Scarves For The Modern Woman: What To Pair With Them And How To Wear Them

During the existence of such beautiful and warm accessories, such as scarves, their species range has acquired countless models. According to the leading fashion houses, in the upcoming fall and winter, in the closet of every girl or woman, there should be several models that will be in trend in the coming season.

  • A classic knitted scarf. In the coming season, fashionable knitted scarves are becoming an indispensable and stylish addition to autumn and winter clothing. The most relevant models are connected with a large “rustic” or openwork knitting. Voluminous scarves, tied with English elastic or large braids, will be a detail that can decorate the autumn or winter coat with a simple and concise silhouette. The upcoming season will be appropriate for monochrome models and scarves knitted from thick yarn of bright colours.
  • Fashionable scarves made of natural fabrics and wool. Traditionally popular are models made of natural fabrics or wool. Favourites among scarves in 2022 will be made of cashmere, stylish and warm plaid scarves. This season, two-colour plaid with straight lines is a trend for business and classic clothes. Three-colour plaid scarves will be appropriate to form a youth style or an accessory for everyday clothes.
  • Stoles. The dynamics of events in the fashion world suggest that stoles will become relevant again. This very comfortable variety of scarf can be made from different types of yarn, fabrics, and natural or artificial fur. The stole can replace a warm clothing item like a jacket or sweater. In fashion, there will be models from elegant silk classics for social events to bright painted folklore variants.
  • Schnoodle Scarves. This is a practical accessory which has a ring shape. In bad weather, it can be used as full-fledged headwear. Such scarves-noodles are knitted from soft, fluffy types of yarn. The preference is given to a large openwork or voluminous knitting.
  • A new fashion trend in the upcoming season will be a practical scarf-skein. Its peculiarity is the presence of a zipper in its middle part. It simplifies the procedure of putting on and taking off the scarf and allows the opportunity to choose the desired depth of the neck. All this makes the accessory extremely warm and comfortable.
  • Among the innovations of the coming season are baktus scarves. It is a variant of a scarf with a triangular shape. Soft fabrics or fluffy yarn are used to make it. The ends of such a model are tied behind and hidden under the triangle, which is located on the chest. Comfortable and fashionable baktus is a harmonious addition to a sporty or casual clothing style.

Among the most fashionable colours, the leading fashion designers call black, blue, gray, white, brown, beige, blue and their many shades. It should be considered that the colours of scarves should be in harmony with the colours of clothing (differing by one or two tones) or contrast, creating a bright or contrasting accent. It is worth mentioning separately that, as well as scarves in 2022, the models of the coming season, will be decorated with various decorative elements. As a fashionable trim for different models of scarves, fashion designers widely use:

  • different techniques of embroidery with multicoloured, gold or silver threads of different thicknesses;
  • sequins, beads, pearls, large or small beads;
  • inserts and appliqués of leather, suede, natural or artificial fur;
  • The fringe and tassels became fashionable to trim not only the ends but all four edges of the scarf or stole.

One of the fashion hits of the coming fall and winter are scarves made of natural fur. Unusually soft and cozy they can be a stylish accent, which gives a touch of charm to outerwear for autumn or winter.

How Can You Effectively Tie A Scarf?

Today’s fashion pays a lot of attention to the length of the scarf. As you can notice at the fashion shows, knitted or warm fabric accessories have become significantly longer this season, which allows you to tie the scarf in different ways effectively:

  • The classic method – the scarf is put around the neck, wrapped several times, and the ends are left hanging in the front;
  • As another option – the scarf is wrapped once around the neck, one of the ends is thrown on the back, and the other hangs down the front;
  • It is very fashionable to tie a scarf around the neck with different decorative knots, and there are a huge number of such options;
  • You can not tie the scarf, but leave the different lengths of the ends hanging freely in the front.

A special charm in the coming season will give a slightly careless way of tying the scarf as if the warm accessory was thrown around the neck in a hurry. The ideal complement would be gloves and hats knitted from the same yarn as the scarf. Different models of this piece of clothing can not only decorate the appearance but will allow you to hide certain figure flaws or emphasize its advantages:

  • It is enough to tie a scarf of thin flowing fabric to hide too voluminous neck;
  • If you tie a scarf, leaving a small part of the neck open, it will look longer;
  • Long, dangling in front ends of a light-coloured scarf against the background of dark-coloured clothing visually elongates the silhouette;
  • A fashionable scarf collar will allow you to hide too big a bust;
  • Slim figure is easy to emphasize, a scarf of light fabric, the long ends of which develop and flow as you walk;
  • A scarf with voluminous knitting will make the owner of a fragile figure more spectacular.

It should be remembered that scarves of bright colours with multicoloured prints will require a woman or girl’s makeup to be spectacular and expressive, because against the background of such an expressive accessory a face without makeup can easily get lost.

What Scarves Will Be Worn With In The New Season?

With the help of fashionable scarves made from different fabrics and yarns, the style of most ordinary clothes can be businesslike, romantic or festive. To diversify and constantly change the look of autumn and winter clothing, you should listen to the leading fashion designers and buy for the season 2022 several models of this accessory. At least on the shelves of the closet of a girl or woman should lie five different scarves:

  • A fluffy, warm and voluminous knitted scarf, complete with a hat and mittens, will be indispensable for out-of-town winter trips or walks in the city park;
  • A scarf or neckerchief of light fabric will serve as a spectacular addition to the expensive coat;
  • A long wool scarf for every day, which is suitable for casual wear for fall or winter;
  • A strict and stylish cashmere scarf is the perfect match for a classic coat in the same fabric;
  • The large-plaid scarf with fringes on the ends will be appropriate in a set of clothes made of denim or leather, which is always in fashion.

Fashion trends develop so that fashionable scarves in the autumn and winter of 2022 will become an accessory that will be relevant in any life situation. Regularly supplementing the range of scarves with new models, such as stoles, scarves-sandals, shawls and other varieties of this accessory, the representatives of the fair sex have unlimited opportunities to look new every time. The infinite number of options for tying a scarf will always look stylish and spectacular.

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