Silk Robe Is The Epitome Of Luxury

Any home wear should be practical and comfortable. However, women’s closets should also be attractive and beautiful. A silk robe will give the impression of lightness and carefreeness, and will enhance the morning image and help you relax in the evening.

Features And Benefits Of The Women’s Robe

Many materials are used for sewing bathrobes. Some fashionable women prefer knitted, terry cloth or cotton models. But the undoubted leader in homewear remains a robe of natural silk, which has a variety of advantages:

  • The special elements of the threads (proteins and amino acids) have a positive effect on the skin;
  • the fabric does not cause allergic reactions;
  • silk is a natural antiseptic;
  • The material naturally repels dust, so silk robes practically do not get dirty.

Silk fabric is excellent at allowing air to pass through. Light and delicate clothing is very comfortable to wear – silk clothes are not hot. And most importantly – sliding smooth fabric gives an unusually pleasant tactile sensation.

Silk Varieties

Thanks to modern technology there are artificial and synthetic analogues of natural silk. Among them every girl will be able to choose a robe, based on her preferences.


This soft, exquisite fabric is spun from the yarns of the cocoons of silkworms. The beautiful iridescence and luster of the silk surface of the material is provided by the triangular cross-section of the thread. Fabrics can have a dense structure (reminiscent of crepe), or create thin gas silks. Before dyeing textiles silk is washed, boiled and bleached. Mineral and vegetable dyes are used for dyeing fabrics. Complex shades of fabric are obtained thanks to the technology of multiple dyeing.

Natural materials are very durable, can stretch well, are highly hygroscopic, and are breathable.


The base fabric is viscose, a fiber derived from wood pulp. Artificial silk possesses the same positive qualities as natural silk:

  • hygroscopicity and breathability;
  • lightness and smoothness;
  • does not accumulate static electricity;
  • drapes beautifully;
  • It colors well and retains its color.

However, there are some disadvantages. Artificial silk, for instance, loses its strength and elasticity when wet, so it can easily tear and crumple. In addition, artificial fabric is less air permeable and has no bactericidal properties.


Polyester silk is created on the basis of synthetic fibers. In the production process, yarns of different densities are woven together. Silk fabric turns out shiny, with an interesting texture, beautifully draped. Positive qualities of the material:

  • the fabric does not deform when wet and dry;
  • polyester silk garments do not shrink after washing;
  • The fabric is not afraid of direct sunlight and does not fade;
  • the fabric is hypoallergenic.

Silk is inexpensive, which can be explained by the low cost of production. Patterns and prints can be easily applied to the fabric. Available fabrics of different densities. For sewing clothes the thinnest fabric is used (180-190T).

Acetate silk

Cellulose is used for the production of artificial fabric. As part of the technological processing of the material, vinegar (acetate) is used, which served as the name of the fabric.

The advantages of man-made fabrics: less creases, does not lose color under the influence of UV light, less polluted. However, acetate fabric has disadvantages: non-hygroscopic, poor air permeability, so the body in such clothes “does not breathe.


Length is not the least imperative factor when choosing home clothes. The home closet is full of cozy things, so it is imperative that they are comfortable and suitable for everyday wear.


Shorts are the most comfortable. Such clothes do not create problems when doing housework. And sporty hostesses can seductively show off slender legs.

Silk home robe in combination with pajamas (top and shorts) – a stylish option for a leisurely morning tea party. Openwork short models will emphasize the seductive forms of fashionable women and give a romantic touch to cozy evenings.


Such models can hardly be called homewear. These clothes belong to the sexy category. Small slits on the sides, decorated with tracery inserts, complete with lace lingerie will emphasize the graceful forms of a fashionable woman.

For summer clothes at home, this is a comfortable option. Cozy robes are a comfortable choice for a morning beauty routine. The lightweight garments are comfortable to slip over your shoulders after a refreshing shower.


Silk maxi dresses will give the image of aristocratism and respectability. Besides being ridiculous to wear for cooking dinner, these robes are also uncomfortable to vacuum in. After a long day of work, the models will allow for a comfortable evening in a chair.

In the floor

This is a comfortable length of home clothing for the cold season. A long silk robe will give an image of sophistication and luxury. Stylish models, decorated with lace, will help to create a festive mood. The pleasant touch of silk fabric will save you from moping on rainy days.

Up to the knee

This is the optimal length of clothing, comfortable for doing household chores. Such robes are the most popular, as they are comfortable in everyday life and allow you to create an elegant home image. Business and practical housewives should choose models with buttons. When choosing a robe for recreation, choose models with a simple cut and a belt.


The robe is mistakenly referred to as a simple, uncomplicated type of clothing. A wide range of models create products of different sizes and styles, with interesting finishes and with special national notes.

Bigger sizes

Home clothes for lush ladies are loose gowns. Thanks to the ties you can dress up in a silk robe of large size, which will softly emphasize the figure. Style experts recommend that you pay attention to clothes with a high waist – these will hide the extra centimeters around your waist.

It is desirable to choose a floor-length model. Flip-flops decorated with fur will make you look flirtatious when you walk. There will be no worries about the legs being imperfect. To cover full arms, you can choose a model with long sleeves. A suitable option is a silk robe with ¾ length sleeves, which will allow you to demonstratee your lovely wrists.


A fashionable solution – a set consisting of a robe and a nightie. The original set will give a woman a luxurious, well-groomed look. As a rule, manufacturers offer a more modest version of the robe with a zipper and a nightie, decorated with lace.
Usually things are made from the same material. Respectable and expensive looks look of silk robe and pants with a top.

Silk robe and nightgown in muted wine color. Black lace decorates the top and bottom of the nightgown and sleeves of the negligee. A contrast in decor enhances the noble hue of red and adds a note of passion.


Cozy home clothing does not restrict your movements and allows you to freely sit on the couch or do your homework. Robes in oversize styles are the right choice for everyday activities. The most practical is a short robe in muted shades.

With lace

Most often home clothes are associated with stretched out things of incomprehensible color. A silk robe is the perfect option, allowing you to maintain a feminine and well-groomed look at home. Especially exquisite and delicate products decorated with lace.

As a rule, openwork trim adorns the sleeves and bottom of the robe. Original models with asymmetrical lace inserts are available from stylists. Homemade clothes look smart and flirty with openwork sleeves.


Clothing with oriental notes is becoming more and more relevant. Elegant flowing silk is the right choice for sewing a stylish robe-kimono. Distinctive features of the cut of the clothes are wide sleeves. Classical kimono is not buttoned. The floors of the clothes are fixed with a special belt (obi).

Robes can be any length as long as they are comfortable. A stylish robe made of monochrome or patterned fabric. The floors of the robe, the edges of the sleeves are sometimes decorated with lace, embroidery.


The most functional and comfortable garment is a robe with buttons. In contrast to the belt, fasteners securely fix the floors, which do not come apart when doing household chores. The style of the robe can be fitted, straight, or cut off at the waist.

Robes with collars, supplemented with belts look more refined and respectable. If you choose long models, it is desirable to have slits on the sides – for comfortable movement.


Most silk robes have a simple cut, often with a belt. Of course, the belt is a bit untied and the floors “spread.” However, this model allows you not to worry about extra centimeters that appear on the waist after vacations or long holidays.

Slim fashionable women can exquisitely emphasize their waistline by wearing a belt. As a rule, these robes do not have collars, but some products may be decorated with small collars.

For the bride

The bride’s festive morning begins with exciting preparations for the celebration. Photography allows you to capture the beautiful moments of image creation. The dress is put on before heading out. Wear a sophisticated and cozy gown to the hairdresser and makeup artist’s appointment. The silk model is the most suitable choice for the bride. Lace and embroidery embellish cream and white clothing.

Cozy silk gowns (photo below) remain in the closet and after the wedding. Choose a model in which you can do housework or just relax.

With dragons

Fans of Asian style will love the robe, decorated with images of dragons. It’s a stylish non-standard thing that’s perfect for a romantic date at home with oriental notes.

The main pattern – a dragon – usually decorates the back of the robe, and the front shelves are decorated with ornate oriental patterns. The best-looking model in red silk, painted with golden images and patterns.


A fashionable trend is to decorate home clothes with original embroidery. Romantic natures choose variants of patterns with an oriental character (sprigs of sakura, lotus). More active and dynamic girls prefer embroidery in the form of inscriptions. Common options are names, names of favorite bands.

If you do not like the models offered by manufacturers, you can take a standard silk robe to the studio, where it will be decorated. Embroidery adds color and originality to a garment.

For pregnant women

A simple cut robe is an excellent choice for comfortable maternity wear. Silk clothes are hypoallergenic and well ventilated. These models will create maximum comfort for the future mommy.

It is better to choose products with a high waistline. This cut will allow you to easily tie the gown and is ideal for pregnant women with a large belly.


Silk models, insulated with a thin lining, are less common. However, it is a very comfortable garment for cooler days. Sometimes manufacturers simply offer double-layered silk garments.

Perhaps such robes do not look as elegant as traditional robes. But you can appreciate the cozy feeling of warmth only on cooler days. More versatile are models with a zipper, supplemented with a belt. Such products can be worn over thin shirts or T-shirts with leggings.


Models of simple straight cut may have long or short sleeves. Usually they are midi or floor length products. A bright contrast between the basic background and pattern makes this robe the perfect festive homewear item. But Chinese robes made from monochrome silk fabrics are also in demand.

Some styles feature a high collar, which turns the robe into a stylish dress at home.


Brightly colored robes will add a splash of color to the home closet. The robes don’t have a special cut. Clothing with a straight silhouette is comfortable in everyday life and is perfect for receiving friends.


Unusually wide sleeves characterize Oriental women’s floor-length clothing. Beautiful silk robes are decorated with patterns or even pictures with Japanese themes. The gowns with a lapel are tied with a wide belt. The dominant colors are red, blue and white.

Perhaps doing household chores in such clothes is not very comfortable. But it is a great option for an evening out.

With hood

The additional detail in the form of a hood adds comfort to the garment. It’s comfortable to throw the hood over your hair, wet after a bath or shower, when it’s cool. When airing the apartment, the hood prevents drafts. The weight of the silk garment is not felt at all. But it gives the housecoat a somewhat sporty style, which is not to everyone’s liking.

Topical Colors

The color palette allows you to make the robe a fashionable piece for your closet. The modern trends are pastel shades. Things in shades of dusty rose, mint, blurred blue, and sand tone are the most relevant.

Silk can be classified as a volatile fabric because the clothes remain traces of water droplets. Therefore, the most practical will be robes with patterns or ornaments. Popular options are polka dots, geometric prints, floral ornaments.

The play of colors can visually correct flaws in a figure. Plus size women will suit products with vertical stripes. And thin women will like models with horizontal stripes. Decorating the sleeve lapels and bottoms with floral fabrics is an original option.

How To Choose

Products made of natural silk are not cheap. And the desire to have a high-quality item is quite natural. Therefore, when buying, it is imperative to check the authenticity of the textile carefully:

  • The feel of real silk is very smooth and slightly cool.
  • The label should always indicate the composition of the fabric. If in doubt, you can experiment with a sample of the product. The threads are set on fire, and real burnt silk should smell like burnt wool.
  • The price of the product also matters. A natural silk robe is quite expensive, substantial discounts or unrealistic sales should be alert.

Naturally, things in floor length or decorated with exquisite lace have a higher price.

Interesting Models

The most popular are long silk robes with wide sleeves. Products stylized as Japanese kimonos perfectly “sit” on fashionable women with any figure. The most striking are the long models, made from dark silk. The shades of deep blue will make the silhouette appear slimmer and higher.

Unexpected options – robes with cutouts on the back. Such an idea will be appreciated by courageous fashionistas who are not shy to demonstrate body beauty. Moreover, the models made from different materials. As an option – silk gowns with tracery sleeves and lace hem.

Metallic silk gowns, decorated with oriental patterns, with hemlines of different lengths (a bit shorter in front) are in trend.

Helpful Tips

When you buy something expensive, you should take proper care of it. If you adhere to certain requirements, the robe will retain its original exquisite appearance for a long time:

  • It is advisable to wash clothes by hand in cool water, separately from other clothes. Use detergents that do not contain bleach.
  • Since silk is allowed to rub lightly, the robe should not be heavily soiled.
  • Add a little vinegar to the rinse water (not more than 2 tablespoons of acetic acid per 10 liters of liquid).
  • The clothes are wrung out gently, not too much twisting. Dry flat in the shade.

The robe can be ironed with an iron on silk mode (up to 110˚C). Do not use the humid mode, as water splashes will leave stains on the silk fabric. For storing white items, it is recommended to choose a linen bag. Otherwise, silk can accumulate moisture in a plastic bag, “suffocate,” and turn yellow.

A silk robe is a stylish way to keep both luxurious and elegant at any time of day. A model made of real material will provide constant comfort and coziness.

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