Red In Clothing: Energy And Passion

There is nothing more insidious than the color red in clothing. Even the most experienced fashion designers and talented stylists find the fiery palette difficult to work with.

All shades of red are chosen by active and determined individuals who are not afraid to be in the spotlight. No matter how austere or too formal the look is, the detail in red colors will certainly give it a light touch of femininity and eroticism.

Red In Clothes

While blue traditionally represents the cold palette, red is the center tone among warm colors. Fiery shades are the most powerful in terms of visual perception. They strongly influence a person’s mental attitude.

Psychology and colorism offer a variety of interpretations as to what the color red symbolizes. It is an embodiment:

  • sexual aggression;
  • passions;
  • health;
  • mental potential;
  • strong character;
  • of pretentious style.

Bright red symbolizes physical courage, spiritual valor. At the same time, a warm palette can cause overexertion.

In many languages the word “red” is synonymous with “beautiful,” “beautiful. For example, for Polynesians “red” has a direct meaning of “beloved. And in China the phrase “red heart” means that a person is very honest and sincere.

Psychology as a science demonstrates the inconsistency of the fire palette. Any “shade of the sun” can have several meanings at once. If blue represents stability, restraint and coldness, gray symbolizes neutrality, and all shades of white purity and a certain sterility, then red is rich in symbolic directions.

The bright red tone symbolizes fire, aggression, power and struggle. The darker shade speaks of royalty and grandeur. Deep, aggressive color means deep and reverent love, romanticism, enchantment in love.

Psychology takes a close look at all the symbols and meanings of the red palette. Colorists’ opinions are listened to by fashion designers, creating their next fashion masterpieces.

The Choice Of The Brave

Psychology is a delicate science that operates with subtle concepts. Experts in the field recommend girls to be extremely careful when choosing red clothing. Find “your” shades, each of which will represent something specific, positive, and imperative to the individual.

Style-wise and color-wise, this color suits everyone: coquettish blondes, fatal brunettes, and elegant brunettes. The basic rule: the brighter the hair color, the more flamboyant the color will look in the clothes.

For brunettes, muted tones are preferable. However, bright shades can always be “dulled” by competent color compositions. For example, you can wear a bright scarlet dress and a gray cardigan with elegantly styled hair and nude makeup. Another appropriate example: a red pencil skirt and a discreet white blouse combined with beige pumps shoes.

But bright red clothing should not be combined with yellow and green tones. If you do such fashion experiments, you should be very careful.

Basic Color Combinations

A win-win combination of black and red. This topical color mix is ideal for the evening out. Women who are bold and confident choose it.

During the day, it is better to make the composition more restrained and elegant by using white or presenting the image with neutral outerwear (gray, green, dark blue, olive) that is complementary to the image. The combination of a fiery palette and light shades is ideal for a woman with light porcelain skin, regardless of the color of her hair. However, colorists do not recommend such solutions for people who have a yellow or grayish skin tone.

Combining red and yellow in clothing is acceptable in summer looks and sometimes in autumn images. Such a coloristic experiment is suitable for young and energetic girls. Sunny compositions are perfect for an extraordinary creative woman. Outrageous men, too, are not afraid of such solutions.

In principle, red is suitable for creating any color combinations. The main rule: combine no more than three colors at once. For example, you can wear a red dress with a dark green cardigan and beige shoes.

For the male audience, stylists recommend wearing muted crimson tones as a central accessory in the look. For example, a dark crimson sweater perfectly combines with black jeans and a simple brown leather jacket. A crimson shirt looks better with a gray, black, or olive suit. The shoes should match the tone of the outer clothing.

Tips For Men

If you are aiming at the male half, who loves red, it is best to avoid total red looks. Everyone who cares about status should remember that an overabundance and unskillful combination of hues always looks inappropriate and tasteless.

In order to have a masculine image that is always a little bit brutal and quality, it is worth remembering a few simple rules:

  1. Outerwear looks good in a dark red palette;
  2. Clothing and accessories must be of exceptional quality;
  3. Red loves rich textures;
  4. Overly bright thing is better muted by other “purely masculine” things (leather jacket, rough shoes, provided that the accessory suits a man).

What Are The Advantages Of Red

Terracotta, burgundy, scarlet tones in clothing are the choice of those who want to brightly declare themselves to everyone around them. Young girls can afford bright experiments with chiffon and silk. They can wear bold red shirts and yellow skirts with a floral print.

Serious respectable ladies, as well as men over the age of 30, should wear clothes of “royal” shades. Bordeaux, cherry, and burgundy are colors that are associated with elegance; these shades lend a bohemian or even aristocratic appearance.

The royal palette likes rich fabrics and spectacular textures. For example, a gray knitted suit can be made “richer” by a dark maroon suede jacket. A cherry dress is better decorated with cream beads and a white vest. For the male audience, these color manipulations are also relevant.

Women over 50 should avoid “total red” looks. It looks vulgar. However, this does not mean that ladies in respectable age cannot wear fiery accessories.

Elegant looks can easily be diluted with other bright bold accents. A dark red vest will look good with the black dress. A light-colored suit will decorate the neck scarf.

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