Skinny Jeans Are A Well Forgotten Old

Jeans-skinnies appeared in the mid-50s of the last century. In the early 70’s, they were worn by fans of rock ‘n’ roll, then by thin-dressed punk supporters. Many years later, skinny jeans became popular again, and today they are in the closet of almost everyone. The popularity of this model is simple to explain: wearing skinny jeans, a girl begins to look very sexy.

Who do they fit?

Blue skinny jeans do not suit everyone. They are ideal for girls with straight, slender legs. This model of jeans is not suitable for women with thin legs. Narrow trousers overstretch and thin already thin legs, resulting in a painful thinness. Categorically not allowed to wear skinny jeans ladies who have very thin legs and a massive top. The difference in proportions will be aggravated, which will make the figure look unsightly.

Caution should be exercised when wearing these jeans for women with massive hips, buttocks and wide waist. With skinny jeans, problem areas will be even more noticeable, and if the fabric is thin, the orange peel on the skin will be very visible. For the fuller figure, klesh jeans are more suitable, as they are classic. Nonetheless, if you are not afraid of wearing such a model, it is worth choosing dark skeins – extra centimeters on the legs will not be so noticeable in them.

Jeans skinny has its own age limit. As youth clothes, they, along with jeans-boyfriends, are worn by girls aged 35 and younger. You can wear these jeans and women in 40-45 years if your figure is ideal.

How to choose the right jeans?

When you choose skinny jeans, be guided by how you feel. They should:

  • Do not stifle movement;
  • not torn at the back;
  • not hang;
  • stretch well enough;
  • Do not squeeze your stomach when sitting;
  • Do not overstretch your legs.

Jeans that you buy yourself must be fashionable, but first of all comfortable. Wanting to appear thinner, girls buy smaller sized jeans and then experience discomfort wearing them. Choose your size if you do not want to wear jeans, as the ropes pull the legs and abdomen, preventing blood circulation. Better to opt for models made from stretch denim. This material is very soft, slightly stretchy and fits stylishly around the figure. Do not buy wide at the waist skinny pants. Even if you wear a stylish belt, the material will still be torn and you will look ridiculous in them.

Women’s skinny jeans, like others, differ in fit. They can be:

  • with an high waist;
  • with a low waist;
  • with an ultra low waist;
  • with a medium fit.

Jeans with an high waist has been on trend for several seasons. Pants with high waists are popular among girls and women because this model visually draws the legs. And if properly chosen shoes and a high heel, jeans with a high waist make you appear taller and slimmer. For fat ladies jeans with high waist will not work. They should opt for the medium fit. The waistband hugs the waist, body proportions are not disturbed, and body flaws become less noticeable.

Today, skinnies with a low waist. They can be worn only if the girl has a perfectly flat stomach, which she is not afraid to show. Jeans with low waists aren’t suitable for middle-aged women.

Girls with too thin calves are advised to wear skinny jeans slim. They are appetizingly fitted around the waist and hips, but to the bottom do not narrow, and descend straight. Due to this the legs seem flatter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing a colour

Today you can find women’s skinnies in any colour in the stores. The choice depends solely on where you are going to wear them. A universal option would be classic jeans. With a white shirt they can be worn to the office, and with a top or t-shirt – for a walk or a party. In the closet of a businesswoman a worthy place will take gray skinny jeans and light. They are not bright and that’s why they will fit well into the office dress code. You can wear any color top with white, and blue, blue, yellow, and olive go best with gray.

Fashionable ripped skinny jeans in black are still popular, but such ripped clothing is acceptable in casual style. Last season and this season these models were worn with red checked shirts. For the workplace, wear black skinny jeans, which lack any decorative elements. Lounges in which black skinnies are worn with monochrome shirts and massive beads and large pendants look super.

Red, yellow, olive, blue, turquoise skeins can appear in the closet of a modern woman. These models look beautiful, but you need to understand where you can wear them and where not. For a party it is quite acceptable to wear brightly coloured jeans. They will also be suitable for a themed dinner “without ties”. Bright colours must be in the summer closet, but here in the workplace, red or turquoise jeans are not always appropriate. Here you need to be guided by the internal rules of your organization.

Creating fashionable images

The question of what shoes to wear with skinny jeans leads many to confusion. In fact, there are no special requirements and regulations. The choice of shoes, as well as clothes, depends on the circumstances.

Silk and cotton shirts fit perfectly under the narrow pants – they are tucked inside and a belt is worn. In the office, you can wear high heels, stylish brogues and loafers. Thus, black jeans can be worn with classic pumps. This image can be complemented by a strict jacket or vest. The length of the pants is critical. They should not be too short and reach to the ankle, perhaps a bit higher. In too short narrow pants the girl looks ridiculous.

Skinnies can be worn with monochrome tops of white, gray or any other colour. For a trip to the club you can find a bright top decorated with rhinestones or intricate designs. Very bold look jeans with a low waist and a high top – this is a summer, sea image.

Those who like comfort in clothes, pair skinnies with sneakers or sneakers. It looks very stylish, especially if you pair bright socks under a pair of sneakers. In one image you can combine classics and sports, and pair a classic shirt with short jeans and sneakers. For large women who do not want to give up the skinny, pair jeans slim with sneakers, cardigan or a classic jacket that will hide the hips. You can pair these jeans with tractor-soled shoes. It is especially stylish with ripped black jeans.

Skinnies have taken their place in the women’s closet and are unlikely to give it up to other models. Jeans such as these are not suitable for everyone: they are not recommended for too thin and obese girls, but those who like skinny jeans wear them with pleasure and pride, since they flatter the figure and make legs look longer. Jeans of this model are combined with clothes and shoes of different styles and fit equally well in urban, sports and office style.

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