Shapes Of Women Faces

The desire to look attractive is inherent to many female representatives. The face is a key moment to which the owners and the people around them pay attention. It is very important to determine the shape of your face because it determines what kind of makeup, styling, and image in general.

In nature, there are no maximally identical features of appearance. All female faces have different proportions, and unique shapes of eyes, nose, and lips But all of these features can be classified into certain types. A total of 7 basic face shapes are distinguished:

  1. Oval.
  2. Round.
  3. Square.
  4. Rectangular.
  5. Triangular.
  6. Pear-shaped.
  7. Diamond.

Determining The Shape Of The Face

You can find out the shape of your face by yourself. First, you need to remove all the strands of hair. Then go to the mirror and, looking at the face, trace its contour with a felt-tip pen. The resulting silhouette should then be correlated with the peculiarities of each type of face and identify a suitable one.

There is another way of determining this. In this case, use a centimeter to measure the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw after identifying which one is the widest. Then it is necessary to find out how much the length of the face is greater than the width. All the data obtained are compared with the characteristics of each type of face.

Oval Face

The oval shape of the face is considered ideal. Features of this type:

  • the length is greater than the width;
  • the width of the forehead is greater than the width of the chin;
  • the width of the cheekbones slightly more than the width of the forehead;
  • the shape of the chin is round or oval.

Because the proportions of the forehead, jaw, and cheekbones are observed, this type should not resort to precise contouring, only to emphasize the features. But the peculiarities of the entire makeup depend on other facial features. Generally, women with this shape can safely experiment with decorative cosmetics to look even more beautiful.

Any haircut and styling are suitable for this type of face, be it hair to the shoulders or the waist. You can choose bangs of any shape: classic, elongated, or oblique.

Round Face

A round face belongs to the “baby-face” type. Women with this type visually look younger than their age. They have rounded, smooth contour lines, which gives them a resemblance to childlike features. Features of this shape:

  • The length of the face is not much longer than the width;
  • rounded cheeks;
  • soft cheekbones;
  • the width of the forehead is equal to the width of the chin.

If desired, this shape can be corrected. To visually elongate the face, it is worth using contouring to darken the areas under the cheekbones. Light shades of corrector and highlighter should be applied to the middle of the forehead, nose, and chin. You can add more on the cheekbones and under the eyes for denser makeup. Visually elongating the face will help a well-chosen form of eyebrows. They should be thin, rounded, and with a high rise.

The owner of a round face shape is better off choosing haircuts with the hair length below the shoulders. Light curls or a straight hair structure can help to elongate the face. You should not choose haircuts with bangs. On the contrary, they can aggravate the situation and add even more roundness. The parting of the hair can be straight or to the side.

Square Face

Women with square faces look severe, bright, and even sexy. Such a shape can easily be softened with the help of makeup and a properly chosen haircut. The features of this type include:

  • the length of the face is almost equal to the width;
  • high forehead with a pronounced hairline;
  • the width of the forehead is similar to the width of the chin;
  • angular cheekbones and jaw.

To visually make an oval out of a square, you should darken all the sharp corners of the face. A dark corrector should be applied on the forehead near the hairline, cheekbones, and sides. A light tone is needed in the middle of the face: forehead and nose. If desired, it is possible to accentuate the eyes. The best solution would be to make classic “smoky eyes” with small arrows. It is unnecessary to resort to bright shades not to give even more attention to the forehead. It is better to choose the shape of the eyebrows with a curve or slightly rounded, without harsh lines.

Almost all haircuts and hairstyles are suitable for women with square faces. To slightly elongate the vertical of the face, you should pay attention to styles with volume and light curls.

Rectangular Face

The rectangular shape resembles the square shape of the face in its angularity. It also has a massive forehead, an elongated chin, and pronounced cheekbones. The obvious difference is that in the rectangular type, the length of the face exceeds the width, making it longer.

Balancing the length and width with the help of competent makeup and the right haircut is not very difficult. As in the correction of the square type, two shades should be used. The dark shade is applied to the hair growth line and chin, and the light one to the middle of the forehead and nose. Highlighter should emphasize cheekbones and the area under the eyes. To give roundness to the cheeks can be done with blushes of light shades.

The owner of a rectangular type is better not to make high hairstyles or a straight parting. The best option would be a cascade haircut. In this case, the hair, even without styling, will lie in light waves, which visually smooth out all the angularity of the face.

Triangular Face

The triangular shape of the face is also called “heart-shaped” for its resemblance to the shape of a heart. This type is not common and is distinguished by the fact that the width of the chin is much less than the width of the forehead and has an angular shape.

In this case, the main task of correction is to increase the width of the jaw and give a rounded chin. To visually enlarge the lower part of the face, you should lighten it with light-colored concealer and highlighter. Reduce the width of the cheeks and draw attention away from the forehead with a darker shade. The eyebrows should be given a rounded shape.

Hair length for the owners of this face shape should be up to the chin or below. A suitable haircut would be a long square-cut braid, which can be supplemented with asymmetrical bangs sideways.

Pear Shaped Face

The pear-shaped face resembles a pear or trapezoidal shape since it has an enlarged lower part. Characteristic features are:

  • narrow forehead;
  • broad jaw;
  • large chin.

To bring this type closer to the ideal shape, the upper and lower parts of the face should be balanced. A dark tone should smooth out the jaw and chin. A light corrector can widen the forehead and the hair growth line. A highlighter should be applied to the back of the nose, the area above the cheekbones, and the area under the eyebrows. Blush should be shaded to the temples to increase the volume in those areas visually. The eyebrows should be long and with a curve.

Women with a pear shape will suit asymmetrical haircuts and bushy bangs. Preference should be given to bouffant hairstyles with volume.

Diamond Shape

This face shape is also called a diamond shape. It differs from the ideal type of narrow chin, forehead, and wide cheekbones. To bring the diamond closer to the oval, you need to widen the upper and lower part of the face.

You should use smooth lines to darken the cheekbones and, conversely, lighten the forehead and chin. Highlighter can highlight the area under the eyes. It is better to make the eyebrows narrower and with a slight rise.

For the owners of a diamond-shaped face, it is desirable not to cover the face with hair. You should wear high hairstyles to open the forehead and visually enlarge it. Another suitable option would be a square cut with light bangs.

Any face shape, even if it is not perfect, is beautiful in its way. If you want, you can always correct it with the right makeup and the right haircut.

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