Ring Shaped Congo Earrings

Congo earrings are a type of earrings with a specific round shape of different diameters. In most cases, congo earrings are hollow, so they stand out for their lightness even though they are quite large in diameter. This type of earring is one of the oldest. The name comes from the people of central Africa, where women wore jewelry in the form of rings made of metal wire, wood or bone, and later of gold.

Congo earrings are suitable for many women because of their versatility. They can be different diameters, which determines what they are used for. Small rings are ideal for everyday life as they do not interfere with daily activities. Large rings, by their appearance, suggest that they should be worn for festive events, including other special occasions. Gold earrings in the form of rings are a great option that will suit any facial oval. Besides, this kind of jewelry perfectly combines different styles and is suitable for summer dresses and with usual business attire.

History Of Congo Rings

Congo earrings are one of the oldest pieces of jewelry in human history. Historians have discovered that they were made of wood, bones of wild animals, and thin wire. These materials were rolled up into a ring and inserted into the earlobe. When people discovered that gold was a non-perishable and beautiful metal, it became the main material for creating such rings. Its beauty and lustre struck the eye, and as a result, this kind of jewelry became incredibly fashionable.

Men felt a special love for such ring earrings. It was pirates, thieves, gypsies and other ethnic groups. In this case, they put a certain sense into wearing this jewelry. Over time, the congo earrings became a female attribute, gaining popularity and the love of fashionistas worldwide. It was considered the best way to wear massive and large-in-diameter rings. Congo earrings have become a universal piece of jewelry, as they can be matched to any appearance and age. That is why they are often sold in jewelry salons.

These rings are suitable for everyone so they can be purchased as a gift without fear. Congo earrings can be silver, made of gold, with diamond facets, cubic zirconia, diamonds and other inserts. Most often, the Congo earrings are bought in silver. This is due to the financial aspect. Rings made of white metal cost less than gold, so many people can afford them.

Who Should Wear Congo Earrings?

  1. There is an opinion that rings are unsuitable for round-shaped faces, but congo earrings are universal jewelry. The visual perception of the face can be easily corrected by inserts, balls, and choosing the necessary diameter and colour. It is possible to use not exactly a round shape, for example, oval.
  2. Congo earrings go well with miniature rings or poussettes. So it is a great option for those women and girls who prefer to wear a few jewelry pieces in their ears.
  3. Modern men can also wear congo earrings, small-diameter rings made of gold. Also, the jewelry can be with cubic zirconia and inclusions of small diamonds.
  4. Miniature gold and silver congas of small weight are the recommended option for jewelry for little girls. Such costume jewelry will not get tangled in the hair, and the ring clasp here is not visible and will not interfere with the child.
  5. Gold and silver rings are perfectly combined with other kinds of jewelry – rings, bracelets and chains.
  6. Modern fashionable women often choose gold, platinum, and silver rings with diamond facets, cubic zirconia, diamonds and other inlays.

Types Of Congo Earrings

Modern congo earrings can have quite a variety of designs. They can be silver or gold pieces, the largest or smallest rings, original, classic, with diamond facets or patterns. For example, costume jewelry can be made of silver with multiple layers of rings. Earrings can include rings of different diameters fastened together at one point. The material of ring is made of gold, silver or platinum. In addition, earrings are often encrusted with rhinestones, emeralds, cubic zirconia, diamonds, and other precious stones. Rings may be of white, yellow, and red gold. In this case, these materials can be combined.

Congo earrings can be found for every taste: diamond facets, cubic zirconia, diamonds and rhinestones, which are positioned at one point or on the whole surface. Inlays with diamond facets, and cubic zirconia, diamonds are most often placed at the point as far from the ear as possible. Inlays with diamond facets, and cubic zirconia, diamonds are often evenly spaced in several sectors. When choosing a ring with diamond facets, cubic zirconia, diamonds and rhinestones, it is advisable to choose models in which the inlays are balanced in relation to the lock. The lock is used to fasten it to the earlobe. The lock can also be made of silver, gold, platinum or other material.

Today, the most common lock is a pin lock, which goes into a wider hollow tube. This method of fastening is considered very secure. In addition, such fastening makes the congo earrings a one-piece ring. It isn’t easy to see such a lock. The lock itself is quite strong, thanks to which the owner of earrings need not worry that expensive silver or gold rings with diamond facets, cubic zirconia and diamonds can be lost if they are caught by hand or clothes.

How To Choose Congo Earrings

When buying congo earrings, first of all, you should pay attention to the location of inserts with cubic zirconia and diamonds, diamond facets, and the quality of the lock.

  1. The lock should be almost invisible to the outside eye. It is also recommended to choose a smooth lock. This condition is a must for smooth earrings because they tend to turn relatively easily. That is why you may not even notice that the lock is turned to the front side, which will not be very aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Usually, the role of a latch in the rings is played by a thin rod. It repeats the curve of the jewelry. The rod is inserted into the hollow hole located on the opposite end of the earring. Despite the apparent simplicity, such a clasp stands out for its high reliability. This makes it quite difficult to lose an earring. The such design guarantees you will not lose expensive silver or gold rings with diamond facets, cubic zirconia and diamonds or damage your ear while changing clothes. This earring does not cling to long hair or dress.
  3. It is important to check the location of the center of gravity. To do this, take hold of the middle and check if one side is tipping due to an offset center of gravity. If there is such a displacement, it may cause discomfort when worn for a long time. That is why all elements of a diamond, cubic zirconia and diamond ring should be positioned strictly in the center or evenly around the ring’s circumference and symmetrically in relation to each other.

Where To Wear It?

Silver or gold rings, which are not large in diameter and thickness, will be suitable for business and office attire. Large earrings of white gold with diamond facets, cubic zirconia, diamonds and other stones will be good for creating a bright outfit and for a party. Some girls intentionally make several ear piercings to wear silver or gold rings of different diameters. Such costume jewelry is great for different hairstyles, short and long hair.

Congo earrings are perfect for any woman, giving her charm and charm, regardless of age, hair and eye colour, and type of face. The most important advantage of this type of jewelry is its versatility: bijouterie can be combined with almost any outfit, so the congo earrings can be worn even in the office, where there is a strict dress code. The exception will be only huge earrings with diamond facets, cubic zirconia, diamonds, topaz, sapphires and other too bright precious stones.

Congo earrings made of white or yellow gold will be an excellent summer accessory, especially when combined with trendy sunglasses of unusual shape. Thus a variety of design variants of such impresses: rings can be wide and thin, engraving or smooth, made of the same material or alloys, and different in colour. Besides, they can be added by expensive jewels, beads, and shaped inserts that will give you attention. With such earrings, you will look delightful and chic bohemian party and at a business meeting.

Rings are not good for every makeup look. Therefore, if you prefer dark evening makeup, it is advisable to do it with small rings. Large earrings, along with the bright “colouring,” will be mauvais ton, as well as an indicator of the lack of boundaries between vulgarity and beauty. Large earrings look great with daytime makeup and light skirts, as well as the refined “gypsy” style with light linen or cotton fabrics, light drapery and small ruffles. It is also important that the clothes do not stand out as too colourful and motley.

When choosing such earrings, it is also important to consider age. Large rings will not suit women over 60. This is because they excessively weigh down the ear, making their appearance less presentable. In this case, it is recommended to use small rings. They will elegantly emphasize the elegance of age and femininity and decorate the ears. When choosing rings, it is better to give preference to simplicity. Ordinary rings will be fine everyday jewelry. It is better to buy more elegant variants for special events or business meetings.

Congo Earrings With Stones And Inlays

Gold rings with cubic zirconia stones are a great option for those women who want to stand out but do not have the opportunity to buy diamond earrings. Fianite looks very bright, almost like a diamond, it sparkles in the light, but at the same time, it costs very little. A certain mystery of charm, exclusivity and fashionable look gives jewelry decorative elements in the form of balls, pendants, and various figures. Such jewelry will appeal to women and girls who love individuality.

For those who prefer the effectivity and naturalness, it is advisable to pay attention to diamond earrings. Such jewelry will look beautiful and ornate. They will effectively complement any closet. At the same time, diamond rings will be wide because you need space to place a stone on the ring.

Silver And Gold Congo Earrings

Silver congo earrings are a more economical option than gold. At the same time, they will also look interesting. Silver congo earrings will suit women with a cold appearance: blue, blue, coffee-brown and gray eyes, as well as blond, ash-white, and black hair. Silver and congo earrings are a successful combination, which can even look authentic if, instead of jewelry with stones used, jewelry engraving with an ethnic motif.

Yellow and white gold rings inlaid with many white stones, including diamonds, are quite an interesting and fashionable option. Yellow gold and congo earrings are perfect for women who have warm shades in their looks. Congo earrings with diamonds are a great option because the stone’s sparkle spectacularly adorns the rings’ simple shape. At the same time, diamonds can be replaced with cubic zirconia, which will shimmer in the light just as gracefully.

Congo earrings with gilding are a great choice for women who are still undecided about their jewelry or want to save money. In this case, the gilding will look presentable, but the rings will lose their appearance after a while, as the gilding is not durable.

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