Rubber Lanyard For A Stylish Look

Modern women prefer to wear high-quality, stylish clothes and choose accessories and jewelry. Pendants, medallions and amulets are bought today on jewelry metal chains. For jewelry made of various alloys, rubber laces are perfectly suitable.

What Is A Rubber Lanyard

This lanyard resembles a black silicone rope. A simple rubber lanyard can be used for any piece of jewelry. Periodically change the jewelry on it. But even its jewelers decided to complement it with precious metal inlays. You can buy a piece of rubber with a gold or silver lock, inserted beads, tiny cylinders or spirals. Any gold jewelry and jewelry is worn with such items. A rubber lace with gold looks simply magnificent. Silver inserts are perfectly combined with semiprecious and ornamental stones, so it is possible to hang a protective or healing amulet on it.

Pros And Cons Of Rubber Laces

Rubber laces are trendy. They are chosen to be worn along with jewelry. In addition, they have a lot of valuable properties:

  • Reliability. Rubber objects are impossible to tear because they stretch without any problems.
  • Longevity. Proper care of the rubber cord will extend the life of the line, and it will last for more than one year.
  • Anti-allergenicity. Most people wear products without any health consequences. Allergies to rubber are extremely rare.
  • Practicality. Laces do not oxidize like some metals, so they do not leave marks on the skin. They do not become rough or stiff over time and do not traumatize the skin.
  • Elasticity. After stretching, the object will return to its original appearance.

Despite so many advantages, rubber products have disadvantages:

  • over time, the surface of the rubber string becomes rough;
  • an unpleasant odor appears;
  • tearing is possible if deformed.

These items should not be worn all the time. They begin to deteriorate without proper care and fraying where the pendant is attached.

Criteria For Evaluating Laces With Inserts

All laces are different in their properties. Smooth, designed for women and men, deteriorate faster, in contrast to the woven, which is more resistant to the effects of various substances, including sweat. This is because each layer was thoroughly impregnated, and they were joined into a single whole.

The best rubber chains with gold or other jewelry inlays are made in India, Spain or Austria. They are very secure because they have inserted caprone or nylon threads. Therefore, it is impossible to lose the jewelry or inserts. There are also other grading criteria:

  • good looks;
  • the naturalness of rubber;
  • the quality of the lock, and the reliability of the inserts.

If the item has already been purchased, but you still want to check it, you can put the lace in warm water. If the color has not changed, and it is not deformed, then – the product is quality. Some are in a hurry to set fire to the product in a hidden place to smell the smoke. If it smells like leather, then – it’s natural rubber. But it is better to ask the seller to show you the appropriate certificate and ensure the quality.

How To Choose Rubber Jewelry Laces

To avoid making a mistake in the choice, you need to determine the product size correctly. You can measure in advance the required length with tape or string.

In addition to the original look, the item must have a quality lock. If it malfunctions, you could lose it along with all the jewelry. As a rule, “carabiners” are easy to undo. It is better to check it is still in the store and ensure that the spring works and the tab does not fall.

Much of the choice depends on the design. It is worth buying a product in accordance with the purpose of purchase. For a casual or business style, you can choose a strict jewelry necklace with gold or silver inserts. For evening outfits, usually choose multi-layered necklaces with gold inserts.

Good-looking products with pendants made of natural stones should correspond not only to the date of birth but also to the character and appearance of the person.

What To Wear With Rubber Lanyard

Rubber chains with silver or gold inlays fit under a strict office suit, both male and female. But if the lanyard is simple, without inserts and decorative elements, it is worn with a pendant. As everyday jewelry pendants with engravings and patterns in combination with sweatshirts, leather suits are popular.

Stylish Models

Lace with gold inlays is a popular accessory for everyday looks. Young people like a multi-layered necklace with additional elements of red gold. Suitable for evening outfits,

A special lanyard around the neck is called a Gaitan. It is designed to carry a cross. It is made of rubber or leather. It looks quite strict, but at the same time, its minimalism is very concise and effective.

Sometimes the alternation of rubber and gold in the product resembles snake scales. It is hard not to pay attention to it. In any look – evening or everyday – it will be in the center of attention, especially if the same bracelet will be worn on the hand.

Chains of multi-layered necklaces look expressive. Even bijouterie is used with them, not only pendants made of precious stones and other materials. They are rarely treated, only slightly trimmed. And in this form, jasper or rock crystal will make this rather ordinary item an irreplaceable accessory, suitable for a stylish evening look.

How To Take Care Of Laces

A rubber shoelace needs special care. If you follow all the requirements, it will not lose its original properties for long.

Clean the product from dirt with a dry suede cloth, which can polish it. Alcohol or acetone should not be used.

The joint between the gold or silver clasp and the lanyard should be constantly monitored. If it is worn frequently, it may simply slip out of the metal. Do not cut it, as it will soon begin to tear at that point.

Never soak the string in kerosene or oil. Allergic reactions are possible.

It would help if you held it over a bit of steam to soften the rubber lace with gold inlays and give it more softness. You can also use a hair dryer to soften the rubber lace.

Storage Conditions For Laces

Rubber string with gold should be stored in a closed box or casket, as it can permanently deteriorate under ultraviolet (sunlight).

Take it off at night, as the gold inlays can deform. You should also avoid getting sweat on it, so don’t wear it before going to the gym or for other active activities.

Such items should not be worn in the sauna, as they will lose not only their appearance but also their quality from the high temperature and sweat. In addition, precious metal inserts can burn the body.

It is necessary to ensure that this product is not stained with foundation or perfume. People who smoke should take it off before visiting a smoking room. Rubber absorbs the smell of smoke and deteriorates.

Rubber products should be stored unfolded. They should not be rolled up into a ring.

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