Shoulder Capes: Boleros, Necklaces, Stoles And Other Options

There is a clear trend among celebrities to wear capes on the shoulders not only under evening dresses with open shoulders, but also in combination with everyday clothes. Initially, this piece of clothing was part of the evening wardrobe. Nowadays, different types of capes designed for everyday use are relevant.

For summer, a lace openwork cape made of fine yarn will protect the shoulders from the scorching sun. In the summer, you can cover your shoulders with a knitted accessory. Lace crochet capes made from thick yarn and fur models, which are appropriate for winter because they serve two purposes – to decorate your image and to keep you warm.

Cape Options

There are several styles of capes, which have their specific names:

  • A fur neckpiece is a narrow scarf of fur worn around the neck or on the shoulders. Women’s neck scarf has only a decorative function and is combined with open dresses in a modern style;
  • Boas – a scarf of feathers, also serves only a decorative function;
  • Stoles have been in fashion for centuries. This accessory is made from different materials – silk, cashmere, knitwear, fur. Depending on the fabric it can be worn under an evening dress or as a casual option. For a solemn appearance it is necessary to use a stole made of expensive fabric, with a beautiful decoration, embroidery;
  • A pelerine is a short cloak up to and above the waist. It is shaped like a sun. Such women’s cape over her shoulders allows you to create an accent on the thin waist. The material of the cape may be any;
  • The bolero is a thing that came to us from Spain. It is very comfortable to use, has a beautiful silhouette. Bolero can be made of knitted material and light material – silk, satin, lace. The accessory is perfectly combined with puffed skirts. Lace knitted cape of this type is easy to create at home;
  • Manto is a short cloak of fur, resembling a fur coat. It can be with or without sleeves. If the manto has no sleeves, it is worn as a poncho.

How To Choose

The color of the cape on the shoulders depends on the dress that it is worn with. If you choose an accessory for an evening out, you can create a contrasting set – gold with red, silver with blue. Wedding capes are traditionally white.

The bolero can be worn with both puffed and tight-fitting dress. It looks like a short jacket. The bolero can be made of the same fabric as the dress. If it is made from a different material, there should be a combination of style and shade. Fancy lace bolero looks great with romantic outfits with open shoulders. Openwork cape looks most feminine.

For a winter evening, a fur coat is most appropriate. For wedding ceremonies there are white wedding options. Traditionally, this accessory is shaped like a trapeze.

The most suitable cape for an evening dress is the neckline. It is traditionally thrown on the shoulders or wrapped around the neck. The jacket performs an aesthetic function in the image. Usually, the accessory is attached to the body by a velvet or silk bow.

A gorgeous option for an evening dress with open shoulders is a stole made of organza, satin, silk or chiffon.

To make the cape fit the dress as well as possible, try them on together rather than buying them separately. This will allow you to choose the most suitable style and length of the cape on your shoulders. If your stole or bolero fulfilles not have a clasp or a tie, a stylish brooch can fulfill this role.

Variations Of Wedding Capes

Since the wedding day begins early in the morning and ends at night, you need to buy a stylish cape to go with the dress. Only in the image of the bride will it look organic. Wearing a coat, jacket or other outerwear under the dress is irrelevant.

The purpose of a women’s cape is not only for decoration, but also to conceal flaws on the neck and shoulders.

If the celebration is in winter or late fall, the most appropriate option for this period would be a fur bolero with sleeves or a pelerine. Usually such wedding capes are made of white fur with a lavish clasp of stones. Stones can also decorate the sleeves, the lower part of the product. Wedding boleros can be used in weddings. This rite requires the bride to be with her shoulders covered. A woman’s cape will cover the bare shoulders.

To complement a bride’s outfit with open shoulders, rectangular shaped shawls consisting of a fur cut. Miniature pelerines, which cover the shoulders and neckline area, are suitable for fragile girls. For girls with lush forms such capes are not suitable.

Women’s fur cape on the shoulder made of sheared fur looks beautiful. This style will suit any bride. A very delicate and romantic lace pelerine, tied on a satin ribbon.

If the wedding is in the summer, fabric capes are appropriate for this season. For example, a bolero of organza without a clasp, decorated with a wide satin ribbon on the edges, looks beautiful.

An open-shoulder dress will look great with a guipure bolero. An interesting option is an openwork pelerine made of guipure and lace, which is worn over the head.

A classic wedding option in the style of minimalism is a white satin bolero without decoration. It looks very stylish and elegant thanks to the fabric itself.

Women’s capes are an original closet item you need to know how to wear. The right choice of bolero or stole will make your image unique and distinctive.

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