a slit, made of lace, is likely to be attributed to evening dresses. However, the midi and mini length models are a stylish option for everyday wear. Dresses above the knee with a straight cut and a slit on the side are ideal for everyday wear. Dresses in light colors: pearl, cream, peach, ivory, etc., will look especially delicate. Lace beige dress with a slit is considered a classic and versatile style. Whatever the basic stylistic solution, it will match absolutely any type of shoes and jewelry. Choose shiny dresses with a lace slit for evening affairs, combining tenderness and coquetry.

Knit Dress With Side Slits

Rather unusual knits and knitted dresses with slits on the sides. Such a casual variant of clothing is not only comfortable, but also stylish. Dresses can be both tight-fitting, made of a thin knitted fabric, and more free-form, but such an element as a cut remains invariably on the side. In this case the top of the dress should be concise, without any frills. You can play with the image by using the right accessories and shoes.

A so-called noodle dress with two side slits also looks quite sexy. In this variation, preference is given to understated monochrome colors. The undoubted trend of the season is a gray dress with a slit and a high neck and long sleeves. Such an outfit is suitable only for slim girls, as it fits well around the figure.

Can not ignore the knitted dresses with slits on the sides, which designers suggest wearing as a tunic with jeans or loafers in bright colors.

Light Floor Length Dress With Slit

Dresses constructed of linen look more rustic, it is a great option for those who prefer the style of boho, safari. Outfits like these create a stylish and modern look when combined with natural materials jewelry (leather, wood, metal).

Chiffon dress with a slit looks more feminine and airy. Depending on your lifestyle and preferred image, you can opt for platform sandals or sneakers as a footwear. Preference should be given to pale colors or bright original prints.

This beautiful silk dress with a slit is ideal for parties and evening outings. Under such an outfit, it is best to choose classic shoes and elegant jewelry, so that the outfit will look more attractive.

Short Cocktail Slit Dress

Almost any mini-dress looks sexy on its own, so the presence of such an additional element, as a slit, makes it even more vivid. It is imperative to consider this, so that the resulting image on February 14 was not too revealing. Short dresses are a stylish choice for parties, a trip to the club. In the cocktail version, a mini-dress with a small cut on the leg looks stylish and extravagant.

It’s important to play up your image correctly. If you choose the dress with sequins, then you can limit yourself to a standard set of accessories. As long as the outfit is as concise as possible, you can wear extravagant shoes, voluminous jewelry and bright colors.

Wedding Dresses And A Bold Cut

Fashion trends are also reflected in wedding dresses. More and more brides want to look bright and stylish, and therefore choose a wedding dress with a slit on the leg. A slit looks particularly effective on dresses made from flowing chiffon. As the fabric is very light, it flutters playfully when walking, exposing the bride’s beautiful leg, reflecting her romanticism and tenderness.

Slits on the wedding dress vary considerably, and it depends primarily on the style. Long, floor-length dresses look elegant with deep slits, up to the middle of the tdeep. The slit also works well on dresses with puffy skirts. Regardless of the chosen style of the dress, its material and length, as well as the location of the cut, it is imperative to choose comfortable shoes. However, shoes with a deep heel to visually elongate the leg. It is especially effective when a floor-length dress has a rather bold deep cut.

It doesn’t matter what kind of dress is chosen, the cut will always look stylish and relevant. It is for this reason that designers successfully apply this method. Dresses with slits are more sophisticated and refined, and when combined with correct accessories and shoes, they produce a bright and elegant image for Valentine’s Day. If you pay attention to the outfits of stars parading down the red carpet, you can note that most of the dresses have a certain type of cut. This cut favors the female figure. A correctly chosen style of dress and the right height can transform any girl into a real airy fairy, a femme fatale seductress or an elegant lady.

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