Red Suit For Women: The Choice Of Energetic Fashionistas

The color scheme plays a key role in the composition of images. Red has long been considered the color of emperors and kings. Clothing of such colors always looks smart, even somewhat provocative. Therefore, you should choose accessories and the rest of the closet carefully.

Features Of The Red Suit For Women

Stylists say that the color red can always find a place in any woman’s closet. And there is no need to be modest – it is just a matter of choosing the right style and the right color.

You need to consider not only the color of your skin, but also your age when choosing a costume. Designers suggest young women wear clothes in bright red shades (scarlet, coral, cherry). Ladies of age should preferably choose clothes in a more subdued palette (lingonberry, wine, dark red).

When Is It Appropriate

Things of any red hue always attract attention. When choosing a bright suit you need to consider the occasion. You can categorize red suits into business and evening.

A red suit for women with pants or a skirt can be worn at work, if the firm does not require a strict dress code. Dampening the saturated color will help things and accessories in neutral shades: gray, black, blue. Accentuate the business mood of the closet by choosing the right fabrics (wool, thick knitwear, linen).

With the red suit it is easy to create a vibrant and passionate image for the party. Using free cut models will give an impression of lightness and originality. Unconventional solutions – trousers made of silk, velvet. Look stylish by wearing different materials (velvet jacket and silk pants or layers of chiffon skirt).


When compiling a closet, attention is also paid to the style of clothing. Suits with a simple cut appear more laconic. They are suitable for everyday life.

Classic with pants and skirt

Practical and stylish options are suitable for closets of different purposes (casual, office, holiday):

  • Pants sets are practical and comfortable, visually correct the silhouette (make it slimmer and higher). When choosing, it is important to take into account your figure: fashionable women with wide hips should choose a jacket length just below the waist and flared or straight pants.
  • Red suit with a skirt is also very popular. Classical models of skirts are topical – trapeze, pencil, tulip, pleated, pleated. The ideal length is knee level or slightly above/below.

With the variety of styles of jackets, pants or skirts, it is easy for a fashionista of any physique to find a set that suits them.

Romantic style

To make the image more delicate, use thin flowing materials. As an option, you can pick up a romantic chiffon blouse with ruffles, layered with translucent fabrics (chiffon, crepe de Chiffon). A skirt with an overstated waistline is a trendy trend. Keep skirts with zipper tops and pleated models relevant.

Flawless elegance

For a more restrained laconic look, pair a red women’s pant suit (as shown) with tops and blouses in neutral tones (beige, olive, mouse). For the cooler seasons it is advisable to choose suits with wide pants. In the off-season, in summer, sets with skinny cropped pants are popular.

Currently, there is an elegant combination of jacket and dress. Generally, simple cuts are used when putting together a suit. The original version is a straight cropped jacket and a full dress.


A luxurious evening image will help you create a suit with wide pants which will be spectacular. The original solution consisted of a red jacket with a fringe and a pencil skirt. A beautiful option in retro style is to combine a short jacket with 3 3/4 sleeves and a wide sun skirt up to the middle of the shin.

Accessories of black or deep blue colors add expressiveness to the image. Most often a contrasting color of gloves, shoes, and handbag is chosen.


For the warm season women’s suits with shortened pants will suit perfectly. Fashionable length of pants is 7/8. Short jackets and culottes pants are also popular.

A stylish solution for a walk in the city is a set of a short-sleeved jacket and elongated shorts. And the jacket can be worn both on its own and combined with tops and t-shirts.


An excellent option of comfortable casual clothing, not restricting movement, is a red tracksuit. Combining sweatshirts, hoodies, traditional zippered sports jackets with sporty cut pants (with cuffs underneath) or sporty slim fit pants is in trend.

Choosing The Right Shade For Your Skin Type

The wide range of shades of red allows you to choose clothes of a suitable tone for fashionistas of any type of appearance. But it is necessary to be careful in the selection of things. Because it is not difficult to spoil the image and draw attention to the flaws of the figure.

As a rule, pronounced colortypes are rare. But it is always possible to distinguish a dominant one.

For Winter Girls

The deep and cold color type is characterized by the following features: white skin without freckles (or a dark tone with a slight olive tone), hair and eyebrows of a deep brown or black color. Blondes have cool ashy hair. Eyes can be dark brown or even black, cool shades of blue, gray-green.

Things are chosen in saturated colors. The fashionable shade is red-brown. The red palette with cool blue notes is welcomed. Warm-colored clothing is not recommended.

Spring fashionistas

Women are characterized by thin, transparent skin with a slight blush on the cheeks. The strands and eyebrows of warm shades (golden, light brown) have beautiful wheat or honey tones. Light-colored eyes (blue, amber, green).

Women look more organic in spring colors that are not very bright but fresh. As an option – coral-red. Dark colors should not be worn as they will be too contrasting to the shade of the skin or hair.

Summer Color Type

Girls with a light color type are characterized by milky skin (sometimes with an olive undertone), a blush of light pink shades. Green or blue eyes. The shade of the strands can vary from a light blonde to a rich chestnut tone with a special grayish tint.

Fashionable women are advised to wear suits in a light red palette (chicory red, medium red). It is desirable to refrain from buying things in a dark palette.

Autumn beauties

The color type is associated with softness, warmth. Characteristic features: warm skin tone (freckles are possible), curls and eyebrows are black, red or brown with a golden hue. Eye color is mostly brown, warm green, or blue.

Things in bright natural colors (coral, terracotta red) will do. In order to avoid suppressing the natural warmth of your appearance, it is desirable not to pick up red cold tones.

Combining Red With Other Colors

The combination of red with warm shades of the color palette looks interesting. The most popular solution is a duo of red and orange. A closet in these tones looks very expressive and energetic. This outfit stands out due to its contrasting combination of red and warm green. Stylists recommend emphasizing the red color scheme, and to use green as an additional tone.

Very colorful combination of red with cold shades. An ambiguous and daring option is to combine red and cool pink (with a bluish hue). The combination of red and cool green (mint) looks juicy and saturated.

The most contrasting duos are crimson and blue/black. The gray-crimson closet is both expressive and restrained. Because the gray tones effectively smooth out the saturation of the crimson palette.

How To Wear Red Suit

In order not to “overload” the image, designers advise to carefully select shoes, accessories and other closet items to complement a bright suit. There is also no problem about what to wear with a red suit.

Choosing Shoes

The right shade of shoes is able to give the right mood to the image. For everyday looks, choose shoes in a natural beige palette. Using a pantsuit and black, gray shoes creates a more concise and solemn appearance. Elegant look includes suede or patent leather shoes.

A win-win solution to add a festive mood to the image – shoes in gold or silver shades. Bolder options include open-toed shoes or white patent leather sandals.


Red color stylists recommend balancing things with muted colors. Most of the questions arise when choosing a blouse. The least desirable solution is to choose a model in the same color as the suit. Blouses of white and milky shades are perfectly suited to monochrome clothing.

Women with plump shapes can combine a crimson business dress with blouses of black or dark blue, gray colors. Modern young women can wear crimson suits with blouses in a blurcrimson pink tone. The original option for a festive occasion is to combine a crimson suit and a chiffon blouse of a muted golden color.


When choosing accessories, it is not only the color of the item that matters, but also the material. Informal and natural-looking handbag made of beige leather. Each day, you can choose a soft leather product or a restrained tote bag.

For an evening closet an excellent addition would be a small clutch of golden color. An extravagant variant is a bag made of crocodile leather in a contrasting bright shade (blue, green). A more popular variant is a handbag made of matte leather with decor of beads or crystals.

What To Avoid

Prints on monochrome red images are not accepted. If there is a desire to dilute the color scheme, the presence of two colors is allowed.

A particular role is played by the complexion of the fashionista. Ladies with magnificent forms are not recommended to wear clothes of light or bright red shades.

Clothing in the style of oversize does not lose its popularity. That is why suits with loose jackets and wide pants are in trend.

Feminine sets of fitted jackets and tapered pants are still relevant. Wide belts and textile belts perfectly complement the suits, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the images.

Wearing a suit on a naked body is a sexy fashion trend. Fitted pants suits with skinny pants look organic on slender, frail girls. The combination of tailored clothing and high-heeled shoes will give a feminine image.

Useful Tips From Stylists

In order not to “get lost” against the background of bright clothes, stylists recommend careful selection of makeup. And the face and hair under the pantsuit should look well-groomed.

A win-win option for any occasion – suits with straight-cut pants and cropped, slightly fitted jackets.

When choosing a suit, you should focus on the shade that will seamlessly combine with other things in your closet. This will allow you to create a lot of original and unique images.

The classic will never go out of style. As a result, the red suit remains relevant. It is not a reason to refuse to experiment with styles, textures, and trends in fashion because the color is bright. To create a unique image, all the nuances, features of hair, and shape must be harmoniously combined.

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