Slanted French Manicure on Almond, Short, Oval, Soft Square Nails 50 Photos

Fresh and simple ideas are always relevant. Manicure “Slanted French” on the nails looks very interesting and elegant. In this case, it goes equally well with the nail plate of different shapes: square, oval, almond-shaped. Such a design is drawn very quickly and easily. For this reason and appreciated by novice masters of the nail industry. After all, not everyone is able to draw a classic “smile” accurately and beautifully.

Features of Slanted French Manicure

It should be noted that there is no clear definition of the term “Slanted French”.

Some artists call it diagonally dyed tips.

Others – so call the acute French corner.

The most creative artists put all designs drawn “askew” in this category.

Because of this abundance of variations, this pattern is very popular. After all, it’s not a new idea, it looks different every time. At the same time, the appearance of the nails always looks fresh and original.

Length and shape

The right shape and length of the nail plate plays a big role. A successful choice will not only accentuate the beauty of the design, but also visually improve any possible imperfections.

French manicure square nails

A square is probably the most popular shape in manicure. On such nails any decor looks advantageous. Regardless of the chosen color and length of the nail plate.

French manicure almond shaped nails

Almond is the most graceful and feminine shape. It makes the fingers look slimmer and more elegant.

Sharp almonds are also great with a “slanted French”. But this manicure looks more provocative and aggressive, especially on longer lengths.

French manicure oval nails

Oval nails French manicure “oblique” visually narrows, giving them an “almond” effect.

This design is especially recommended for girls with a wide nail plate or chubby fingers.

French manicure soft square nails

The unobtrusive decor on the soft square allows you to create a beautiful and stylish manicure. This “no-frills” design looks expensive and interesting.

If the diagonal is made slightly curved (in the form of a half-arch) square is even softer and more feminine.

Slanted French manicure on short nails

The distinctive feature of the “Slanted French” is that it not only makes the nails narrower, but also lengthens them.

Even the shortest nail plate with this design looks more refined and elegant. It doesn’t matter if it’s a straight or curved line, it will do the job anyway.

Because of this feature of this type of French manicure is often done just on short nails.

For everyday wear is usually used monochrome color without additional decoration. The color can be absolutely any: red, black, pink, blue, green. Well, and the absolute favorite of any French is white.

Complementing the painted corner with a pattern, sequins or rhinestones, this pattern can easily be turned into a festive design. Such a manicure can be used as a wedding or particularly festive.

Slanted French manicure long nails

The long length allows you to “create”!

Therefore, on long nails, masters are rarely limited to a diagonally painted corner. In this case, the design is usually complemented by drawings or other decorations.

“Slanted French” is often the addition of a festive manicure: for the New Year, on March 8 or February 14.

Slanted French Manicure With Designs

A French manicure is a finished design.

But sometimes it is supplemented by other interesting ideas. In this case, the main thing is not to go overboard with the decor.

Otherwise, the final look of the nails will look rough and cheap.

French manicure design with pattern

It is worth noting that “oblique French” is considered by many to be a background “with a twist” for other decor.

Beveled corners are amazing for the most popular designs: leaves, snowflakes, flowers and animalistic prints.

But the French style is not always just a background. Diagonal coloring can be part of a whole pattern. Although such variations are much rarer.

French manicure design with sequins

Glitter can be understood as anything: kamifubuki (confetti, panettes), gilding, yucca flakes, rhinestones, foil, tape, wax, shimmer, or glitter. All of these options are successfully used in tandem with an slanted French.

Glitter can not only complement the pattern, they are actively used to cover the same beveled edge.

French manicure design with rainbow

Rainbow “slanted French” is made in two variants:

  • in the form of several diagonal strips of different colors on each nail, as shown in the photo below;

  • each finger is painted one color of the rainbow.

The first solution should be treated with a degree of caution. Such a manicure is very bold and bright. There is a chance to “get carried away” and overdo it with embellishment. Especially carefully in this case, you need to treat sequins and rhinestones.

The second solution looks more stylish and elegant. It is suitable for everyday wear, going to school or work.

French manicure nude

This category includes designs of two kinds:

  • classic white tips combined with a natural nail plate;

  • A beveled edge in nude shades: beige, milky, pale pink, etc. To separate the painted tip from the main area of the nail, usually make a diagonal of gel polish of a different color or of glitter. The main thing is not to choose too bright colors for the “border” – it can lose the nude effect.

French manicure minimalism design

The style of minimalism is always on trend. Fashionable nails are made in two variants:

  • Drawing is applied only on one nail;

  • The edge of the nail plate, no more than 1 mm wide, is given to French nails.


Bright tips are a great summer solution. The saturated shades combined with a neutral background look smart, but at the same time neat and elegant.

Colored french on half a nail on a slant can also be done. But such a design does not look as elegant.

Double (two-color)

The oblique stripes of two shades add a certain chic to the pattern.

They can be placed close or at some distance from each other.

Contrasting colors make the pattern especially spectacular.


This option was sent to the bottom of the list for one reason – it is no longer trendy.

Yes, the wide half nail French is still painted, because every design has its fans. But it was at the height of fashion many years ago. Now there are more interesting and stylish solutions to the “slanted French”.


Whatever the final pattern: monochrome or bright and catchy. The main thing is that the chosen solution is appropriate and beautiful.

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