Shaggy Haircut 2022 With 150 Photos

The shaggy haircut is one of the most popular in recent times, although some options only suit the most daring. I’ll explain a shaggy haircut, how to style it, and see if it’s right for you.

What Is A Shaggy Haircut

Layers are the protagonists of a haircut with a particular eighties spirit. The elegance of this haircut is that the layers are so pronounced that it seems short on top and extended from the middle of the hair.

This is an excellent option for those who do not have time to spend long hours styling. The haircut requires little maintenance, but it is advisable to cut it at intervals of up to eight weeks to keep it in shape.

Shaggy Haircut For Medium Hair

Medium-length shaggy can do wonders with fine hair. Thanks to the layers, and if you also curl in waves, you will see your hair gain beautiful volume.

The medium option looks excellent on both thin and thick hair because it doesn’t matter. The key to creating a striking look is the bangs. There are many types of bangs; you must choose the option that suits your face shape. About that, just below.

Shaggy Haircut For Long Hair

The shaggy haircut is usually worn to the shoulders but can also be worn on long hair. It looks beautiful on long hair. Layers along the entire length should be very present, so this length is best left for very thick hair so that the ends are not too empty. This is a great way to remove the heaviness that takes away the volume of thick hair.

Shaggy Haircut For Short Hair

If you love layering and are looking for a haircut for your short hair that has a little volume and is also trending – shaggy is for you.

Shaggy Haircut With Bangs

In the photos, most haircuts are accompanied by bangs above the eyebrows. But in the case of shag, the length of the bangs is entirely free. If you prefer it below the eyebrows, it will fit. There’s no problem with even the shortest haircut.

Medium hair with bangs

A bang helps to add lightness to the face. A thick one emphasizes the face and can hide too broad a forehead and extended features.

Long hair with bangs

This is an excellent way to create super volume without drastically changing the length of your hair.

Short hair with bangs

A bold, bright, and exciting hairstyle. For girls and women who are not afraid to attract attention.

With bangs with a curtain

One of the most beautiful shapes is shaggy with a curtain. The curtain bangs become the protagonist of the look. If you have a lot of hair, this will be a straightforward way to keep it under control.

Semi-circular bangs

Rounded bangs are complicated and do not look good on everyone. It is better to refrain from it if you have a round face because you can only emphasize its shape. This type of bang is perfect for long hair with volume.

Shaggy Bob Haircut

A long bob at the neck level or up to the shoulders is famous because the longer it is, the easier it is to create the impression of lush hair. Ideally, accompany it with bangs to frame the face and improve the appearance.

Without stacking

It can be dried without blow drying and looks relaxed, natural, and dynamic. Shaggy without styling looks terrific.

After shampooing, you should let your hair dry naturally and, if necessary, style it with hairspray to give it direction. Don’t forget to use conditioner regularly to keep your hair healthy and prevent tangles.

Shaggy Haircut For Teens 2022

Its versatility and carefree look make the shaggy cut the most sought-after haircut among teenagers. It goes well with any length and type of hair. It provides a lot of movement and volume. Although the opposite effect can be achieved if desired. And most importantly, it is straightforward to comb; it does not get tangled.

Shaggy Haircut For A Round Face

In this hairstyle, layering takes center stage. For a round face, a large amount of volume in the upper part of the head – on the crown and in the area of bangs works well. This will visually narrow a round face.

Shaggy Haircut For A Oval Face

For the oval, all options are acceptable. Especially good will look variant with bangs with a curtain.

Shaggy Haircut For Straight Hair

Shaggy was one of the most popular hairstyles among celebrities in the ’70s. Two decades later, the charismatic Rachel from Friends made it a style icon on and off the small screen. She wore it with straight hair.

Shaggy Haircut For Curly Hair

Curly and frizzy hair are some types that can benefit the most from this haircut. For them, layers are a must. If you mark them more, it will be easier to tame the curls and give them an excellent shape.

How To Style A Shaggy Haircut

All it takes is 30 seconds for your hair to look spectacular. It is essential to use the right styling product.

  1. Wash your hair as usual.
  2. Apply mousse, texturizing spray, or just thermal protection.
  3. Blow-dry with a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. Putting your head down while drying will add even more volume.

Shaggy Haircut For Fine Hair

This is a very versatile haircut, suitable for any hair, especially for those who need extra volume. For thin hair, it is better to choose a medium length.

Dyeing Shaggy Haircut

It is an excellent idea to accompany it with highlights that strategically contribute to increasing the size and movement.

Shaggy Haircut For Women Over 50

Shaggy is the perfect hairstyle for women 50+ because you can maintain lost volume and create a shape that is not difficult to style.

Before and After Photos

If you want to see how the hairstyle looks on other women, these before and after photos will help you.

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