Sesson Haircut For Short And Medium Hair

Who Looks Good With Sesson Haircut

Sesson looks best on dense, thick, straight hair, although other options are also allowed. The haircut in a classic version suits the tall, short, complete, and slender. Such a hairstyle masks the peculiarities of the appearance:

  • protruding ears
  • a very high and wide forehead
  • sharp cheekbones
  • square face

But the classic sesson option will have to be abandoned for those with a round face. The silhouette of the haircut will only accentuate this shape. But an asymmetrical version can be tried.

Sesson returns to the ’60s, suitable for fans of classic and retro styles. The shape of the haircut resembles a beanie. So do not dye it in bright, unnatural colors.

This gives the impression of a wig on the head. Natural light and dark shades are welcome. Melting, coloring, and bronzing look original.

Session Vs. Heiress – What’s The Difference?

The sesson haircut is characterized by a smooth change in length around the circumference of the head. The bangs are cut in an arch shape. The front part goes to the side strands and lengthens to the back of the head as much as possible. The edge of the hair forms a continuous line without breaks.

The sesson is very similar to the page, so there is confusion. But the haircuts differ in the execution of the bangs: in the first case, the shape is rounded, and in the second – straight. Another distinguishing feature is the length on the sides and in the back. In the sesson, the back strands are longer than the side strands; the page is cut in one line.

Sesson Haircut On Short Hair

This layered, voluminous haircut creates an elegant and well-groomed image. It has no age restrictions. Looks feminine and neat—a beautiful look in the back.

The haircut is performed as follows:

  1. Make partitions: vertical, central, from ear to ear through the breakup point. On the temporal zones, diagonals are highlighted from the face. In the occipital area, curved diagonals are highlighted from the face. A semicircle is obtained in the middle of the lower occiput.
  2. The haircut starts at the temporal and lateral areas. The first strand sets the length and outline of the haircut. The classic solution is a line stretching from the earlobe to the bridge of the nose, but the client’s desire guides it. The distribution of the strands should correspond to the natural fall. The cut is flat, with elongation from the face.
  3. Continue the line at the nape of the neck. The angle of rising is 0° on the comb. The angle of the cut repeats the curved diagonal. The cut line extends from the face and rounds smoothly to the central parting.
  4. Move to the section on the opposite side, focusing on the control strand. To avoid shortening the control strand, it is better to leave the length on the opposite side a little longer and bring the balance.
  5. A strand parallel to the diagonal line on the temporal and occipital area is selected. The lift is by one finger.
  6. At the temporal part, cut the control strand, the distribution – the natural growth of hair.
  7. In the occipital zone, the distribution is carried out T-shaped break, the angle of rising – 45 °. The cut line is round, repeating the outline of the head. The length should not be less than the bottom strand.
  8. Then repeat steps 5, 6, and 7. Gradually move on to the bangs, which are formed based on the length of the control strands.
  9. The last strand of the circle is also distributed in natural fall. The cut is made, focusing on the reference line. Same for the occipital zone, but the angle of rising is 45 ° C

It is essential to moisturize the hair when cutting it. It is better to cut all sections simultaneously, going up to the decay point of the strands. In this case, the master does not lose balance.

Drying is done in the “twist” technique with a hairdryer with a nozzle and a flat brush. The brush curls the strands around the head. First, work in one direction, then in the opposite direction. This creates the desired volume, and the hair feels the least stress. In the end, grind the stops on a round brush, tucking the strand inside.

At the last stage, the haircut is finalized – the perimeter is cleaned up, and a parallel cut is made along the outermost line. At the nape of the neck, each strand is worked through with a deep parallel cut to smooth out the graduation.

Sesson On Medium Hair

A mid-length sesson suits a round face. The line will visually elongate the face, bringing it closer to the oval.

Sesson On Long Hair

Sesson is also performed on long hair. The neck is closed at the back. The length ends in line with the shoulder blades. The long sesson is suitable for those who want to experiment with the image without radical changes. The haircut emphasizes the “swan” neck.

With Bangs

The classic version of the haircut involves thick bangs. Its length depends on which part of the face will be emphasized. For example, short French bangs up to the middle of the forehead create an open effect. Long, hiding the eyebrows makes the features refined, hides round cheeks, and accentuates the eyes.

No Bangs

The master can offer a sesson without bangs for those who prefer an open forehead. In this case, the haircut becomes similar to a variation of a bob, a carriage, but with a long nape.

Sesson Haircut For Women Over 50

As for age, there are no restrictions. Sesson is youthful but does not look frivolous. Features haircuts for women after 50 years:

  • Bunchy bangs visually narrow and make the facial oval shape clear and expressive;
  • short version – creates a thick, missing volume.

But it should be considered that the short version opens the neck and chin. Therefore, the skin should be well-groomed and tightened. Imperfections will contrast with the silhouette’s smooth lines and the hair’s mirror-like smoothness.

Sesson Haircut For Women Over 60

After 60 years of age, age-related processes worsen, affecting the skin’s appearance. The skin loses even more elasticity, the oval becomes less clear, and the hair is thinning.

Therefore, it is better to refuse straight lines, “sleekness. It is a welcomed choice: filleting, which gives volume and distracts from wrinkles. The maximum length is up to your shoulders.

On Curly Hair

The classic sesson is performed on straight hair, requiring precise, straight lines. For a haircut to look as the creator intended, curly people must constantly use a curling iron or straighten curls with a hairdryer and brush. Your hair won’t like it.

But still, girls with curls can also try on a hairstyle for themselves. The smooth and graphic lines and a strict, cold image will not turn out. On the contrary, curly curls look perky, bold, and original. The haircut turns out airy and softens the facial features.

On Fine Hair

The sesson, despite popular belief, can also be cut on thin hair. But then you have to look for ways to give volume. Foams, sprays, curlers, or curling irons, styling with a hair dryer and a round brush can help.

The classic sesson is a beautiful and comfortable haircut that lasts 2-4 weeks. To make your head look neat, you must visit a hairdresser at least once a month.

Pictures Of Sesson Haircut

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