Silver Sandals: Casual And Formal Looks

Any fashionista can look irresistible in silver sandals at a party, a reception, or on a date. They create an instant festive image and highlight the beauty of your feet. But it is imperative for every girl to know what clothes work with these sandals. Today we will create unique images and help you look fashionable and stylish.

Let’s take a look at the main trends that were present at the big fashion shows:

  • Silver heeled sandals.
  • Models with glitter and rhinestones.
  • Lacquer shoes.
  • Silver wedge heeled sandals.
  • Models with a delicate pattern.
  • Shoes with bows and stones.

Silver colour sandals on a heel with sequins and rhinestones

Lacquered heeled sandals

Tractor-soled sandals

Stoned sandals

Fashionable sandals by famous designers

Wearing Sandals With A Dress

Of course, such chic shoes are best worn with an evening dress. You can create a fashionable image for a graduation party, a disco, a social gathering and a birthday party.

  • A blue close-fitting mid-length dress would be perfect with silver-coloured sandals. It is important to match the image with a small clutch on a thin, short handle.
  • A gray outfit decorated with sequins and rhinestones is the best choice for such sandals. It is important that the shoes in this case do not have an overabundance of jewelry.
  • Under a dress of rich yellow colour you must choose patent silver sandals. The handbag should be leather, in colour – milky or beige.
  • Fashionable blue cropped dress goes perfectly with these sandals. Take shoes with a high stiletto heel to make your legs visually longer and slimmer. If you add a thin belt under silver to the dress, you will get a stylish evening image.
  • A white floor-length dress will suit under silver sandals with a medium-height heel. It is important that the outfit is decorated with stones, sequins or rhinestones. Then the image will be perfect!
  • Under a black dress with a short flared skirt is best suited sandals of silver colour. The shoes must be lacquered with a high platform. Under the image pick up a silver handbag with a chain handle.

Putting On A Wedding Look With Silver Sandals

Many people wonder if you can wear silver sandals under the wedding dress. Experts believe that this is the most successful combination after the classic white shoes. Especially the shoes will complement the original short wedding dress, which is now gaining popularity among young brides. You can wear silver sandals with a heel and show the beauty and slimness of your feet.

Silver wedding sandals

Even under a long wide dress the shoes will suit well. Especially if the wedding dress is decorated with stones and rhinestones, which shimmer in silver. Under a long dress, you can wear shoes with a low heel or a heel of medium length. It is imperative that the legs do not get tired during the wedding banquet and dancing.

Silver wedding sandals under a long dress

Silver wedding sandals with rhinestones

Wedding sandals with a zipper

A Pair Of Silver Sandals You Can Wear Every Day

Note that the shoes are appropriate for the event. It can be worn in everyday life, especially in the summer. Consider fashionable images that will help you always look stylish and attractive.

  • Under the sandals wear a short denim skirt and a yellow tank top. It is important that the shoes are not too chicly decorated. Ordinary leather sandals of silver colour will do.
  • You can wear white skinny jeans under low-waisted shoes in the Greek style. On top choose a short blue top with a print. Under the image you can take a large shoulder bag of white colour.
  • Wear stylish black pants with shiny inserts and a short sleeve shirt in beige colour. Under such an image you should take sandals on a high platform. Don’t forget to take a black leather bag with metallic details.
  • Denim jumpsuit in light blue colour will be perfect under low running shoes. For a perfect summer look, wear a fashionable hat with wide brim. With this look you can walk every day, go to the beach or go shopping.
  • Fashionable brown leather leggings and white T-shirt with stylish silver lettering will perfectly match each other. Complete the image with silver heeled sandals with delicate bows or stones.
    Under a tight denim sundress shoes will suit best. It is important that the fabric of the outfit is a light shade. If there will be rhinestones, inscriptions or a fashionable print on the sundress – this is only a plus to our image. Under the outfit we need to take a purse, necessarily made of denim fabric of a small size.
  • Blue tunic made of lightweight material is perfect for a summer walk. It can be worn under gray leggings. Silver sandals with heels would fit in such an image. For an evening out you can wear a beige or milk jacket on top.

Silver sandals with denim shorts

Image with silver sandals

White dress with sleeves and silver sandals

Casual look with jeans and sandals

Cropped top, pencil skirt and silver sandals

White dress, jeans and sandals

Silver sandals and cream dress with long sleeves

Black dress with a high slit and silver sandals

Light T-shirt, shorts and silver sandals

Casual look with sandals

White lace dress with silver coloured sandals

Shirt, black leather skirt and high-heeled sandals

Choosing Fashion Accessories To Go With Silver Sandals

For any image with silver sandals to be successful, you need to think through all the details. Here are the accessories to choose from:

  • Handbag. Models of blue, gray, white and coffee shades are suitable under the shoes. The most ideal variant is a silver handbag with rhinestones. It should be taken only for a holiday image, not for every day. The size of the accessory should be small. Choose handbags with a thin handle of medium length.
  • Glasses. The frame should be metallic or white. Dark colours are not allowed.
  • Headwear. For a summer casual look, you can wear a hat made of denim with short brim.
  • Jewelry. Only silver and metal jewelry without stones should be worn under such shoes.

White shirt, cropped pants, glasses and sandals

White blazer, denim shorts, sunglasses and sandals

White clothes, glasses, brightly coloured bag and sandals

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