Skirt With A T-Shirt: The Secrets Of Creating Unique Looks

The skirt with a T-shirt is rightly considered the most versatile for creating everyday images. However, with the help of such simple things, you can make an exclusive look, form a unique look, to emphasize the femininity and beauty of the figure in this or that situation. The main rule is that you should never be afraid to experiment.

How To Choose A T-Shirt Based On Skirt Length

To make a T-shirt and skirt duo look spectacular, stylish and organic, it is important to comply with several rules to create a fashionable look. Although the white or black T-shirt is considered a universal item, you should still not neglect the basic rules of proportion and style. It is important to consider the figure’s peculiarities and the presence of certain accessories. First of all, selecting the type of T-shirt for the skirt should take into account its length.

Long skirts

Long skirts are often used precisely to create summer looks. The ideal choice, in this case, is two simple things: colour and material. For example, a straight-cut skirt in black and a simple white semi-sheer T-shirt. The excellent female image will turn out in the opposite contrast if the skirt is white and the T-shirt in dark colours.

With a long straight skirt perfectly combined oversize T-shirt. It should be worn with a special accentuated carelessness, tucked in only on one side. Such a look is a great option for walking around town or meeting with friends. To make the look turn out in a sporty style, you should pick up a few sports accessories and simple, comfortable sports shoes to the look.

Midi models

Knee-length models are considered the most common and comfortable. They are suitable for all girls, appropriate in any situation, and look very effective with all things basic closet. Midi skirts can become a favourite style tool from everyday clothes, as well as being an element to create quite festive looks.

With a gray skirt with a tight fit should pick up a top with a print. Preferably shoes or sneakers. Such a look in the power of casual and with elements of sports chic is considered the most comfortable option.

A silhouette skirt will be friends with a tight-fitting monochrome T-shirt. In this case, shoes and accessories will play the key role. For such images to turn out feminine and the proportions not distorted, it is necessary to prefer refined feminine elements. These can be high-heeled sandals or open-toed shoes on a wedge. It is good if the shoes are lightweight and quite elegant. Do not consider rough sandals and sandals in this situation – they will only weigh down the A-skirt.

Miniskirts and T-shirts

The most popular option for everyday wear is a pink skirt of radically short length and a simple cotton T-shirt. It’s a great base that can be complemented however you like.

For example, wearing sneakers will look youthfully daring and sport freely. High-heeled sandals will turn the girl into a young and even vicious seductress. Flats shoes with a jacket of neutral colour will help to make the image more restrained and elegant.

In many ways, the style of the image depends on the style of the skirt. This is what predetermines how advantageous this or that combination of things will be. For example, a pleated skirt of delicate colours, even a very short length, will look coquettish and romantic. And the tight models with provocative print can look like an unnecessary note of vulgarity.

Choosing A T-Shirt That Works With Your Skirt

If the length of the skirt and the type of T-shirt should be harmonious in terms of proportions, the style of the top and bottom should be combined, considering the forms. A tight top or a T-shirt with the same tight skirt would be perfect for a girl with an ideal figure. This is a great classic combination, which is always appropriate and allows you to emphasize the body’s beauty and the taste’s refinement.

However, not always is such a look free due to the peculiarities of appearance. Moreover, sometimes you want something completely crazy or a little bit different – fresh ideas and unconventional concepts.

Pencil skirt

Many girls consider a pencil midi skirt a universal thing. It is really so if it is made from a good fabric, not weighted down by complicated prints and decorations. More original in texture or colour, pencil skirts will no longer be so convenient for creating versatile looks.

For example, a knee-length leather skirt requires solid fashion partners. It is better to wear a shirt in a similar colour to the expensive dense fabric. Do not forget about the appropriate footwear. For example, an excellent look will turn out with high-heeled shoes or with strict pumps. If the look is created for cooler weather, you should pick a neutral cardigan for the skirt and shirt. Then a pair of elegant boots can create a company for such things.

Sun – flirty style

The red sun skirt is just what you need for spring and summer. It will be a bright, sunny accent in many stylish looks for an evening out and everyday use. It is the “sun” style and the pencil skirt most often found in the basic closet of modern girls.

The brighter the skirt, the more restrained the top should be. For fiery colours, a neutral black and white T-shirt will do. If the skirt is a rather dark colour, it is preferable to choose a lighter top.

For a more austere image with a skirt, you should pick up not only a T-shirt but also a fine jacket. It does not have to be strict. It is best to look for a lightweight casual version.

Universal footwear – elegant pumps shoes. Sandals also look good, but the fabric of the look itself is quite light and airy. Accessories are also welcome in a restrained minimalist style.

Tutu skirt – it isn’t very easy.

A particular airiness and multilayeredness characterize a tutu skirt. This is an extremely difficult style in all respects. Matching it with a T-shirt will be easy only in one aspect – the top must be tight.

A fluffy tulle skirt looks good with a monochrome T-shirt with some interesting inscription or an original drawing. A few rebellious notes in the image should be. Otherwise, the everyday image risks turning into a look of a runaway ballerina, which is not very good.

As for accessories, it is the sophistication of the tutu that will be able to emphasize the massive pendant on a long chain. A good alternative is a large necklace.

In terms of footwear, there are absolutely no restrictions. It can be simple patsy sneakers, expensive refined pumps, and simple ballet flats. The image in an eclectic direction is more suitable for sports shoes. More flirty and feminine looks require sophisticated high-heeled shoes.

The Best Way To Match A Skirt With A T-Shirt

Not always is a T-shirt matched with a skirt. Sometimes the look is formed on a completely different principle. For example, you can find a striped T-shirt in almost every closet. A completely simple thing that can quickly get boring if worn only with jeans or under the same simple skinnies.

A striped T-shirt will never go out of fashion and allow you to create a spectacular fashionable tandem with a stylish skirt. It is better if the bottom is monochrome. Again, it would help if you did not forget about the proportions. If the shirt is tight, the bottom can be puffy; if it belongs to the format oversize, the skirt should be tight and quite long. A good option is a pencil skirt.

Stylists advise to try and completely unexpected combinations. A striped top is perfectly combined with a colourful bottom. It is better if the skirt is tight around the figure, and the T-shirt will have a looser cut. The “leopard” and “python” prints will be especially fashionable in the new season. They can also effectively complement the stripes.

However, if the lady has quite pudgy forms, it is better to refuse such motley combinations. Minimalism is a win-win option.

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