Shamballa Bracelet: History, Types, Meanings And Ways Of Making

It is said that once upon a time, a shamballa bracelet had a mystical meaning. Nowadays, this beautiful jewelry is for those who believe in otherworldly forces: it can play the role of an amulet and talisman. For those who adhere to the atheistic view of the world, it is just a stylish accessory with reference to the traditions of Asian culture.

What Is A Shamballa Bracelet

In the original version, the shamballa was a bracelet made of nine stone beads connected by an intricate knotwork weave. It was worn on the right hand, made of different stones, and used different knots. Each nuance fit into a system of beliefs: some bracelets brought health, others – good luck, some – happiness in family matters, and the fourth – healed from the disease.

Meaning Of The Shamballa Bracelet

It is said that the bracelets were initially worn by Buddhist monks, using them as a counterpart to the rosary. They would slide the beads around their wrist while meditating and reciting mantras, measuring the time and counting how much of the rule had already been done.

Then the bracelet went to the people: laymen began to wear it, and like everything associated with faith, it gave sacred meaning. It was related to the signs of the zodiac, with the doctrine of the properties of stones, and with one’s belief in talismans. As a result, only the original form of the bracelet remained from Buddhism, and everything else is a superimposed tradition from India, China and other Asian countries.

“Shambhala” is a relatively recent name for this kind of bracelet, based on the association with the mythical Shambhala, the Promised Land, which is located in the mountains and which has long been sought by all kinds of enlightened people, travelers and those in search of truth in all its forms.


Originally, bracelets were made exclusively of stones: it was a material that was easy to obtain when you lived in a mountain monastery (it was in the mountains that Buddhist communities were located), and it was also practically wear-resistant. Beads charged with energy and consecrated by the touch of a meditative trance could be used by generations of monks. It was only necessary to change the thread braid from time to time.

Now there are a lot more variations of materials:

  • Metal. It can be precious metals, stainless alloys, or ordinary iron. The beads, in this case, are not as heavy as the stone ones. They heat up faster and last just as long. It is only important to ensure that the metal does not oxidize in contact with the skin. Otherwise, the bracelet will quickly lose its presentable appearance;
  • Wood. Like stone species, wood species have different meanings. Oak encourages physical health and strength, and birch helps with love. Of course, wooden beads wear out much faster, but they are lighter and cheaper than stones or metal, and you can also carve or etch symbols on them. Plus, some people like wood better on its own;
  • Glass. Large glass beads, suitable for bracelets, last as long as stone or metal beads and still look good. Transparent or frosted, colored or colorless, monochrome or multicolored, they give endless room for creativity. Where metal is limited to a few colors and wood to shades of one, they offer a wide variety;
  • Plastic. Plastic beads usually imitate glass, stone or wood. They do not last long and quickly wear out in contact with the skin, but they are very cheap – for those who want to learn how to weave bracelets, they are best suited. At the same time, ideologically, plastic is inferior to all other materials because, unlike them, it is synthetic;
  • Stone. Beads can be precious, semi-precious or no-value stones. The main thing is that they fit nicely on the hand and meet the wearer’s needs.

There may be decorative elements on the beads:

  • Carving. The wooden beads can depict a geometric pattern, flowers, runes, letters;
  • painting. Any type can not only give color but also show something;
  • Etching or engraving. The first is on wood and stone, and the second is on metal. It makes it possible to change not only the color but also the texture. Such beads can be of any shape.

There are beads with glued rhinestones, mirrored or carved letters. All of these methods of embellishment are more than acceptable, especially if they make the owner of the bracelet feel good.


Bracelets of different colors not only combine differently with clothing and the image of the owner in general. They also have extraordinary power if you believe the teachings about the meanings of colors. For example:

  • Red. It gives determination and self-confidence and embodies the element of Fire, which is responsible for the flame in a person: how much he “burns” his cause, his love for himself and those around him;
  • Orange. Gives about the same effect as red but in a warmer version. A person with a red bracelet will become self-confident and even somewhat aggressive. With orange, he will react softer, even to offensive outbursts;
  • Yellow. The sunny color of warmth and life. Responsible for how full it feels, how much one likes to live. It is a color that allows one to give strength and accept other people’s help, which helps to feel the good better and think less about the bad;
  • Green. A color that is directly related to the element Water, and it is responsible for harmony and flexibility. Wearing a bracelet of this color on your hand, it is easier to achieve harmony with yourself, not to blame yourself for your shortcomings, not to envy others, and not to be disappointed;
  • Blue. Also associated with the element of Water but more with the aspect of flexibility. It reveals wisdom, the ability to see the connections between things and, if necessary, to adjust quickly to them. A good color for those who work in the intellectual field;
  • Blue. It is responsible for intuition. Of course, it will not make a simple man a prophet and a seer, but help you feel better when it is necessary to speak and when it is better to remain silent;
  • purple. Enables you to grow above yourself, cope with your shortcomings and learn new things;
  • black. Collects negative energy, allows you to find the inner core;
  • white. It attracts positive energy and helps you think more about spiritual things and less about silly everyday little things.

Of course, there are many more colors, but usually, the shades inherit the mother colors – shades of green will help you find harmony, and shades of blue will help you find intuition.

If a shade is obtained from a combination of two colors, it will give a weakened effect of both with a preponderance in the color that it contains more of. For example, dark pink, which has more red, will give spirituality but more self-confidence. But a light pink, with more white, will give self-confidence, but to a much greater extent, the ability to detach from the mundane.

Combine no more than three colors, or you’ll get an overload. Also, remember that the threads’ colors strengthen the effect but do not have it. Thus, a bracelet with red stones and black threads will give only confidence. But if you add a few black stones, it will help gain the inner core.


Bracelets come in different ways of weaving:

  • Single – consisting of a single row of stones;
  • double – respectively, of two;
  • triplets – of three.

The method of weaving, the shape of the beads, their color can vary, but there is no clear classification, because there are too many options.

Stones In A Shamballa Bracelet And Their Power

To enhance different aspects of personality, you can use not only the colors of the bracelet but also the stones from which the beads are made:

  • Rose quartz reveals emotionality and sensitivity. On the one hand, it allows you to understand your partner, show sensitivity better and add tenderness to a loving relationship. On the other hand, it can cause tearfulness and fear of stress. Therefore, it is better not to wear a rose quartz bracelet at work;
  • Amethyst. Promotes openness and acceptance of new things. As a consequence – the rise of creativity, the emergence of new, original ideas, a rush of inspiration;
  • Onyx. It helps to speak better and connect with people. In ancient times, it was considered a stone of merchants and orators. The powerful effect gives if you take a couple of classes of oratory or at least practice in front of a mirror;
  • pearls. Displays physical attractiveness and helps to avoid infidelity;
  • Agate, rock crystal, and hematite. The stone is a good gift for the heart and the soul, but it can also help against the evil eye, envy and false gossip.

They wear malachite, jade, moonstone, and agate for good luck. For better health, wear jasper, charonite, and amber.

It is possible to combine beads of different stones, but not more than two kinds, in one bracelet. Otherwise, they will start to interfere with each other. Moreover, some stones can neutralize the properties of others.

How To Choose A Shamballa Bracelet

It is believed that the best suits a person bracelet, which is made especially for him, with an understanding of his needs and love. But even bought bracelets may come to fit if you choose them carefully and carefully. It is necessary to take into account the following:

  • A person’s aspirations. Based on these, it is necessary to choose stones that will help him in achieving what he wants and colors that will enhance them;
  • A person’s style. The bracelet must fit it in principle and blend in color;
  • Quality. The bracelet must be woven expertly, or it will quickly fall apart. There should be no traces of glue anywhere. The beads should not be scratched or otherwise damaged.

It is believed that the bracelet will work best if it is not put on the hand of the person, and someone close and dear to him, sincerely wishing him happiness.

You can only consider the quality and style for those who do not believe that stones and colors can somehow influence life.

How To Distinguish A Man’s Shamballa Bracelet From A Woman’s

The division into men’s and women’s bracelets is very relative. Some stones are more suitable for women, such as moon quartz. Some stones are better for men, such as agate. A more geometric, complex weave is usually associated with men’s amulets.

But in general, nothing terrible will happen if a woman wants to wear a bracelet made of dark “male” stones and a man of light “female” stones.

What Kind Of Shamballa Bracelet To Choose

Technically, the more rows in the bracelet, the stronger it is considered. But to a greater extent, you should be guided by the inner feelings: how the bracelet fits on the hand, whether it feels in its place, and whether there is a desire to remove it.

If all is well, you can wear any variety, even plastic.

Is It Possible To Buy A Name Bracelet

The tradition of making name bracelets is relatively recent: the letters are burned, carved, and stamped into the material by stamping. This does not affect the properties, but if it is more pleasant for the person, why not?

Children especially like name bracelets.

Is It Worth Choosing A Shamballa According To Your Zodiac Sign

In addition to personal desires, you can choose a shamballa bracelet according to the meaning of the zodiac sign. So:

  • Aries will do well with stones of reddish hues;
  • The bodies are greenish and brownish;
  • Twins – purple, gray and yellow;
  • to crayfish – blue, white and green stones;
  • lions are yellow and orange;
  • The maidens are green, white, and gray;
  • scales – blue, blue and pink;
  • scorpions – dark blue, yellow, black;
  • to the Sagittarians – blue and red;
  • Capricorns – dark green, black, gray;
  • Aquarius – blue, purple, pink;
  • for fish – blue, purple and green.

But it must be remembered that the zodiac is a much less flexible system than the stone value system. Leo may not want the health and confidence that amber, onyx and tourmaline give him. It may well be that he wants the harmony of green stones.

Therefore, it is better to choose a stone according to the zodiac only if there are no expressed desires.

How To Wear

There are a few rules about how to wear a shamballa bracelet:

  • Always on the wrist of the right hand and not more than three at a time;
  • The bracelet should be removed before going to bed and preferably rinsed with cool running Water;
  • Store separately from other jewelry on a windowsill or next to the bed;
  • Once a month, leave it under running water or buried in the ground for a while – this will clean it from all the unpleasant energy that will stick to it.

You need to change the lace from time to time – this will keep the bracelet nice and bright.

Diy Shamballa Bracelet

Braiding shamballa bracelets is a great hobby. First, there will always be something to give to friends. Second, bracelets woven by hand will indeed be positively charged, which does not always work with purchased ones. Third, the process usually relaxes and puts you in a meditative mood.

Simple Bracelet

A single bracelet is the easiest to weave – this is usually the starting point for all beginners. The process is sequential:

  1. It is necessary to choose a strong kapron thread to match the beads.
  2. Cut three pieces of equal length, tie them into a knot at the end, and secure the knot to the table, for example, with tape.
  3. Bring the left piece under the other two, put it under them, and the right one under the other two, but on top.
  4. Make a knot.
  5. Repeat the movement, so the right and left segments constantly change places while the central one remains unchanged.
  6. When about ten knots are made, you can put the beads on.
  7. Tie each bead in the same way – three knots, then a bead, then three knots again.
  8. After the last, ninth bead, you need to tie ten knots and all three sections into a knot.
  9. Peel off the tape and drop glue on the knots, just in case, so they don’t unravel.
  10. Cut the side sections, the main ones, to leave and put together.
  11. Take a thread of the primary color and make it a knot.
  12. Check if the clasp works.

Having a good hand, simple Tibetan bracelets can be made in half an hour (a few pieces).

Men’s Shamballa Bracelet

To make a men’s bracelet, which will be evident that it is a man’s, you should use dark beads and dark threads and think about the strength, masculinity and inner core of the one for whom the bracelet is braided.

Double Shamballa

This kind of shamballa is woven a little differently:

  1. Divide the sections into three, make ten knots on each bundle and put nine beads on each middle one.
  2. When it’s time to tie a bead, you have to connect the element from the left bundle, using the left section of that bundle and the left section of the second bundle, and then repeat the same with the second bead and the right sections.
  3. Then weave the same principle as a simple bracelet: three knots, braid the beads, three knots.

The main thing is not to get confused about which section and which should be used right now.

Triple Shamballa

A triple bracelet will require even more beads and even more sections. Needed:

  1. Take seven cords – on the three main string beads, two beads left on each side, tie a knot.
  2. Make the standard ten knots with a double cord (because two are left over!).
  3. Make four knots on the center thread with the side threads closer to the center (for convenience, they are called inner threads).
  4. Braid the left bead with the two left laces.
  5. Braid the suitable bead with the two right laces.
  6. Braid the center bead with the left and right cords closer to it.

The main thing is that the first times weave slowly and thoughtfully. The main thing is to weave the first times slowly and thoughtfully. Otherwise, getting entangled in the threads and getting a simple ball of thread instead of a magical amulet is easy.

Shamballa Bracelet From Natural Stones

No special skills are required to weave a fashionable shambala bracelet out of natural stones. It is enough to use the same scheme used for weaving in general and the beads themselves to order from the Internet or disassemble old unwanted beads.

How To Make A Shamballa Bracelet With Letters

To make a shamballa with letters, order suitable beads. The principle of weaving is no different from the standard one. You need to ensure that all the letters look in the same direction.

To grow out of the novice master and know exactly how many beads should be in a shamballa bracelet, it will only take practice. After the first dozen bracelets will become easier, and when the count exceeds fifty, the weaving process will be automatic.

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