Secrets Of Workplace Makeup

It is commonly believed that girls are less successful in their careers than men. But we should not forget that the key to success is professional qualities. Nevertheless, a girl is, first of all, beautiful and flawless. But in the office, it is necessary to comply with the dress code, which means that even at work, she has to keep the bar. Competent business makeup will also provide self-confidence and will give a status image.

Peculiarities Of Workplace Makeup

When thinking about daily makeup and the evening, images immediately come to mind suitable pictures. The business style is a little bit more complicated. It has its features:

  1. Naturalness. This look is not accentuated with eyes or lips.
  2. Persistence. The makeup should last for the entire day, so paying more attention to the choice of products is necessary.
  3. Restraint. The primary colors of such a look are beige, brown, gray, peach, bronze, and pearl.

Step-by-step technique

In general, all the steps correspond to classic makeup. The main thing is that business makeup rarely uses contouring, and each step has nuances.


Does anyone like to get up early to perform all the steps of facial skin care? So try to save time in the evening: scrubbing or light exfoliation once a week, quality cleansing, night cream, and a good night’s sleep every day. If your skin looks fresh and healthy in the morning, you’ll save time on at least a concealer for under-eye circles. But for a wash and moisturizer will still have time.

It is better not to choose a heavy foundation and not to use a primer. Otherwise, your face will look like a mask. Choose light textures and apply them with a brush, sponge, or fingertips. If necessary, do not neglect concealer.

Blushes are used as desired in small quantities. Warm tones of peach shades are for swarthy girls, and cool pink colors are for snow-white girls. It is better to choose creamy textures. They are well blushable. Use a slanted brush to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks and stretch it towards the temple. On the cheekbones, you can add a little highlighter. Finish the tone with transparent powder.

Eye Makeup

For many girls, eyebrows are already half of the makeup. The eyebrows should have the right shape and look natural. It is unnecessary to trace the contour, but it is worth using a pencil or shadows, as they give a stern look. Fix the eyebrows with gel for stability.

The versatile colors of shadows are peach, beige, and light brown. Textures are preferably matte, but you can also choose with a slight shimmer. It is recommended to choose warm shades as the skin can take on an unhealthy color under the light of cold office lamps. Light shades are applied to the mobile eyelid, and dark shades are used to trace the eye’s outer corner and the eyelid’s crease. In the inner corner of the eye, add some highlighter. Paint the eyelashes with black or brown mascara.

Lovers of arrows can draw a thin line with a small tip. But it is better to draw the upper eyelid along the interlining from above. It will add expressiveness to the eyes, and it will be difficult to overdo it. Admissible colors of eyeliner: black, gray, and brown.

Lip Makeup

This stage is the easiest: there should be a minimum of lip makeup. Choose nude colors for lipstick and gloss: peach, beige, caramel. A classic option: a clear gloss, a matte pastel lipstick, or a simple lip balm. Using tint is a great way to avoid running to the mirror every couple of hours and carrying lipstick in your purse. It is worth noting that in some images, especially with a darker color of eyes and hair, there is a very terse look wine and cherry matte shades of lipsticks.

Tips For Workplace Makeup

Even creating the perfect office look takes experience. Small smart tricks that will make life a lot easier:

  1. Rarely is the office very comfortable, with air conditioning in the summer, central heating in the winter, and dry air circulating year-round. So do not forget hydration, using a day cream with low oil under makeup.
  2. A thermal water spray is great if your skin is dry and moisturizes your face during the day.
  3. If your skin is oily, matting wipes are a great thing. They’re worth using, but most people treat them with skepticism. Powder, in this case, is not a helper, it will be layered, and by the end of the day, you can get a crust on the face.
  4. Girls with blonde hair are better off wearing more neutral makeup because any detail on their skin stands out more.
  5. For brunettes, “liberties” in the form of arrows or noticeable lipstick are acceptable.
  6. Persistent cosmetics dries the skin. If you have to do makeup in the office every day, try to use nourishing and moisturizing masks after a hard day.

Business makeup for a girl sets an energetic and purposeful mood. The image of a severe woman ready for career advancement and a responsible position is born. But there should be a balance everywhere. Even a business lady should, first of all, dispose of her clients and employees.

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