Shoulder Length Haircuts: With Bangs, Graduated, Long Bob

What Are The Advantages Of Medium Length Haircuts

Not all women prefer curls down to the waist. Not everyone likes it, and it does not suit everyone. The main thing is to find a length that fits your look. If you have been looking for a long time for a stylish option that is easy to style for an exact time – choose haircuts to the shoulders.

Main advantages:

  • Convenient – it takes little time to wash, dry, and style.
  • Stylish – lots of beautiful, fashionable variations.
  • It’s easy to pick up many options for every face type.

This length offers many styling possibilities. It does not need to be adjusted often. It’s easy to put together a beautiful hairstyle.

Haircut With Bang

This year, lengthened variations are in fashion. These are Korean, French, and curtain bangs. Light strands frame the face on both sides. They are not dense and do not have an even, clear cut.

The strands at the face add some spice. It allows you to change your head without going through radical metamorphosis.

Be careful when choosing it. It is necessary to understand what suits your head shape. A fashionable lengthened version will serve you if you have an oval pointed to the chin face.

The rectangular shape is advantageously framed with numerous layers. This technique smoothes out the angularity nicely.

A light, soft strand falling to the temples makes the image playful, feminine, and light.

Haircut Without Bangs

If all is well with the shape, no correction is required. The forehead should be left open. Play with the length. Make it graduated or smooth. Add asymmetry and an accent on the face.

Long Bob

The bob is a timeless classic. It looks stylish and well-groomed. This haircut will make you a natural beauty queen without spending hours on your hair.

There are many types – graduated, with a flat cut, a long bob without bangs, asymmetrical—the best choice of hairstyles for thin hair. If you can competently make the styling, you will get a lot of volume and lushness.

The smooth cut is suitable for curly curls. The advantage is that even naturally curly curls avoid the “poodle” effect that some people fear.


A multi-layered, graduated haircut allows you to get good volume. Layers are created all over the head – from the top to the tips. Their number and length can vary.

The easy-to-care-for cascade is striking in its exquisite appearance and the ability to shape it as desired. You can straighten the layers, and they will lie softly on each other. Or curl them from the face, and get a beautiful effect on the tips. You can also stretch and style them with brushing and blow-dryer to create super volume.

The main advantage of the cascade is that it fits all face shapes without exception. Adapting to all face shapes is not its only advantage. It can turn fine hair into a wild, utterly indomitable mane.


To get a staircase, the master creates blocks on the face. These blocks are stacked on top of each other, creating a single-stepped shape. They can be frequent, large, pronounced, or small.

Layers gently frame the cheekbones, cheeks, and chin. Thus it is possible to hide some flaws. The ladder helps to create movement, to bring more “life” into the hairstyle.

Straight Cut To Shoulders

A smooth, straight cut is a trend for 2020. Such hair was the first worn by famous fashionistas – Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and Ashley Graham. I am combining it with another trend – glass hair. A super smooth, glossy style characterizes it. The light hitting the curls creates a glowing effect.

Fashionable Shoulder Length Haircuts

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